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  1. Poochnboo

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Restored airplanes aren't a good indication of paint jobs on WW2 airplanes. The owners can do it any way they like. Only pictures taken during the war are relevant, really. All the ones I've seen Chromate Yellow.
  2. Poochnboo

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Every color shot I have show it all yellow. Wheel cover, too. I just checked the color section of Warren Bodie's book on the P-47, to be sure. Yellow. But, what the hell. Maybe skinners can fix that.
  3. Poochnboo

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    I'm an Italian American from New York! What is this accent you're talkin' about? Whaddya tryin' to be funny? You wanna get whacked or somethin'!!?
  4. Poochnboo

    DD today?

    Me, I'm just looking forward to being "amused." I have a feeling they are going to give us the option of putting clowns in the cockpits. I'm sure of it! That would certainly amuse me.
  5. Poochnboo

    Developer Diary 209 - Discussion

    He's done up in late war garb. The AAF began replacing the old A-2 jacket with a fabric one that was fleece lined. The B-10. From the color and the collar it appears to be that one. He also seems to have the Berger G-suit that 9th Air Force fighter pilots began to be equipped with around the time of D-Day.
  6. Poochnboo

    Developer Diary 209 - Discussion

    You have to hand it to these guys. Really. They read that post where everyone was complaining about how old the pilot looks, so they changed him. I like that.
  7. Poochnboo

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    7 1/2 hours at War Emergency Power!? Damn. Good Ole R-2800. That engine was in the Hellcat and the Corsair, too. If you had to fly for hours over water, that's the engine you wanted to be sitting behind.
  8. Poochnboo

    US Pilot looking for a squad

    Sorry, I meant to show you this one!
  9. Poochnboo

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Guys, overclaiming was rampant by all of the air forces. Not out of deceit, but because during the heat of battle, through the smoke and the flames and the stinging sweat in their eyes, they actually believed what they saw. They were sure they blew up that tank, shot down that bomber, and even sunk that ship. But what they saw was an explosion right near the tank, and the bomber was shot up, but made it home, and the fires on the burning ship weren't really that bad and they were put out..and the ship docked back at it's home port. How many times were you absolutely positive that you saw something...but you were wrong? Imagine that during the hell and fear of combat. It happened a lot. No sense in arguing about. it. Could it have happened? Not impossible, I suppose. But probably not very often.
  10. Poochnboo

    FW 190 Down

    That last picture shows the airplane in one piece. It was probably still saveable at that point. But with traffic being what it is over there (Really, it's beyond words. You would think I was exaggerating), it took the fire department a long time to get there. I'm sure.
  11. Poochnboo

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    That's sounds promising. I, too, am an old timer and was hoping this would come before I was just a memory. It sounds as if we may be seeing this sooner than some think.
  12. Poochnboo

    Any P-51 groups out there!

    I think moving the sim over to the Western Front was a good move for the game. We're going to see a lot of people coming over. Hell, that's why I did it!
  13. Poochnboo

    FW 190 Down

    Right! You have to love the way the press, not knowing anything about aviation, writes up these stories. The headline reads, "Vintage German Airplane explodes....." And then goes on to say that it's a North American SNJ.
  14. Poochnboo

    FW 190 Down

    Fw-190! Really now, someone needs to have his sim pilot certificate revoked, immediately. As soon as I saw the cowling and landing gear I knew it was a T-6. I used to fly out of Van Nuys. It's where I got my pilots license. The Condor Legion is a group of T-6/SNJ owners who have their planes painted up in the various colors of WW2 air forces. Used to see them all the time. Too bad.
  15. Poochnboo

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    This sim has been a favorite of mine, and it seems that it will be for some time to come.