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  1. Waiting for this...downloading! Thank you for sharing sir! All the best to you, thanks again...
  2. Maybe not all to my liking, but a sound choice to continue the series especially as a prequel to BoBP. I am fully confident that most naysayers will cave in eventually and join the ride... This series is simply to good to withstand...wait and see😑 Thank you Jason and team, for grinding on and on and delivering an underpriced product which to me is nothing short of ART. GOOD LUCK TEAM!✊
  3. Thanks for filling me in all, and especially Sevenless for the Spitp*rn, great pic!
  4. Soooo ordered the whole lot, this team deserves it and so do I 😜 Anyway, any educated guess if the Spit XIV will (also) be the bubble canopy variant? As it was introduced later, that would probably fit BoBP better from timeframe, but still... Thanks.
  5. F/A 18 Interceptor for Amiga, 1988... I got the Amiga from my grandparents in the day as a gift to help typing and printing my scrips at the Dutch Royal Militairy Academy, instead of handwriting or typing, as was required by an "innovative" professor... Then found some more use of the machine 🤪 Landing on the carrier with full burner on was great fun, so were the missions: 3.11. Visual Confirmation Mission 3.22. Emergency Defense Operation 3.33. Intercept Stolen Aircraft 3.44. Search and Rescue Operation 3.55. Intercept Incoming Cruise Missile 3.66. Carrier Sub Mission The game was absolutely awesome and powerful in the day! Ah... the memories...
  6. Sorry but... What is ASW, and in which menu can you find it? I understand from previous posts it has to do with outside world objects flying around, but it has a trade off? Thanks. Ok, no quick answer here, maybe some other soul wants to know this abbrevation gibberisch: ASW builds on top of the virtual reality smoothing experience of ATW. ATW ensures that the experience tracks the user's head rotation. This means an image is always displayed in the correct location within the headset. Without ATW, when a VR application misses a frame, the whole world drags—much like slow-motion video playback. Encountering this while in VR is extremely jarring and generally breaks presence. ASW goes beyond this and tracks animation and movement within the scene to smooth over the whole experience. What Is this Sorcery? ASW generates extrapolated frames from previous frames generated by the VR application. On the surface, this sounds quite a bit like ATW, which is capable of extrapolating for only a single thing: the user's head rotation. While this covers many of the hitches, it's not a magic bullet. ASW works in tandem with ATW to cover all visual motion within the virtual reality experience. This includes character movement, camera movement, Touch controller movement, and the player's own positional movement. If the application falls behind the display's frame rate, the experience typically remains smooth and enjoyable. What's the Catch? Just as with ATW, ASW is active and enabled for all applications without any developer effort. There's no completely free lunch, however. ASW doesn't scale well below half the display's refresh rate. Depending on what's being displayed, there may be visual artifacts present as a result of imperfect extrapolation.
  7. Just wondering, is there an approximate roadmap, anything to hold onto as far as development is concerned, like with BoBP? I have seen pretty pics and teasers, but nothing solid... Anything on VR? No VR is no go for me, I am afraid... ofcourse, to each his own. Cheers, Zol.
  8. Hah.. another 2! EDIT: (nov 18th) 1 left: VQB6Z7JV
  9. @Bremspropeller correct, that 'stang was Crazy Horse. Just checked out their website, doesnt say how much but its flyable too...that one or the P40 ..maybe one day 🙄 Was that Louisiana Kid you flew for hire? Did you sit up front or in the back cockpit? It seems in the Crazy horse the student sits in the back position.. Machs gut, Robert. @kestrel79 sooner or later without regular training most will... But like you say just flying around is just fine, just enjoying the ride, feeling the plane, especially around clouds or at low level. I think this sim in VR is a pretty good experience too, without the Gs pulling on your lunch. Now if only the team would give so called API data free (like DCS and WT did) the missing tactile sensations would be compensated for to some degree! As VR resolution/FOV will improve, so will the experience and I am sure that will keep me and a lot of "normal" taxpayers happy for lack of funds to do the real thing more often... S! Robert.
  10. @Panp Great pic! Same technique for me, nice dive about 30 degrees below horizon, then the pullup. Where did you do it? @Bremspropeller Just taking off behind us was a P51D converted to two seater. We actually made the engine runup next to each other. If I ever come back, I might inquire if it is rentable... Where did you do it? I did not fly the P40 instead because for 1 hour P40 I could fly 3 on the T6 Texan... And because the full dual control setup is not yet ready, meaning a ride from the back. OK, one more... Descending fast and dodging the clouds on our way back, just as thrilling as the aerobatics but easier on the lunch...
  11. So celebrating our 20th anniversery in Florida with the kids... I toyed with the idea of flying a warbird since years, now the missus approves and no regrets! Awsome guys at a certain flightschool (...), even real P40 ride is possible! At this point the P40 instructor is up front for the rides, because dual flight controls do not yet include engine controls. Its being worked on, and then it will be an awesome ride... Anyways, booked 1 hour with the T6-Texan, got controls after airborne (good reason) and did, rolls, barrel roll, lazy 8 and a looping! By that time because of G forces, my stomach said quits, and it was time to return to the field anyway... Landing from a continious turn from the backseat again by Danny, my FI. A great, great experience even for a commercial pilot like me, totally different kind of flying... Some thoughts: 1. No previous flight experience required, the instructor talks you through the manouvres, I can not recommend the experience enough. 2. A big part of the sensation (wich made me realize that my twenties are some thirty years ago) is the (during aerobatics) constant G force. This is hard to simulate. The pure physical aspect is very much on the foreground, hard to imagine or simulate behind a computer. And I confess I like it better so ;o) 3. I somewhat fouled up my looping as my initial pull on the stick for getting into the loop was not positive enough. As a result, at the top of the egg shaped loop I got (only just) some negative Gs cutting the carburettor fed engine and rewarding me with a foul smell. The engine started again soon, and as the first instruction was about the chute and how to bail out, I wasnt to concerned yet... I re-flew my program with BoS, but with complex enginge management on could NOT make the engine quit with negative Gs on the I-16, P-40, LaGG or Yak-1. Surely one or more had simple carburettors? This makes me wonder... 4. The controls were surprisingly sensible. The elevator trim wheel needed only like 2mm movement to trim. Elevator and aileron control inputs must be really smooth. The rudder pedals hardly move, applying pressure mostly was enough. During takeoff, the dancing on the rudder pedals (Of FI) really reminded me of the MiG-3 takeoffs I did... That is well done in sim, its not easy... So thats one off the bucket list... S! Robert
  12. Its a shame. Best CFS, best VR, best platform.... but not THE cutting edge tech possibilities? So I have to reinstall DCS to try out my Jetrix when it comes, a shame. I hope this will come out of 777/1C taboo atmosfere and can be discussed with arguments, instead of vetos.
  13. OK guys, Please stop the Flak on Geronimo553. People, move on, nothing to be seen here... Mods, close it up please, thx!
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