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  1. Hi All, To the developers of this great franchise that we call IL2, I would just like to mention in reference to the Steam linking of accounts. Although I have many games on Steam Their are many I would not purchase from the Steam site , IL2 most definitely comes into this category. I understand you direction to do this, but cant get past the comment bedded in your announcement and quote "Steam also takes a huge percentage from our profits which affects our development plans. We have always encouraged you make your purchases on our website to assist us in having the capital we need to expand development and build more content." In that alone I have always purchased from your site and have No intention of changing that. Steam taking a "Cut" just for advertising your product just doesn't sit right with me. I have always been old school and believe pay credit where credit is due , and for me profits will always be back directly to the people that not only develop the Sim but live and breath it as well. I do understand the business side of it, and yes for a third party to advertise for future new sales you must pay for that privilege. However Steam will get No sales from me . I hope and expect that any non steam purchases Ie :from your official site will be as per normal, and as stated the linking of accounts, optional with no limitations or disadvantages to members who wish to leave their accounts separate.
  2. Excellent , yes did see this when I gave the online a go last night, and you're spot on when maps changed I was limited to the aircraft I currently have housed. Thanks for the detailed responses as it has cleared up a few questions I had. My main concern was that if I purchased BOS in particular would I notice the old vs the new with the BOK release. As you have explained , All variants should see an advance in textures and overall improvements in some way or another. Cheers and thank you all
  3. Yep , Beautiful thanks Lads, pretty much the answers I was looking for. Thank-you
  4. Hi All , Do all BOX titles merge into one exe when installed. Secondly is both BOS and BOM VR capable now. And does BOS and BOM receive graphic updates to land-class and alike similar with the new BOK release. Texture updates Newby .... But Old IL2 forgotten battles / Pacific fighters player returning to the newly freshened up BOX series. I have Bought BOK and presale BOB , But will I gain much (Updated textures) from purchasing backwards series. Thanks
  5. Quote , Sorry, since you already own the La-5, you're not eligible for the BOS premium key - but you're in for all the others. However, BOS standard is on sale at 1/2 price now - go grab it! You will NOT regret it. It's the original 'piece' of this series, and includes 8 excellent planes and access to 4 maps offline: Stalingrad, Lapino, Velikie Luki and Novosokolniki. It's also going to give you a much longer timeline for single player career mode, when that comes online with the brand new game update coming later this quarter. No probs , just went in for the BOB pre-sale as well .... Thanks Blue, would be nice to get an AC as a gift , cheers
  6. I do understand that some may not care for total representation of land accuracy. I know from my own experience that this is exactly what drew me back to the series. With the level of detail in aircraft modeling these days, its only given that outside landmass would need to improve to maintain the overall immersion. The Idea of being inside a finely represented 109 0r Yak and looking at what is very close to what the pilots of that era saw can give the player something really special. Town layout ,trees, landclass, vehicles and road infrastructure simulated very close to real life can bring something unique to a sim. However repetitive landclass for me is something that when noticed, cant be unseen and can ruin game immersion very quickly. The Wow factor that Kuban has shown will only set the standard for future releases. Hopefully I will still be enjoying the wow factor whilst they work on the next expansion.
  7. As an old player from way back . Loved the old IL2 and Pacific fighters sims , played the guts out of them. Recently I purchased the Kuban Premium expansion whilst looking to revive my Iron horse itch. I would very appreciate any keys you would like to pass on very much so that would add to my enjoyment. Either of these would be nice as I just bought the LA 5 series 8 Beast for Kuban 1 x P-40E-1 Collector Plane 1 x MC.202 Series VIII Collector Plane 2 x Ju 52/3m Collector Plane, Pre-order edition (includes the special pre-order skin) Mind you I wouldn't mind BOS just quietly. Thanks
  8. No Probs, and thanks yes that clears things up some. Do prefer to buy here to support the devs rather than steam, and just saw they are on sale here at the store as well. So my money will go here. Thanks for the assist.
  9. Hi all , Its been a while since I've played IL2 , So I've opted back in with the Kuban stand alone being what I believe the latest and most advanced release. However I have notice that Kuban has no scripted Campaign missions without installing BOS and BOM. Is this correct? Second question being, I also opted to buy Kuban from the store page rather than Steam , If I am to need BOS or at minimum BOM , can it be purchased from Steam ( On sale now ) and work with my current Store BOK. thanks in advance
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