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  1. Ripper, it's up to you of course. You're the skinner. But you are aware that the picture you showed is not historically correct, right? Gentile's Shangri-La was an olive drab painted B model. He wrecked it showing off for the cameras after completing his tour. The plane was destroyed. I don't know how he survived. He never flew the D in combat, but he did fly one while doing war bond tours in the states. They painted the Shangri-La motif on the Mustang for him. That airplane did not wear invasion stripes, however. Okay...I found this. That, of course, is Don back in the States.
  2. Where exactly did you hear this? Ya can't just go making things up! I've seen hundreds of photos of Mustangs. I decided to go through my library. Photos from all of the Osprey series books, photos from the Ethell color series books, Mustang at War, Patton's Eyes in the Sky.....too many to list. Not ONE single photo shows a Mustang with that anti-slip strip. They didn't have it. And of course that photo is post war. It has the Air Force style stars and bars on it and the lettering says that it's the Virginia National Guard. As a matter of fact, that community that they are flying over looks very modern, with all of thoes swimming pools. I'd say that's not even really a military Mustang. Probably a restoration. Yeah, I thought so. Here it is. The Collings Foundation Mustang. You need to learn how to research better than that.
  3. Seemed like pretty decent shooting to me. And who ever said that the 50's weren't effective in WW2? In game, they seem especially lethal on the Mustang. To me, anyway.
  4. That is some amazing detail in that turret. Can only imagine what the rest of it looks like. This is looking very good.
  5. I have no idea who Brian Fontana is, or why he would say "Sex Panther." But now you're going to make me Google that to find out.
  6. When I hear (or read) someone referring to the P-51 as a "stang"....it's like someone running their fingernails down a chalkboard!
  7. If some skinners do the F-5 Lightning skins, I'm hoping that they are able to paint the camera window onto the left side of the fuselage pod. If not, then really, it's just a P-38. And I certainly don't mean "just" in a nasty way! It's my favorite at the moment.
  8. This is fascinating stuff. But, I think there might be some confusion, here. The radio anouncer says that this recording was made in the early stages of the invasion. But the reporter on the scene clearly states "Late in the night of June 6th." He later states that it was now after midnight on the morning of June 7th. The two fighters that made the first air attack on the invasion were FW-190's flown by ace, "Pips" Priller and is wingman. They made a single pass over the beach. Later in the day, the Luftwaffe arrived on the scene and there were many air attacks that evening. A Mustang squadron even ran into a dozen Stukas! I needn't tell you the results.
  9. That's why I like Steam. I didn't download anything. When I went to fly the game....HOT DAMN! I had a P-38 Lightning! Didn't even know the update had been released. Really nice surprise. The Lightning, Mustang, and Tempest fly great. I took them all up for a while and did some take offs and landings and didn't prang a single one. Very nice. Map looks terrific and I'm gonna go back and set up some quick missions. Thanks devs....looks like some fun is about to be had. Oh, did I mention that I love my P-38 Lightning?
  10. So how long after this is released will the , "So when do we see the next one?" threads start? "It's been a week since BoB was released, why no news on the next game?" "Maybe they'll tell us next week!" "Jason said it's going to be the Pacific!" "He never promised that!" "Why don't we know yet?" "They're hiding something!" "Next week for sure! It's going to be Korea! Bet on it!" "Why can't they tell us something? They OWE it to us to tell us something!" "My God, I've been flying BoB for a week and I'm ready for the next one dammit! This isn't fair!" ......ad nauseum....
  11. It's easier for an FPS to supply those framerates, of course, because you aren't moving very quickly. The engine doesn't have to draw them so fast. At least that's the way I understand it. How important is it, to you, to take a framerate hit so that you can look at pretty flowers and trees while sitting on the runway? To me, it isn't. I'd rather not experience slowdowns in a dogfight so that the grass can look nice. My two cents. Two and half bucks by now, I guess, allowing for inflation.
  12. I was only expecting the last few airplanes with this. Not the Bodenplatte map. Well, that's terrific, really. So Bodenplatte is a wrap after this update?
  13. If this was an 8th Air Force sim and we didn't have belly tanks, I'd be complaining about it. But the fighter bomber outfits were often flying such short distances that they didn't often need them. They'd fly for a matter of minutes, sometimes, to attack they're targets. Especially during the Ardennes Offensive. I don't think we need them just so the planes can look cool.
  14. I've heard some absurd requests....but really now. Glance at your turn and bank indicator and center the ball. Then you'll "fly good." I've flown many types of real airplanes and I've owned two of them. I've never thought, "I really should see if someone can attach a string to my windshield for me. Cause then I'll know that I'm flying coordinated.
  15. This post is about the CLOD 5.0 update. Why are you guys going on about the Pacific? I think you're in the wrong thread.
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