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  1. Very slow learner it seems. He even failed at killing me when he shot me. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=47742&name=[GCA]Kravixon 07.12.2019 15:25:26 PILOT WAS DAMAGED 61.02% Bf 109 G-2 Plane II./JG51Castell
  2. Everyone should know that drinking and flying is a prohibited activity, especially on TAW. 😬 P.S.: Server is still not functioning.
  3. So, any time frame on when regular TAW will restart? I've got my first pedals arriving today! 😁 (Soup nazis I do not fear.)
  4. As one of the most prolific bomber pilots in the last campaign, I want to see the most realistic options used. I will look forward to expert airmen, like Siddy, flying escort.
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