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  1. Wow! This have to be on my phone and laptop wallpaper. Love it!
  2. It is awesome, nice work, nice models. Very detailed models.
  3. I have been in the same dilemma and i bought VKB Gladiator which was great.
  4. A great series and well made....they really put an effort in gathering those pilots.
  5. Will have to try those tips! I have been stucked on this part.
  6. A newbie here, just want to see hello to everyone.
  7. Can Need For Speed be counted as a sim?
  8. Playing simulation games like flight simulators really is beneficial not just for TBI patients, but also for the general population. For children it helps develop hand and eye coordination, situational awareness and decision making.
  9. It is a good addition to my man cave! Along with a cockpit designed gaming arcade.
  10. That was great. You have those items that i want to put into my man cave.
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