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  1. No chance for yak9 or yak9t this campaign? I don’t see them in any plane set.
  2. The manual on the website is still showing the plane set for western front.
  3. Lots of great changes! looking forward to flying this campaign.
  4. I actually have no idea why I wasn't killed on TAW stats here as I never disconnected. After getting jumped by Ursus I stalled out and I assumed my pilot was killed as I went to 3rd person view so I hit esc and clicked finish mission. in the mission results screen Il2 had given me a death as well as in the Il2 stats screenso I have no clue why it wasn't counted on TAW.
  5. To my knowledge radio beacons are placed at every usable airfield. How ever they are destructible and if the beacon gets bombed it won't be replaced immediately. This might be why you were unable to use the beacon to find your home airfield.
  6. 20 hour ban occurs after you run out of your 3 lives in TAW. After the 20 hours you’ll get +1 lives. If you die again you’ll get another 20 hour ban and then +1 lives and this cycle will repeat until TAW begins map #2 at which time you will receive all 3 lives back. A “full” rule book can be found here https://taw.stg2.de/manual.php
  7. As the title says I’m looking for a group of pilots to fly with. I play fairly regularly around 8pm US central, and mainly fly the 109g14 as a fighter jock but willing to fly anything. I own all expansions except for FC and TC. Just looking for a group of competent pilots to help keep each others 6 clear.
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