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  1. That is VERY impressive. I liked that very much. Good job.
  2. Well, damn....that's looking pretty nice. I happen to think that the ground textures look great.
  3. You can't have combat in this because it's streaming real scenery. So, obviously, there is no way that scenery can be destructable. I have no problem with that. I have IL-2 and DCS for that. You don't need scenery like that if you're flying combat, anyway. If you go ogling the pretty trees and mountains while flying a combat mission you're going to get your bumb ass shot down. I think IL-2 does scenery just fine. I especially like that Kuban map. But, yeah, I'll be picking this up. I ran my FSX for 10 years and only finally hung it up, for X-Planes 11, two years ago. I don't always want to bomb and shoot things. Sometimes I do want to just ogle the scenery. And I don't want to worry about an FW-190 jumping me.
  4. It's easier to navigate over water.....said no real pilot ever! But, I see I'm getting my P-51B. Like it, like it! And I'll finally be able to hop across the Channel to shoot up some targets in France, and then back home to England like I do in CLOD and DCS. I just never get tired of the Normandy map. So...we'll be flying this in two weeks, right?
  5. You mean, the canopy is ejected, and then reappears? Well, that's an odd bug. Haven't seen it. How big? Are those the models with the 90"wingspans?
  6. The Axis surrendered because they knew Chuck Norris was coming.
  7. No, I see now that this one is from his razorback.
  8. The 370th converted to p-51's in Feb. of '45. Are you going to carry the campaign into their Mustang time? Hope this helps.
  9. I find that hard to believe, but I'm not saying you're wrong. In defense of the airplane, though, the old "Rocket With A Man In It" was never intended to be a dogfighter. As a matter of fact, it was designed at a time when the Air Force thought that dogfighting was over. Fighter jets were designed to go fast and climb like hell to intercept Russian bombers. And so we had an Air Force with fighters that were quick but couldn't turn worth a damn. They learned how wrong they were over Viet Nam. They learned the hard way.
  10. I have to finally admit to myself that I would have been a really bad P-47 pilot. I am awful in the Jug in here....but I've been awful in it in every single sim I've flown that has had the airplane. The Spitfire, Mustang, Lightning, all work for me. I'm useless in the P-47. Well...I can drop bombs in it, but air to air combat in the P-47 Thunderbolt is something I can't seem to do. But I'm trying not to feel too bad about it. It seems that I'm in good company. I was just reading Robert Dorr's "Air Combat: An Oral History," last night. 354th Fighter Group ace ,Glenn Eagleston, said that he , very much, disliked the P-47. It couldn't climb, couldn't turn. At least it could take punishment. But he thought that the P-51 was a greatly superior airplane. He thought that it was great that the P-47 could take so much damage...but he'd rather be flying an airplane that was so good that it didn't have to TAKE so much damage!
  11. Guys, there are things in flight sims that are never going to be like real life. I've learned to accept that many years ago. It's a game, boys, with limitations. You'll never have fun with this stuff if you can't accept that.
  12. If you are really into history as much as I am, then the romance part of the story was far from being what is wrong with this film. Obviously you aren't , and that's fine. But it drives me crazy when Ben Affleck is leaving, all done up in his Army Air Corps dress uniform. He tells the girlfriend, "The Air Corps is sending me to England to fly with the Eagle Squadron." WTF! The Eagle Squadron wasn't comprised of U.S. military pilots! That would been like declaring war on Germany. We were neutral for Crissakes! They were mostly civilians who left the country and headed for Canada to join the Canadian Air Force. What they did was actually against the law, here, and some who tried to get there were arrested. The U.S. government made it known that any Americans going off to fight for a foriegn nation would lose their citizenship. So that part, right there, is just plain stupid! The scene where the British officer tells Affleck, "Are all Americans pilots as good as you. If they are, God help anyone who goes to war with the United States." That scene is cringe worthy and embarrassing. And they gathered all of the fighter pilots who were at Pearl Harbor and sent them back to the states to fly B-25's!!? Really? We had no qualified bomber pilots at the time? Again, plain stupid. As a matter of fact, one of the pilots who got into the air that day was George Welch. He continued flying fighters during the war, obviuosly. He went on to be an ace in P-38's and was killed in the 1950's testing the F-100 for North American Aviation. Pearl Harbor is frigging awful! I won't be seeing Midway 'til it's on my Kodi or on Netflix. That should be next year some time. I can wait.
  13. I'm imagining some witty crew chief writing, on the side of the tanks, "We are returning these as per instructions."
  14. Actually, no. It was a G3M, "Nell." And it was during the U.S. Navy's raids on the Japanese held Marshall Islands in February, of '42. No Japanese land based aircraft took part in Midway.
  15. You say 1944, the original poster said 1943. It was June of 1942, guys. Geez! And what would the KI-43 "Oscar" and the G4M "Betty" be doing in a Midway scenario? You guys sound like a bunch of Hollywood script writers working on an "historical" WW2 movie! Did you guys write "Pearl Harbor?"
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