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  1. maybe blue players just suck in winning.yesterday i tried ground attack with jabo 190, result: one friendly dug out destroyed...
  2. well, germany has more air kills and more ground kills so obviously their planes are capable to fight the opposition. why they keep loosing? honestly, u can only guess, answer might not be simple. if i read the data right most players tend to stick to a certain side (only 1500 players out of like 7000 played both sides) maybe the players just are different.
  3. spawn il2, head to enemy front line, ignore fighters, drop all ur load, die, repeat - profit. not really the gameplay im looking for. killing player tanks on the other hand, oh thats sweet joy. too bad it doesnt win u battles.
  4. hmm is this server or client side issue. i have steady 60fps and no slideshow.
  5. Don't know how many german aces were Nazis, i bet a few at least. yeah of course their kill claims are exaggerated. (as well as everyone elses) But their fame ensures that many players wanna try the famous 109.
  6. i just feel like that no planes can help blue side to win. reds are just generally better suited for low alt ground attack. That is how u win the games. yaks are very good at low alt, il 2 and pe2 12,7 tail gunners are just a little bit better that 110 or ju88 tail guns. Germany is famous for its fighter aces so of course it attracts certain type of players. add all these together and u have red side more effective in winning. last time i cheked stats, the number of ac shot down was actually in favor of blue. but kills dont win battles.
  7. if it bothers u so much, just never spawn on a temporary field.
  8. had to download srs just for this AI bot thing. Was able to try it today. feels like a nice feature, well done! Im still learning how to use it. one question. is there a channel only for u and command? so that other players dont need to hear the gibberish that is my english.
  9. had this happen to me yesterday. Felt a bit stupid not seeing the tank icon. well, hoppep in a fighter with a bomb. took off from another af and ended the tank guys fun. Was enjoyable on my part at least.
  10. 🤦‍♂️ u saying cause axis lost the war they should not win any single battle?? im pretty sure they were able to win number of battles despite losing the war.
  11. i get that airfield conditions were changed message when there is no room to spawn in the field i have selected. just need to wait for anyone to move off the spawn area. i have nothing to say about the grey start button. never experienced. might be a bug or not.
  12. it would be nice if u could use bomb sight on bombardier station too. I am able to open bomb sight only at pilot seat. Or am i missing something here?
  13. as u have bodenplatte i suggest u try flying a spit vs any FW a. or german side i suggest 109 vs a p 47. this way u will have more maneuverable fighter than the AI. avoid blacking out tho. when turning with enemy u dont always need to point ur nose in front of them (lead pursuit) u can turn with them while pointing ur nose behind them (lag pursuit) this will most of the time turn into lead pursuit if u want to shoot. try these different methods and u'll see how it goes. edit: AI has tendency to enter high speed high radius turn were u end up following
  14. did no read through all of this thread. edit: this was finnish server. had the bug happen to me ana a friend of mine. we were two pz iiis but my friend could not see me. however i was not only invisible but his tank behaved like my tank was not there at all. he could not hit me as his shots just passed through. i was able to shoot and hit him and set him on fire. i was invisible to him. He was even able to drive full speed when i parked my tank in front of him. my tank did not slow him down at all. we ended up crashing into a tree and my tank did blow up. lol
  15. i have found over the years. Easiest way to get a kill is to get enemys 6 with same speed and alt and shoot him. This will often times leave u low and slow, so vulnerable. Easiest way to get a kill and survive is to have speed or altitude (edit: 500m to 1500m) advantage, close distance fast, fire ( hope u hit) continue high speed and shallow climb. avoid enemy gunfire. Repeat if target not dead or disengage if target now really difficult to attack. Neither is wrong or correct way. A middle ground needs to be found, depending on situation. never
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