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  1. 13 minutes ago, emely said:

    Or maybe this is the answer to the question?  Those who have already bought the game will no longer bring money to its creators again, but how can they attract new customers?  A novice could not oppose the gangs of experienced professionals.  But having received a new DM, he gets a good chance of victory, simply by shooting at them from afar.  The game is becoming more attractive to novice pilots, and this can increase sales.  What is realism ??  As a result, only money is real, the rest is all words.

    I can see your point.  From a novice pilot and sales perspective, this works toward 1CGS' benefit.  Perhaps the answer is multiple MP difficulty levels, the current DM as the lesser difficulty level and the early DM as the greater difficulty level.  This would allow 1CGS to cater to both consumer bases.

  2. From my perspective, the Damage Model issue boils down to this: the various forms of damage modeled are legitimate, but they occur too frequently, and in some instances, catastrophically after only a few hits.


    We are at the mercy of RNG and a very skewed probability curve.  If the Devs were to take a long hard look at the probability of the various forms of damage occurring and how many hits it takes to inflict that damage, they could make adjustments to rein in the frequency of this damage occurring.


    As several users have pointed out, early in the FC DM evolution, inflicting serious or catastrophic damage required a high level of skill and gunnery accuracy.  Now it seems that any random hit on an aircraft can generate catastrophic damage at alarming frequency.


    FC is a graphically beautiful simulation and it is feature rich.  It has the potential to be a great simulation if properly developed.  Unfortunately, the 4.006 and 4.007 updates have turned FC into a negative play experience for a lot of us.

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