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  1. unreasonable


    Oh come on, that is not right. If you want to experience being team killed by obnoxious teenagers - or even the joys of flying with an obnoxious retired programmer - playing offline can never match MP. Clearly you are just avoiding MP because you are afraid.
  2. unreasonable

    Dog Mines in Stalingrad

    It isn't arf as bad as all that.
  3. unreasonable

    Dog Mines in Stalingrad

    Serves the Germans right for naming their tanks after cats. We need these in TC!
  4. unreasonable

    Catch 22 remake this year

  5. unreasonable

    Catch 22 remake this year

    A major, major series.
  6. unreasonable

    Russia plans to disconnect from the internet?

    Plenty of Russian pron sites - so I am told. Enough to keep the comrades warm.
  7. unreasonable

    Hype about ME262

    True enough, except for "Most, I suspect, play the outnumbered side,"..... Think about it.
  8. unreasonable

    Shot for comitting war crime!

    AFAIK wandering aircrew are not independent objects but animations tied to specific objects - in particular the parking bays, but there may be others. Place the object in a mission and the wandering aircrew will appear. So presumably the route of the animation is somehow tied up with the animation itself. This certainly needs sorting out - either by making the aircrew full objects as you suggest or with animations that keep them to the rear and sides of the objects where they are less likely to run into trouble.
  9. unreasonable

    Shot for comitting war crime!

    That may be an unanticipated consequence of making the aircrew destructible: which is a real pity for those of use who like to taxi to the bays to park after landing, since they insist on wandering up and down the taxiways completely ignoring aircraft. Perhaps the animation should be redesigned so that they wander about behind the bays: ie not on the taxiways.
  10. When the devs released the tanks, With [edited] all giving thanks, Did they smile their work to see? Did they who made the Yak make thee?
  11. That was me, (if you are talking about the tests involving massed aircraft attacking and airfield): the accuracy is not the issue here, that is a different matter. The probability of surviving is a function of the probability of getting hit and the effects of a hit: what I am talking about here is specifically the effects of a hit. By comparison with the results of the US tests cannon hits are too effective in stopping engines and puncturing fuel tanks.
  12. Just running a few trials of 37mm flak against P-47 and it is still looks like 1 hit = 1 kill, and 20mm is not much better if it gets near the engine. While I am certainly not going to repeat my 100 trials tests as documented in my thread, the engines still break from splinter damage and the fuel tanks appear not to self seal. I am not talking about spectacular airframe collapse here that people often fixate on: but the ability of a plane to RTB after taking a hit. With all the talk about damage in fighter to fighter contests I am disappointed that the requirements of the DM to give a decent representation of ground attack risks seem not to have been addressed. I know the ground pounders - whether MP or SP - tend to be quiet and humble types, but they deserve attention as well. If the effectiveness of hits from the front against radial engines and fuel tanks is left as exaggerated as it is in this game, then ground attack Careers in the P-47 will not be worth playing, and for the Spitfire: forget it. Which is a pity: it makes the hard work put into the career mode a waste of effort. Ground attack was dangerous: but the effect of cumulative risk is.. cumulative. Get the probability of being shot down after a hit badly wrong (ie far too high) and the cumulative probability of surviving a number of missions becomes a small fraction of the historic figure.
  13. unreasonable

    Russian Pilot rotation

    And the RAF. It is also not completely true that all German pilots flew until they dropped: some experienced pilots spent time at training units as well, although the GAF did have the bad habit of stripping the training units of instructors from time to time. In addition, someone was training the Soviet pilots, so I suspect that there must have been some rotation, whatever these memoirs may say. Recovering from an injury might also be a way to get a spell as an instructor.
  14. If is not enjoyable for you anymore, it is time to stop, at least for a while. Thank you for your contribution to our strange hobby.
  15. unreasonable

    Engine mixture granularity

    I could not agree less. The mixture results should as far as possible model actual results. Fortunately, since I am sure the developers would never implement your idea, we need not worry about it.