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  1. Type of improvement: Interface Explanation of proposal: No damn "hint" window each time we switch labels on/off PLEASE! Benefits: Get rid of this VERY annoying window each time we want to switch labels on/off will be great.
  2. Ju 52 as well as Fieseler Storch!! They were widely used on eastern front...
  3. Funny thing is you are running in exactly same Soviet pilots problems than 73 years ago...
  4. About cockpits rendering, i'm not sure it's the same guy who made them all in BoS. Because it seems they are different looking/rendering to me... Best one is the Yak, together with the Stuka. Even without gauges glass reflection. Lagg and 109 are way behind, 109 beeing the worst to me.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to finally adjust Anti-Aircraft...it was a game braker before. Hope to stay in the sky a little more now
  6. To me it's closer to the BF 110. Even the global shape is strangely matching
  7. Yes, FlightFX is working great. I have a special file for CoD, and will post it soon...
  8. Hmm...don't think my monitor needs calibrating. It's an high end Samsung pro quite known for its color fidelity. But maybe my eyes? While i see what some are meaning by violet, i wouldn't call it violet. More a very slightly pinky reflect on snow...but it's close to nitpicking I will eventually tweak more my SweetFX file, to whiten the snow. But at this point, it's really on the edge and touching one thing can brake an other...
  9. Click on picture, it doesn't look violet
  10. I wouldn't say BOS runs better than RoF. It's only at 40% finished, with lack of many stuff (i.e clouds etc) and experiencing sometime some slow down even on Balanced settings, while RoF is running smooth as butter full maxed with plenty planes + ground objects (PWCG). Furthermore, i can't say BOS looks better than RoF on my rig. "Old" RoF still amaze me, running it with some stunning mods made by its fantastic community + SweetFX. BOS will have hard time to outshine RoF IMO
  11. Only pain with this new update, is it's taking ages to re-download the whole game 6 hours downloading, and not even half bar yet...crap.
  12. Seems it's just SweetFX you have problems to run, not COD? I have Win8 (not Win8.1) and only problem was to run COD itself. Downloading the Cloder.exe solved it fortunately. Now, for SweetFX, didn't encounter any problem when using ROF FlightFX. Download and install FlightFX, drop my sweetFX inside the presets folder, then run it with admins rights and select the correct COD.exe in left window, and choose my SweetFX text file in right window...that's all! Good luck
  13. In the IL2 scenario mission, with all other AIs, was also shot down by AA...and none of them. Like if AA was focusing only on me.
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