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  1. While it's not directly related to this topic, I figure it's the closest and not worth making a whole new thread over. I only just now realized that you can arm the Ju52 and also fill it with paratroopers. Being someone who's very interested in the detailed way a plane takes damage, I wanted to see how many troopers would survive an average series of attacks before the crew decided to bail. Starting out in an I-16, I did a few passes with the 7.62s before a control rod failure forced the Ju52 down. Switching the camera over, I was surprised to see that all 12 paratroopers were aliv
  2. A while ago I was on WoL, decided to take the Jabo 190 out for a run on a factory. Regrettably, I ended up hitting an already bombed out building. Feeling somewhat bummed, I decided to RtB for another 250. As I began my egress, I checked behind me and saw that a Russian fighter was diving on me. As low as I was, I decided that my best chance would be to scissor and hope my high roll rate could get me out of this. As I began my turns, I checked behind me again and noted, with some distress, that another Russian plane (an La-5) had joined the chase. Figuring that forcing an overshoot of the
  3. I had a pretty *oh shi-* moment on a multiplayer server a few days ago. I was in a 190, climbing away from a Russian plane who was approaching from my 3/4 o'clock. As he was reaching what looked to be his stall limit, I watched his nose erupt in muzzle flashes. I wasn't too worried, since he was at least 500m off and I figured it was a desperate shot. Then I heard a loud bang and realized there was no canopy around me anymore. I decided at that time it would be best to leave.
  4. I'm pretty new myself, and even after a month or so a vast majority of my kills are against unaware fighters or bombers. That being said, I'd recommend that you try to figure out what gets you killed the most often and adapt to that. Myself, I've found that I'm rather poor in a dogfight, so I started building my confidence through dirty (literally) tactics, keeping down at treetop level 15-20km between enemy airfields and objectives, pouncing on en-route fighters/attackers like so (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnMisUX2EGU shameless self-plug). Nowadays I've been trying more high-altitude fl
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