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  1. OK, thanks, you are right, I understand now the situation. By the way, BIG-BIG respect, to the development TEAM! Thank You! Спасибо большое!
  2. Thanks, that is ok, but the boost pressure is still not the maximum possible at sea level. The plane specs section says, that 1.9 Ata boost pressure could be achieved at sea level also.
  3. I am not able to use the Emergency Power with 1.9 Ata at sea level. So I can"t reach the maximum 600+ Km/h top speed down there. Is that normal? When I am switching to 100% throttle and engaging WEP, the needle in the boost gauge remains at 1,3-1,5-1,6 aTa from sea level to ca. 4000 meters.
  4. Ok, thanks, I see now. In this case I have to buy BOBP also.
  5. Hi Everybody! Does anybody know where can I find the detailed aircraft specs & handling info - in the sim - about the newest planes like the G-14 "Messer", and the Mk. IX "Spit"?
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