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  1. One on one or even the occasional squadron battle perhaps, if care is taken to maximize tactical advantages: height, numbers, sun. But generally it is just a way to kill your own pilots and boost enemy morale without any benefits. Saying that your own men have greater skill courage and determination than the enemy may be useful PR for civilians or your own men, but to actually believe it as a base for planning is very unwise. Agree with you about the Albatross though: hugely over-rated. The key thing was having two MGs that sort of worked. You are only partially right: printing as much money as you require is the default, but it will not do you much good when you have to pay for something in another country's currency. In WW1 and the first half of WW2 the UK was essentially financing a large part of the USA's output and paying for it by a massive fire sale of two hundred year's worth of overseas investments to generate the dollars that the US demanded. A little more cost efficiency might not have gone amiss.
  2. No - I rather grossed out on sub games long ago with Red Storm Rising which is still one of the best games I have ever played. 688 Attack Sub was also good.
  3. That might be fun - been looking for a decent naval game for a long time. For some reason they never quite seem right to me. No more early access for me though: I have had enough of being an unpaid tester.
  4. I watched Japan vs Scotland in a pub packed with Sons and Daughters of Nippon and a few Scots and other assorted neutral migrants: awesome entertainment: one of the most gripping matches I have seen in ages. So glad the Scots got to play - and get booted out on merit, otherwise we would have had an earful from them for years. Since it was a "Buddha Day" the pub's windows were all papered over and we all drank booze from paper cups, with "tea" printed on the receipts, which somehow added to the atmosphere. Not fooling the locals, but appearances must be kept up.... BTW this "reserved Japanese" idea may be a thing, but they certainly know when to turn it off: they all were screaming and crying with excitement!
  5. I have had a mission with 30+ aircraft, cut and pasted WPs, all aircraft identical properties etc, of which 2 (the same 2 every time) always refused to go to the first WP but circled as you described while the others did what they were told . No problems with height or terrain, no detectable reason. Changing the plane types or deleting and rebuilding the relevant plane and WP objects also made no difference. Never worked out what it was.... I hope someone can solve this.
  6. The RAE measured the F&G up CLmax of the 109E at 1.38 using a speed from a trailing pitot, which was also the experiment that demonstrated the issue of the cockpit IAS error at high AoA. The slats opened at CL of 0.865: so the pilot obviously did not see the slats opening as a stop sign in this trial. From the minimum weight and lowest stall speed numbers in game tech specs, the 109s are mostly at 1.38-1.39 with a couple of anomalies, which go away at average weights. The P-51D is at 1.34 - same as the Spitfires. It is really only the Tempest which looks very odd: although the P47D at 1.21 is also well out of the typical range.
  7. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/115771611/peter-jacksons-former-vintage-plane-manager-found-guilty-of-2m-fraud-and-theft
  8. Plus he is probably a bit fed up with thinking about WW1 planes, what with the whole fraud case.....
  9. Actually, not having a visible videogame life bar is what is killing you, because you do not know how "tired" you are and adjust your behaviour accordingly.
  10. Perhaps another consideration is the way that WW1 pilots would turn: rather than just do flat turns, they would pitch up, quarter roll and then push the rudder hard over: if you do that, much of the G force of turning the plane would be, from the pilot's point of feel, sideways, not down. To give an example at the limit, if the infamous Dr.1 "flat turn" were a thing (which I do not actually believe) it would have no more than the normal 1 G downwards force: all the rest of the acceleration would be sideways.
  11. AA deadliness is strongly affected by the AI setting, which influences not only accuracy but how quickly the guns get on target when the plane enters their activation zone. This appears to be dependent on an RNG. (ie dice roll). I have set up test runs of planes flying through the activation zones of AA guns: the time they take to start firing varies considerably. With a small enough activation zone, sometimes they shoot and sometimes they do not: that is the same gun on an AI plane flying a set path on different runs of the identical mission. AA with AI set to "High" opens fire much faster than AI on "Low".
  12. Your quote says "in the landing configuration....aileron snatching...95mph" but then below says "flaps and undercarriage down...80mph" so I wonder what the first speed is referring to. Trim for landing but flaps and gear up? Or just a misquotation? I wonder if what we are seeing is not just the a result of the difficulty of accurate speed recording but also of determining or defining the exact point of the stall when flying: which technically is not when a wing drops but simply when lift starts to decline. Are we already on the right hand side of the lift polar when aileron snatching occurs?
  13. Pity you did not take her on the trip: you could have "dropped her off" at home.
  14. Look on the bright side: I take it as showing that there are lots of new people taking an interest in the game who are not up to date with all the forum discussions over the years. The time you know a game is dying is when there are no new useless threads.....
  15. Indeed: or HE shell splinters from hits meters away from the tank. Not sure what you mean by : "It does not show visually". They do not appear to self seal against HE shell splinters from distant hits: you get very obvious fuel leaks. I have tested that for hours.
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