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  1. Thanks all for the help. The new patch fixed the issue, whatever was it. Cheers!
  2. After the last patch ... that's how I spawn in game. No way to center the view with TrackIR. Hébergeur d'images Anyone?
  3. I had the same when I installed the Hotfix only ... if you have only 5 missions this is the case :-)
  4. I see your point, I remember btw the same discussions for Il2-Sturmovik, Pacific Fighters, Il2:1946 and CloD - yes I'm a veteran :-). The price - anything above the break-even- is a function of what customers are willing to pay. No ethics or moral values involved, just market laws and consumers' psychology. If you strongly desire a product you will save on your food for months and cue at 4 am to get it before the others, won't you? And they count on that :-D "A lot of early access players no longer playing and hence festering this topic" :-)
  5. Currently 90% of the online community fies still with CloD/TF mod. Actually it is a lot of fun and allows a wide variety of squad activities, that is the Achille's heel of BoS today. When BoS will have FMB and dedicated servers we will see a shift of onliners to BoS, imho. Cheers, Ins
  6. I believe that the vast majority of us early access buyers were 100% aware that the price would drop after release, but went on to support the genre and accessorily have a window on the development. Same happens btw with other neglected genres as the space sims. Rgds, Ins
  7. Just a recognition aid for Blue pilots, I thought it could be handy to put the silhouettes in a single a4 sheet. Cheers! Ins
  8. ping 40-50 ms EU, 110-160 ms US. Cheers!
  9. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. The ESC bug affects bot SP and MP unfortunately. Now Chris' suggestion seems to work, for the moment. Cheers!
  10. If the server is full (33/33 showed on the list) you will experience the kick out that you describe. To see the pings you have to wait a little, some 10-20 s. Once in the MP is normally very fluid with no lag. If you still can't see the ping I would uninstall/reinstall the game, as it was recommended after the last big patch. Rgds, Insuber
  11. I love this: NotesYou can also use the ICAO\NATO phonetic alphabet to say the keyboard keys to press. For example, you can say "press alpha" to press "a" or "press bravo" to press "b."
  12. In my tests I had the impression that the bug happened after hitting repeatedly the "center TrackIr" X52 button, bound to F12. I tried to change it to F11 and made also a new profile for TIR, to no avail. Chris' suggestion above now seems to work, so far. I will keep you all posted. Cheers, Ins
  13. HEY I tried it by assigning the key in the Saiyek profiler instead of the game controls ... and so far it works ... cross fingers and thanks!
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