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  1. Poochnboo

    Havoc A-20G and A-20H variants

    When I think of an A-20 Havoc, it's the solid nosed, turret gunned G model that comes to mind. That's the real A-20 to me. I'd like to see it as an option in the A-20 menu when Bodenplatte is released. Without it, the USAAF have no bombers, there, really. You can use the one we have, of course, but it's not historically correct. Ninth Air Force units were not using the glass nosed Havocs. We'll have the Mitchell as AI, but that wasn't used by USAAF units in Northern Europe, either. I wouldn't even care if they just gave it the same performance as the present A-20 and simply reworked the external model. I wouldn't think that would be hard to do.
  2. Poochnboo


    It's 2000 HP, actually. But the airplane weighs over six tons! You can't just pull back the stick and expect it to go straight up. Airplanes don't work like that. Physics doesn't work like that. The airplane needs power that is, at lest, equal to it's wieght to be able to do that. The F-15 is one of the few that can, I believe.
  3. I happen to like CLOD. Wanting it to "die" is really rediculous. Just don't play it. I'll tell ya, though...we can really talk a subject to death, can't we?
  4. Poochnboo

    What is your creative outlet?

    As a matter of fact I started on a U boat surfacing near an Allied convoy. I never finished it.
  5. Poochnboo

    What is your creative outlet?

    Another I dd that is more along the lines of what might interest people here.
  6. Poochnboo

    What is your creative outlet?

    Blitzen is James Dietz!? I've been admiring his paintings for years.
  7. Poochnboo

    What is your creative outlet?

    An oil painting I did for my daughter for Christmas. She's fascinated by wolves.
  8. Poochnboo

    Any info on this P-47D unit please?

    Yeah, as soon as I saw the picture I knew that it was taken at a stateside training base. First hint? That isn't the way airplanes were parked in a combat area. Second one..those are stateside call letters and numbers on the side of the Jug.
  9. Poochnboo

    Armored glass vs. Bubble canopy

    There's obviously a reason that the various air forces wanted bullet proof glass windshields. Early versions of fighters like the P-38 and P-47 had them fitted inside the cockpit, behind the curved windscreen. So you had, essentially, two windscreens in front of your face. They were designed into the canopy in later models. Combat experience showed that these were necessarry.
  10. Poochnboo

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    That's right paisan! Dominic Salvatore Gentile. He was from Ohio, but what the heck.
  11. Why would you have your emergency power going for thirty minutes, anyway?
  12. Poochnboo

    P-47 D Skins

    Ask Santa if he can make the Pacific happen one day, too. That skin belongs to a Jug from the Saipan based 318th Fighter Group. And since the unit later got P-47n's and began flying out of Ie Shima, tell him that we also want P-47n's. Okay...maybe I'm getting a bit greedy, now.
  13. Poochnboo

    ROF password question

    Thanks Andy. So I can change the password without worrying about messing with my IL2 account. That's what I needed to know.
  14. I've decided to reinstall ROF. It's asking for a password. I thought it would be the same as the one I'm using for this site. I just don't remember it. If I go and get a new password for ROF, will it screw up my BOX account? They are all merged, aren't they? Thanks for any help.
  15. Poochnboo

    TitanSlayer's Custom Textures

    Have you worked with the 4K P-47 template yet?