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  1. For performance issues, would it be possible for the devs to include a 'town density" setting. That way, us who have the hardware to run such settings, could, and the others, could slide the setting down to whatever FPS they find acceptable. Just a thought...... The argument of what detail is or isn't there because of an excuse of performance for lower hardware, could be solved with a slider.
  2. I bet Bob Ross smoked mad weed...…..
  3. Like trapping on a carrier in an F-14, after a two plus hour bombing mission using the LANTIRN pod with GBU's, during a sunset, using the HP Reverb VR headset.
  4. Didn't 777 buy, and/or was granted rights for the IL2 series by the publisher 1C, after CloD and Maddox games went belly up somewhere around 2011-12, and 777 just used the existing engine from RoF, to build BOS? A great game RoF was/is, but now, a very old engine, and never was designed for the hundreds of bomber formations that helped win the war in Europe.... Correct me if I am wrong please....
  5. I had no problems what so ever setting up my HOTAS for Cliffs, buttons or axis, and this was a few weeks back after I built a new machine.
  6. Bunyap has also made some excellent campaigns for the Normandy map in DCS.
  7. It didn't help, that the code was sent on Nov 25, announcing a message for Nov 26, the same day a Japanese task force departs for Pearl Harbor... I can understand that, maybe not better than sex, depends on the women I guess. LoL.
  8. I know is not WW2 or even a prop plane, but have you tried Heatblur's F-14 Tomcat for DCS. It has carrier ops, that in VR, is the most immersive thing I have ever done with any flight sim....
  9. You gifted me BOBP last year by contest.....Thank you so much again!
  10. Careful now!.....The Heatblur F-14 is arguably the best sim module on the market right now, and with upcoming and exciting maps, along with campaigns to support them, you may never leave the Tomcat cockpit again!
  11. This was posted on the Steam forum. Posted by a member with the handle, Aergistal. https://maritime.org/doc/id/fm30-30-air/index.htm Interesting stuff, with nice profile pics, and info.
  12. This may help you get started, check them out if you have not already.. https://www.youtube.com/user/RequiemBoS/videos
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