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  1. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13726-quick-start-guide-skinning-gimp/
  2. ..old subjects are like old jokes, we know when to start laugh and when to stop..
  3. 1. No but if You decide to use tanks set 1st person only view 2.Yes 3.Yes
  4. ..its almost impossible to get lost on those maps objectives are 6-10 minutes from airfields
  5. ..so thats way pilots in BOS fly like drunken goose"s ?
  6. ..If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn Actually its fun to flight over the battlefield area doesn"t matter in fighter or bomber( i wish see in BOS/BOM series some recon planes), but for many its importatnt to bomb target or shoot plane. So to gather more ppl on serwer You could try different modes/setups but in my humble opinion off GPS is good way to go..
  7. .. i like TAW serwer only because "hard " settings, people who like challenge will join it . Navigation is not so hard just set way points and follow them you will never lost, if you are lost climb at 3-4 km , after all i'am just noob pilot but is working for me,,, so it will work for vets too.
  8. ..in Your dll settings use option enable TrackIr disable Free track work like charm ..
  9. Peskovatka airfield spawning Pe-35/87 on first spawn is to close to other objects get damaged instantly when move plane work correctly with smaller planes
  10. if you like "cold war" universe check TacBF mod for Arma 3 with CUP and RHS inside
  11. https://i.imgur.com/Tsj7PQy.gifv
  12. ..nie ma co hejtować na zapas poczekamy zobaczymy btw większa satysfakcja wydłubać gracza z konserwy niż AI ..
  13. https://community.elitedangerous.com/node/254 nice setups
  14. szuszu


    http://www.amazon.com/P-40-Warhawk-Bf-109-1942-44/dp/1849084696 not about Stalingrad but still interesting
  15. sorry for offtopic but tell me name of multiplayer serwer or mission in arma 3 where you get 60 fps
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