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  1. Point is "DO NOT BUY FROM GREY MARKET WEBSITES" MUST BE on publisher websait in Store to everyone to see and "GRAY MARKET WEBSITE" must be stop from selling your keys, How do you explane that my key where legit for 8th month almost an year? and now they are not.
  2. Point is that except forum you cant find any where on publisher website that you must buy key for game on publisher web site or Steam, except you looking small font size 5 to found in some corner, I have registered my key on publisher web site legal before 8 month I have screen shot and is steal valid, but they revoked. Admins on forum ban or close topic which ask resolving this kind of legal problem, cos when you buy and register key and they revoked it after year it is a BIG legal problem. I am waiting for resolving my problem, but I am not sure I will ever buy any game from them, cos for few years they could revoke keys from steam too. I got my key on G2A for less money, I got a lot of games I want to play there and I dont have any kind of problem till NOW. They should contact third part sellers and tell or demand not to sell keys for they games, but you can go to G2A NOW and still buy game key. Which fault is this, buyer or owner? And who pay price for mistake?
  3. They could forbid third party sellers to sell their product, they have legal right for that. Instead they didnt do any thing about that, and now we who want to get cheaper get repercussions (we have right to buy product at any store where product is shown, if it isnt illegal, and it wasnt till now) It wasnt our mistake, it dev mistake, so we all have right to our legit buyed keys. Remove your product from third party sellers, and there is no problem. But Now we have one BIG. How I can refund my Money after 8th month. There is LEGAL time to inform user that key isnt legal, so that user could claim his legal right from seller (any one can now say your key isnt valid after one year, you bought from third party seller not from me or steam NONSENS)
  4. Revoking key should be done in a day maximum, not after 8 Month or 20 days, I register my keys on official site and in that moment there were no problem. Yes I bought my Games on G2A, I bought a lot of games and there is no problem with revoking If I had money I would by game with full price I would not wait discounts or go to G2A to by cheaper. No one will bother to stole some credit card (as I read somewhere) and by a lot of key to earn some money, it is easier to take that money directly ( every time I use my credit card I got mail or SMS that I use it), or how you can stole 100 keys? If I dont get my legally payed and registered keys it will be case for lawyers (at the moment key was registered at official site it become legal !!!!) in 8 month I played game and there is no issues, so why it should be now?
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