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  1. never had a problem with prop or IPD, or anything else. Not zoom either. In MP, what's killing me is not inability to ID. What's killing me is I can't see dots at a decent range unless I zoom. I need some kind of contrast or render settings to see dots sooner when just scanning the sky normally. Seems this mod doesn't do that.
  2. OK, this might seem like a really dumb question but here goes. Flying in VR, I've ended up looking at this mod several times and each time not bothering with it. Why? Because it has a bucket list of cool features... that I don't feel I need. At the same time, at no point does it explicitly say it gives better contact visibility under normal conditions (no zoom, no clouds, no glare). Have I understood that correctly? Or am I missing something?
  3. Well, in DCS they have axes set up so there the mini-joy moves my target designator on my radar screen, which is super handy! In IL2 there are a fair few mutually exclusive functions, so I've got multiple things mapped on a few buttons, they just do different things in different planes.
  4. Well, from my experience you'll have to do that. My mini-joy is unmapped now because it doesn't work how I would expect for anything I would want to actually use it for. I'm sure some faffing around in T.A.R.G.E.T. could fix it but honestly I'm not desperate for the extra bindings anyway. I'm also trying to create as much commonality as possible for basic flight systems between my IL2 mappings and my DCS mappings, so I'm less likely to accidentally do something stupid when changing between games!
  5. Thanks again for your advice, I bought one and am very happy @Thad one more question if you don't mind. Your picture shows you mapped the mini-joystick on the front to various RPM and Mixture controls. How did you do this? They are axes so when I tried to map like that, they self-center, which makes them pretty useless for incrementing those controls.
  6. Ah, that scuppers my plan of using them for the 109 toe brakes! But I'm getting ahead of myself, haven't even bought the thing yet and I've already mapped most of it!
  7. Thanks all, good to know modern games can handle the two devices separately. From what you've said I would also avoid the hassle of target if IL2 doesn't need it. @Thad thanks for the layout, quite a bit agrees with how I was theorising from looking at pictures of the throttle. Why rudder on the throttle paddles though not the stick twist? Do those paddles act as a single axis or can you press both at the same time?
  8. I have a Thurstmaster T.16000M, the old one with the green tinted panel under the stick and green light. I'm thinking of getting a TWCS throttle, but I see there is a new "T.16000M FCS" that has orange trim and lights and is sold in a pack with the throttle as well. They also advertise this as a "HOTAS FCS" package and they say there is a way to make the PC see both peripherals as one, since some games don't support multiple controllers. So I'm confused, how is this done? Does the throttle plug into the stick or vice-versa? Or is it done through their T.A.R.G.E.T. software? Is the TWCS compatible in this sense with the old (green) T.16000 or only the new (orange) one? Lastly, how does IL2:BoS support this arrangement?
  9. I live in the south-east of England so Spitfire sightings are not uncommon. Occasionally get one overhead when walking to lunch from work. Best was probably while stuck in a traffic jam on a closed road. Spitfire spotted this and did a small unplanned display up and down the road section. A couple of loops, buzzing the cars as low as he dared. Totally made up for being late! The only thing that came close to that was driving on holiday in the US and getting a pair of F-22s pop up over the hill at the side of the road, very low alt. They did a break over the road, with one screaming off full AB and the other doing that slow high AoA power slide as he crossed the road in front of me (showoff!).
  10. Don't be put off by the number of levers in a Yak cockpit, nearly all of the engine management is "set and forget". So while there is room to optimise, it's also possible while learning to do an entire flight without touching a single engine control, and nothing will go spectacularly wrong. I think you've made a good choice. Energy fighting requires a lot of practice and discipline and is not necessarily intuitive to a new player just looking to shoot at something. It's the more advanced and effective tactic so you should learn it eventually, but the planes that are best suited to it might frustrate you early on. The Yak is fun because it can just be thrown around in a knife-fight.
  11. The only issue with having it too handy, and why I am still annoyed that it's hard-coded to Num5 and can't be unbound in any way, is that if you accidentally tap it in a dogfight suddenly your view is completely out of whack!
  12. Maybe it works differently in Vive to Rift? In Vive, when I hit numpad 5, the view centers on wherever my head is now. So if I lean my head right slightly, hit Num5, then sit back in my normal position, I am now sitting in the centre of the cockpit and not looking down the sight. I know the default position is not in the middle, but I'm compensating for that when resetting. I guess what you're saying would make my life easier, in that I wouldn't have to lean my head every time I did this, but I don't really see how the end result is different.
  13. I don't do that but all I need to do to adjust head position is hold my head where I want and press Numpad 5, then the VR position resets. I do this every time I fly because I usually start the game while my headset is on the table so it's way out of position, and I swap plane types a lot so I basically do it every take-off. So yes, I am centered in the plane. I don't know how you use the sight I don't even need to move, just close my left eye and the sight is exactly aligned with my right eye, it's an amazing, brilliant idea to offset the sight like that! Anyway, the rear view is still pretty awkward despite the glass bubble. In a 109G-2 with glass armour I can look directly behind me over the spine. Even in an F-4 (headrest removed) you can do this. In a 190 I can turn my head all the way around and all I see is the headrest, I can't properly look either side of it. I probably have a 60 degree blind spot, the view is barely better than through the rear-side "tunnels" on a P-40. And then forward, as moosya said, you have that huge A-frame.
  14. This has been an excellent thread, I've been absorbing good advice as the A-3 is a plane I own and in principle enjoy, but don't take out as often as I'd like and am always looking to improve with. I think generally I'm too easily dragged into dogfights which is very bad for this plane. Having said that, I did get away the other day with some fairly aggressive repeat attacks on a La-5, keeping him off-balance until eventually enough shells connected. One thing you need to get very good at with this plane is deflection shooting and the turn-cutting technique where you turn in low, then level out and pull up, firing as they cross your sights. This is because forward visibility is bad generally, and over the nose visibility is basically non-existent, so just following a turn and pulling lead leaves you firing blind.
  15. Is it just me or is this plane hit disproportionately hard by the window "bump" mechanic? The cockpit feels incredibly cramped, I spawn in and reset my seating position and the gunsight and instrument panel are right in my face (seat back matches my backrest IRL). The canopy is this great "clear view" design but it tapers to very narrow at the top. Any head turn = bump! I try to check my 6 and there isn't enough physical space between the armoured headrest and the glass for the game to let me put my headset there to see properly. It's weird because in the 109, a plane that's supposed to be cramped and have an awful rear view, I feel much more comfortable and have better overall vision!
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