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  1. This was posted on the Steam forum. Posted by a member with the handle, Aergistal. https://maritime.org/doc/id/fm30-30-air/index.htm Interesting stuff, with nice profile pics, and info.
  2. This may help you get started, check them out if you have not already.. https://www.youtube.com/user/RequiemBoS/videos
  3. I have only had this sim a year and I am still configuring my X -52. LoL
  4. If you don't get it sorted, or hear from the Devs in few days, I would post in the main section of the forums so it will get more traffic. Something just isn't connecting the two. It will get sorted I am sure. If you do post on main, make sure you said you asked for help here and submitted a ticket for help. May light the fire quicker. LoL Dear user, After update 3.004, purchases made on Steam do not require any activation on our site. Therefore, these purchases are not displayed in your profile on our website. To have an access to the content you bought on Steam you have to launch the game from Steam ("Play" button on the game page in the Steam "Library). This was from a topic a few days ago....You can try it, but I doubt it works.
  5. So, when you click the "license key" button in the red box, on your account page, there should be any and all of your purchases from either Steam, or the official store listed there, with a green activate key to the right. Are you saying there is nothing there? I do agree, this two step process is quite frustrating. In the meantime, try some of the free scripted campaigns to tide you over till you can get the career going. There are some very good, well thought out SP campaigns up for d/l...... The devs are mainly Russian, and I think they are on holiday for a few more days....hang in there! Edit, I got BOS and BOM on steam, BOK, on IL2 Store. I have purchased planes from both Steam and the IL2 store, and it all works. So, it'll get sorted....I know it is frustrating tho.
  6. Have you activated the keys on your profile page on the main website. https://il2sturmovik.com/ From there, assuming you are logged on, go to Profile on the top right of page, click on the license keys in the red box. See if you need to reactivate any DLC in your license key page. The green buttons. If this is already done, then IDK, but I am sure help is on the way, lol. There is no need to purchase twice.
  7. I was looking forward to those....😪
  8. ...when watching any given IL2 YouTube clip and trying to move the camera perspective with your head during some point during the video. I did that while trying to learn a particular aircraft earlier....I looked to the side thinking the camera would pan...
  9. Key received and activated on my account for BoBp. I was the first winner. I just happened to pop by the forum at the right time. Thanks busdriver! I really do appreciate it!
  10. This video post does not count, but I figured I would post my 2nd vid choice when i was deciding....i was torn,....LoL Thanks again bus driver! Good luck everyone else....
  11. 1. Download JSGME (Jones Generic Mod Enabler) http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml 2. Unzip JSGME to your main BOS folder... 3. Run JSGME.exe that was placed in that folder. (You can right click the JSGME exe icon, and place a shortcut to your desktop for easy access.) 4. JSGME will start and a screen will display. 5. Now close JSGME. This sets up the proper location for the JSGME MODs folder for your BOS install. 6. JSGME is now properly installed. Now for your MODs that work with JSGME.... 1. Download desired MOD zip file or files 2. Unzip your selected mod to the MOD folder that JSGME set up in the BOS main directory..... 3. Start JSGME....a new screen will open. 4. On the left side of the JSGME screen will be the list of MODs you have available. 5. Move the MOD you want to the right side of the JSGME screen. JSGME will install it. 6. Close JSGME 7. Start BOS and your selected MODs will be available. JSGME backs-up your original installation. If you don't like a mod then simply move the MOD back to the left side of the screen and JSGME will uninstall it AND put BOS back to it's original configuration....
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