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  1. And hopefully over BRITAIN one day! 😆😉
  2. Installed anew Nvidia 1060 recently and updated to the latest NVidia driver ( and all still seemed ok until last night when the game locked (offline) and I received the following error message:DXRenderer11::endFrame(..)DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED (0x887a0005)Any ideas guys?
  3. Hi, I I keep getting the 'mission cannot be generated' message. I set up a single mission, and clicked 'Set iL2 main folder. The path in the bottom of the mission generator reads; IL2 game folder (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Currently limited to 16 aircraft overall, is it possible to edit the QMB?
  5. It's the best verb in the English language Jacko!!
  6. Ok that worked great, thankyou! I had the HUD on/off set to shift-H which did not work. Its REALLY annoying that switching this on/off also turns off the compass so why cant the devs just make the compass, map and HUD have separate key bindings?
  7. I don't mind the radio chatter, it's the message boxes on screen that are the problem. Pressing 'H' does not get rid of the messages!
  8. Does anyone know which 'Action' in the menu relates to turning off the AI chat messages that keep popping up in game? I have tried switching off the HUD but that doesn't work - the messages are driving me nuts!
  9. Thanks Heinkill, the problem is that I do not have a vanilla version as I installed the TF mod into that. Could I install a vanilla version from the disc again?
  10. Just to confirm, this mod has to be installed over a clean version of CLOD? I copied my iL2 folder which has the TF Mod in it and installed to that but the Malta Mod doesn't work. As I don't have a clean version of CLoD, is there any way of uninstalling the TF mod from where I installed the Malta Mod?
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