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  1. It's a short story that deals with an F-86 pilot over Korea. I thought I'd publish it for free, but Amazon doesn't let you list anything for less than 99 cents. So, 99 cents it is! If you read it, let me know what you think.
  2. Honestly...there is so much wrong with the P-51, and THIS is what you want? "Okay that's my bad I sped through that faster than the Stuka's over London.." Actually, I don't think that Stukas were over London....and trhey didn't go very fast!
  3. "....they adjusted to their immediate necessities." No, the doctrines they followed were put down before the war even started. In that way, really, they had layed down the ground work for defeat before they had even invaded Poland. They had little or no strategic thinking. They thought tactically, short ranged, because they thought they could wrap it up very quickly. The bombing of London was NOT strategic bombing. It was terror bombing. No important military targets were being hit. It was done to kill and terrorize the civil population into being sick of the war and to pressure th
  4. Really guys, this post is udderly rediculous.
  5. I don't think so. You see, when you lift off with a load of 500 pounders under your wings, you need to have a target for them. If your are carrying them, "Just in case I find something," there's always the chance that, maybe, you won't. That means that you're going to be landing back at the field with a couple of bombs. Nobody wants to do that! In a book called ,"Allied Strafing, A Cockpit View Of Air To Ground Battles," the author writes, "Back in 1943 I had strafed a number of tanks during guns only armed recces when the Germans were retreating back to the 'Winter Lines.'" He also wen
  6. Yes. Being a game, I think we can do whatever the hell we want. No one from heaquarters is going to be calling the C.O. "You silly clot! What were you thinking by carrying bombs on an armed recce mission!?"
  7. I do not know of any armed recce missions with bombs. The armed recce mission, was for all intents and purposes, a low level fighter sweep. You were to engage any enemy assets, air or ground , that you spotted. You were to keep an eye out in the area of your patrol for anything that intel (spies, as the RAF pilots called them) might be interested in. Some people seem to be informing you that the Spits did carry bombs. But I don't think that's what you're asking. They did, of course. But not on armed recce. Bombs were carried to hit specific targets. Not just carried to drop on whatever y
  8. First of all it's, "YOU'RE easily aggravated," but never mind. He didn't seem aggravated to me.
  9. I'm not understanding why you would not use the Spit Mk5 in a Dieppe scenario. THE TOMCAT OF WW2!!!? What a horrible thing to say about the F-14. In what way were they similar? I have to hear this. The F-14 was one of the U.S. Navy's finest jets. The Defiant was a totally rediculous idea for a fighter. Elaborate, please. Yes. Go into the P-40, and imagine the visibility about ten percent worse than that. You have your razorback P-47.
  10. Yeah....like I said, a minor thing. I realize that this is all just for fun. And after all, as your icon states....you ARE from funland! Good video.
  11. Okay, I must have been affected by some sort of placebo effect. I said to myself, "Wait a minute. When I turned the mods off, I'm SURE the clouds still looked good!" So I just went and did that and......no...they suck. Excuse the brain fart. Mods are on and remaining on.
  12. Yes, I did. But never mind. I'm wrong. You do need mods on to see the full affect. Nice thing is, even with mods off, it improves the default clouds. By the way...you really did a fantastic job with this.
  13. You don't need mods on for this to work, right? I turned them off and still saw the new clouds....unless I did something wrong.
  14. I know that Dude. I'm reffering to the post that said night missions were rarely done during the war. Not wether or not we can do it in here.
  15. I must not be doing subject matter that people are interested in. What sells, anyway? Either that, or I'm just not good enough.
  16. Fantastic! I just flew all over the Rhineland and Kuban maps, changing seasons and enjoying the hell out of the flights. It's a game changer for me. I'm going to have to be honest, here. I didn't enjoy simply flying around the IL-2 world all that much. But with this cloud mod it's a whole new experience. I don't mod my sims much. This is the only one I'm using in this game and it's a must have mod, now.
  17. Wow! I wasn't aware of this project. Impressive. Keep going, please. I'm an artist, also. But haven't gone into the digital arena, much. Just with a few cartoons. Here's a example of what I do. Unfortunately, no one seems to want paintings on canvas, anymore.
  18. What? Are you familiar with "The Blitz" that Londoners were forced to endure? Nightly bombings of the city. How about the RAF's nightly raids on Germany? How about Mosquito night fighters. One pilot had 22 kills. How about the Luftwaffe's night attack of Poltava after the 8th Air Force landed there during a shuttle mission. I could go on, of course. Night missions were done on a regular basis.
  19. Yeah, Snoot's Sniper was the longest serving Mustang with the unit. By the time the war was over she had already been declared war weary and served as a joyrider and hack. Note that the Malcolm hooded B in the last picture I posted is in a photo taken in front of the Bodney control tower in May of 1945. So, she's another old timer. I'm not trying to belabor the point. I just want people to understand that these older models weren't bulldozed out of the way to make room for new models. There was a war on, and if the airplane could fly, it was sent out on missions until it couldn't anymore.
  20. Nicely done. One minor thing, though. Very minor. Change the letters on the sides of the Jugs to numbers. The 12th Air Force didn't use letter codes to identify their units.
  21. Gam, I have a photo in Jay Stout's, "Fighter Group," that I'm sure you have. It shows the 352nd about to leave on their Shuttle mission to Russia. All of the airplanes are B and C model Mustangs except for a lone bubble topped D in the foreground. An early D-5. I think that shows that the D's dribbled in and did not replace the older Mustangs overnight. Don't forget that when the D models began leaving North American's factories there were hundreds of, still undelivered, B's and C's. These were still new airplanes and couldn't simply be discarded. A lot of these went to China, though, as I'm s
  22. Gambit, the only 8th Air Force units that went over completely to D models were those that were flying Jugs and Lightnings until later in '44 when the earlier models were no longer being issued. The 356th, the 78th...etc... But the 357th, for instance. Here s a quote by Merle Olmstead from his book, "The 357th Over Europe." He was a mechanic with that unit and was the 357th historian: ..."equipment at year's end was almost entirely P-51D'S and a few K models. However, some B models soldiered on.........all flown by new pilots, of course." It was the same with the Jugs of the 56th. There
  23. Frankly, I don't get the confusion. Units that recieved the new B and C models of the Mustangs began recieving D models once they reached Europe in May of '44. If one of the earlier models was still a good airframe, Groups didn't push them off into the junkpile just because the D's had arrived. They just continued to fly them both. As attrition, or time, caused B and C models to be removed from the roster, D 's eventually became the primary model in these outfits. That's pretty much it. What's confusing about it?
  24. Sliding open the canopy and sticking your hand out.
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