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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I do have power settings to prefer maximum performance. I set the draw distance from 150km to 40km and saw a dramatic improvement last night. I think on previous tests I'd only knocked it down one notch as it were. I also took clouds down from ultra to high. I'll keep tweaking but it's helped loads. It's just weird as my pc is not under any stress at max settings. Between 85 and 100 fps at all times. 100fps with draw distance lowered is now near what i get on QMB and 100fps draw distance maxed is noticeably choppy!!
  2. The problem I'm getting is when I look around in cockpit (I use the mouse for this) in quick mission mode it's absolutely buttery smooth. As soon as I'm in a scripted campaign or career mode it's almost laggy even at the same fps. I've got and i5 7600 ( CPU usage is very low even on max setting) GTX 1080ti...16gb ram. 3440x1440 gsync monitor. I guess you could call it a micro stutter. I'm not sure, but it's very apparent. No matter what settings I alter it's always there. It's really spoiling the game for me. Is there a fix? ?
  3. Does anyone else experience this. In SP quick missions when I look around (I use the mouse for this) it's buttery smooth even if I'm not hitting my max frame rare of 100fps. In career or any scripted campaign mode with the same fps it's very laggy when looking around. I have a gsync monitor high end CPU and gpu more than enough ram but I can't get rid of it. Don't matter what settings I use, I've even ran it at 1080p apposed to 3440x1440 native res. Is it just how the game is??
  4. thanks...funnily enough its a cloud mod that im trying. And yes thinking about it there maybe some files that ive forgotten about.
  5. I don't have any mods added only JSGME added to the wroot folder. When I enable mods in the start up menu this causes the game to crash mid loading and a number of error messages which freeze my PC. No problems if I disabled the Mods Enabled option. Any ideas
  6. That's great thanks for that. I've just downloaded 2 scripted campaigns from the forum which I'm really impressed with. Are the campaigns the same sort of thing using PWCG??
  7. I have 8gb ram and an i5 7800 cpu and a 1080ti .. Acer Predator 3440x1400 g sync monitor CPU is at 32 % whilst running a career mission, graphics card hovering around 60% usage. I use a mouse to move my viewpoint around and it's here where the micro stuttering is present. No matter what setting high or low, or front line density etc...the career mode produces this stuttering. I've been playing some scripted campaigns over the last few days and like all other modes including online there are no micro stutters at all. Like I've said before my frame rate is 100fps...I don't experience slow down or lag it's just this really anoying micro judder as I'm looking around. I believe it's just something wrong with the career mode.
  8. I have tried all front line density settings and they all result in the same stuttering. I will try the borderless windows mode but I don't hold out much hope all the same. thanks Again I have tried to lower settings but even at absolutely everything maxed out I do not drop a single frame, it just seems to be something with career mode. I would understand I bit more if I suddenly dropped to 45 fps or something but i'm at 100fps solid.
  9. I've been doing single missions for months, learning to fly various aircraft, learning the game etc etc I finally go onto Career mode and straight away I notice stuttering as I'm playing. Nothing seems to help. I'm running with a GTX 1080TI and everything maxed out, never drops a frame and with a G Sync monitor. The game is flawlessly smooth in the other game modes even with crazy amounts of other aircraft in the sky. I just cant believe it, so disappointing. I have been waiting to do the career mode in so so long. I have just checked a few older posts from a while ago and it seems its not going to be fixed. Does anyone know if this stuttering happens in the scripted campaigns available?
  10. Prior to this update this game ran like a dream. Everything ultra 3440x1440. Now my frames have halfed in areas and stuttering is common. If im close to AI plane in combat it causes frequent stutters. Airborne i would be at a rock solid 100fps regardless of cloud density or ground density....now im struggling to hit 60!! Ive reduced the new distance settings right down and its making little difference. The clouds appear to be hitting my fps hardest. On clear settings things are better but cloudy settings really hit hard. I hopefull it will be tweaked to bring it back how it was.
  11. I'm getting micro stutter and also my frame rate has halfed. I used to get 70-80 on the ground and always a solid 100 (max rfresh rate) in the air. Now I'm at 60 on the ground and dipping in the 40's and 50's in the air. This is all at ultra. Ive adjusted the view distance right down to 70k/m and a few other settings but it seems to be making little difference. I'm Hoping theres some optimization issues that can be ironed out. Clear sky it runs as before but these clouds are crippling my FPS
  12. The option in game states work in progress. Is it enabled yet?
  13. Ahh ok. Ill need to get a Hotas then lol.
  14. I see what your saying regards the joystick but theres no way you would be able to navigate your keyboard. Think about how many commands require Alt+this key ...Shift+that key.
  15. How the hell can you play a flight sim with Oculus Rift if you cant see your keyboard/joystick!!! Or am i missing something
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