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  1. Well you might be right that not every fight was crazy tight turns and dogfights but those things happened too. I have read multiple first hand accounts of pilots following enemy planes doing hard evasive maneuvers. Also i remember at least two accounts where a pilot was following enemy in high speed dive and they pulled up so hard that vision was lost, no loss of consciousness tho. This is of course just based on what i have read.
  2. i have found that plaeyrs tend to go for soft and easy target first, like airfield, or vehicles and tanks are attacked last. Also targets closest to enemy Spawns tend to be firdt under attack. So i would suggest u to either defend a soft target closest to enemy airfields or support friendly ground attackers. If server has low player count, no matter what u do, its going to be hard to find enemies, most of them being on the ground taking off, or on the way to front line at all times.
  3. this is propably true
  4. Yes, as far as i know, self sealing tanks of that era were able to seal leaks caused by even .50 cal ammo. Not sure how well they would work if u pump dozens or hundreds .50s at a single fuel tank tho. But a hit or two should not cause fire or leak, as far as i understand. edit: On the other hand icendiary ammo creates a small explosion too and might actually be able to damage the tank enough to cause leak.
  5. Well multiplayer in IL 2 is somewhat similar. Most of the time u have a frontline and multiple Airfield bases on each side where u can spawn. U have multiple or unlimited respawns. There is most of the time one or more ground objectives to attack or defend. Something that is different from WT, most of the times planes available are determined by time and location of the battle. For example a battle set to 1943 eastern front usually does not include US fighters or late war german or soviet planes. Of course this is completely up to whoever creates the multiplayer mission.
  6. so u have enchanted aircraft visibility on? Try turning it off and see if u like it more. I think the new spotting is just perfect. I dont play in VR tho.
  7. new spottig feels just right! u can actually see contacts but its not too easy. great job devs!
  8. Large, 32 or 40 inch monitor helps. I am using 40inch 1080p TV as my monitor, spotting is not super easy but i feel i can spot enemies in reasonable ranges.
  9. Yes i play online. Graphic settings at max, 60 fps v sync. But i tend to zoom a little if im looking for contacts. Besides, what i consider ok spotting, another player might consider it bad. It all depends what u feel u should be able to see in the game. Edit: on my phone now so cant really see anything on those pics.
  10. Well, I have no spotting issues now. 40in 1080p TV. I used to have spotting issues but now spotting feels ok to me.
  11. True, but its ten times harder (for me at least) to hit that kind of a deflection shot. And of course i only tend to cut throttle and pull lead if we already have similar energy states, at that point, i just want to end the fight quickly, so some energy loss is better than fight continuining for minutes.
  12. i do following: throttle zero, start turning same time as the yak ahead and immediately pulling lead. this means no matter what, i get at least one firing solution cause our turn circles have different central points. If my speed is lower then the enemy i can pull tighter turn while experiencing same or less G. therefore being able to follow them. they might gain 10 or 50 meters distance if i am much slower but it really doesnt matter as i will still be withing 200 meters.
  13. Hmm, sad to hear. What VR headset are u using? Did u make sure ur visual settings were all at max? What about ground filter? was it blurred or off?
  14. if u don't have VR or head tracking i recommend playing with mouse in ur left hand for view and joystick in ur right hand. Throttle in mouse wheel. I mean what u guys do with your left hand if u dont have a mouse there? do u prefer throttle over smooth viewing experience?
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