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  1. Yeah...I'm a cheap S.O.B.! It was on sale, how could I not? What a beautiful map. And the A-20 has quickly become one of my favorite airplanes, in here. I'm practicing alot with it so I can try it on-line. Never cared much for bombers, but this thing is fun. But that map! I've been flying all over it and it could easily be New Guinea, or even the Phillipines. Great Pacific Island stand in. If only they'd give us a couple of Japanese planes to play with. Good module. Oh, and I've managed to fly my P-39 into the ground, four out of four flights! Seems more prone to having its controls lock up in a dive than the the P-47.
  2. Well, four Meteors were there. And the article says it was three weeks AFTER the Bodenplatte attack. This just does not warrant it being in the game. Just four copies of the airplane were sent to the continent and we should have it here? We're getting too close to the "What if" crap of IL2 1946, which I would rather not see happen. Ya need to read up on some history, there, my friend. It was a shaky alliance, at best. The U.S. was sending tons of equipment to the Soviets, but it wasn't because we liked them. Keeping the Russians in the war prevented hundreds of thousands or so German troops from heading west. And while FDR tolerated Stalin, Churchill positively hated him. Everyone was sure that the next war would be with the Soviet Union. The Russians knew it, too. Hence the need to capture and occupy so much of Europe, to build up a buffer zone between them and the western Allies. Hell, the Soviets started shit almost immediately after the war was over with the Berlin blockade!
  3. With the P-51 on the way, I know you guys are going to want to do accurate skins of this great fighter. One unit of the 8th Air Force, though, has been a bit controversial when it comes to what colors their Mustangs were painted. The 361st Fighter Group. They were based at Bottisham and four of their planes were photographed and the picture became one of the most famous and widely used airplane pictures of WW2. They were known as the Bottisham 4. The controversy arose years after the war when artists and model makers and airplane restorers were trying to figure out what color these planes were painted in. Some said blue, some insisted it was green. The pictures were in color, but faded over the years so it was hard to tell. Well, this guy wanted the answers and he's done a good job of figuring it out. If you want your 361st Mustangs the correct color, go here....https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwip68HLxt3iAhUMVN8KHTjlDLgQjhx6BAgBEAM&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.clubhyper.com%2Freference%2Fshowandtell7db_1.htm&psig=AOvVaw1-aNKRhR51XwOQjHbG95KH&ust=1560207855928224 Great information, and beautiful photos.
  4. Really, all you have to do, if you don't believe that most flight simmers are SP players, is go online. How many people own BOS? Is it in the thousands? I don't know, really, but certainly hundreds. Go on line. One server will have twenty, maybe thirty people. Another will have a dozen or so. The rest are empty. So lets say fifty people are playing on line. Worldwide! It's pretty obvious, I think.
  5. I love the idea of going after German targets with a big "F-U" on the side of my airplane! Just says it all!
  6. Poochnboo


    Oh shitballs!? Lol!!!!!
  7. Okay, I have one slightly worn, but very attractive wife and two kids. I'll throw in the dog. Might be enough to cover this.
  8. Poochnboo

    ME 262

    Blazing Combat!!!! I had all four issues. Terrific mag. Some of the greatist comic artists in the buisiness had work in there. And covers by Frank Frazetta. What was not like?
  9. See, I don't get the point of that. Almost the same ships and aircraft in both battles. It's not as though we're going to play battles as they really occurred. No one does that now. We use a certain map, and then just do our own thing. Is someone going to be Nagumo, and someone else Spruance, or Nimitz? Are we going to reenact the part where the Japanese delayed the attack because they were switching their bombers from bombs to torpedoes? Are we going to have the SBD's dive on the Japanese fleet unmolested? No. So we aren't going to follow history, so what's the difference?
  10. Boy, Combat Flight Simulator 2. I played that to death! Years of fun. Had a ton of add-ons for it. Planes and campaigns, some payware P-38's and P-51'B's. There was a terrific free campaign that was done by some talented guys that gave you a beautiful (at the time) P-40E. The Defence of Darwin, I think. I don't know how they went so wrong with CFS3 after doing such a great sim.
  11. You actually make a decent argument, there. Maybe branching off into a new series might be the way to go. "Zero! The Pacific and Asian Air War!" Or possibly concentrate on the carrier aspect of it. "Flattop! The Air War in The Pacific!"
  12. 411 991 posts Report post Posted April 10, 2018 (edited) Does this help ? BTW, I like your A-20 skins ! Edited April 10, 2018 by Pierre64 Somebody has to stop these damn kids from vandalizing these old airplanes with their spray cans!
  13. He remembered the first time he'd seen one up close. Emerald green body and wings as bright and yellow as the sun. It came down from the sky looking as though it must certainly crash into the ground. But the nose lifted and the engine snorted and popped and it touched down as softly as a hummingbird landing on a flower. The airplane had arrived for the county fair, it's pilot hoping to make some money giving short rides around the fair grounds. People began to crowd around it. The pilot climbed from the tight looking cockpit and jumped down onto the grass. In his sheepskin collared flight jacket and goggles he couldn't have appeared more dashing and heroic. He looked like Errol Flynn and Thomas was mesmerized. He wanted to be him. "All right, c'mon," the flyer was saying as he lifted his goggles from his eyes and rested them on his forehead. "The thrill of a lifetime! How many of you have flown in an airplane? None of you I'd bet! Here's your chance! Only five dollars for the thrill of your life!" Thomas squeezed his father's hand, tightly. "Please Dad! Please!" "Thomas...I ..I don't know. It's just so...." But Thomas wouldn't let him finish. "Dad! I'll do anything! Anything" Thomas could almost feel the tears welling up in his eyes. Thomas's father took a deep breath. He stared at Thomas for some time and then looked up at the pilot. "Is it safe?" His father yelled out over the crowd. "Why, heck yeah," answered the flyer. "I'm here safe and sound...ain't I?" Then he added, "Don't worry, It's gonna be the greatest experience of yer life!" "No, not me! My son, here!" Thomas couldn't believe what he was hearing. His heart was pounding as though it would leap from his chest. "Well sure!" said the dashing aviator. "Send the boy over with the five bucks and let's fly!" It had seemed like a dream. Being strapped into the airplane's wicker seat, the air filled with the scent of gasoline and oil. The thunder of the engine starting and the propellar disappearing and becoming a blur. The wood, metal, and fabric around Thomas coming alive and shaking and suddenly moving! The unforgettable feeling of the earth dropping away and the air moving around him like a storm. He was no longer part of that other world. He was in a world where gravity no longer mattered and men lived in the skies. He wanted desperately to be part of that world. He knew immediately, that his life had been changed forever.
  14. Oh, yeah. Love all that stuff. And the period music. The color pallet they used. Put back in that time, I think. Yes, I noticed that, too, and wondered why. They seem to have had at least one flyable Ju-52.
  15. It's possible that my sarcasm detector is malfunctioning, since I can't tell whether or not you're kidding.
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