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  1. Yea he did, I'll take that copy.....LoL
  2. Nice....credit card, ready. Thanks for your time and efforts on this, looking forward to it!
  3. Totally understand about the buttons. LoL. Took me a few months to get my current layout, but I think I am going to retool the layout very soon. Try the DLC soon if you haven't already, it makes very small and precise pitch movements when your AoA is on speed for a carrier trap....
  4. Your pilot didn't look like he had his DLC (direct lift control) engaged. Makes landings a bit easier....
  5. The HIND is in the pipeline for DCS...
  6. Heatblur is doing a phenomenal job on this module and the dev team is very dedicated, and is very much involved with the community, via forums, twitter, youtube and facebook. They are different devs than ED, who has unfinished modules laying everywhere....This module is/was the most complete EA module available at the time of release, and the aircraft has received many updates the last nine months or so it's been out. The USS Forrestal is really close, HB wanted to release it before January, and the F-14a is getting the engines correct before release. Also very close. I think work has been slowed a bit due to the Viggen getting it's much deserved, and massive update in late December.
  7. Yes. your AI RIO, callsign Jester, you command thru a very easy to use radial dial. Jester AI has not been given the ability to control the LANTIRN Pod (to drop GBU's) as of yet, but should be online soon. You can also have a human RIO if your playing online. Also know, the module purchase will include the A variant, an A-6 (ai only) , two campaigns, and the USS Forrestal with working deck crew and equipment. To be released soon. BTW, I am really looking forward to your P-47 campaign! First day purchase for me! The Normandy map, now with the free upgrade released a few weeks back, is gorgeous. There are some really good pay missions as well.
  8. Carriers do light up, if you radio the tower and call inbound.
  9. I bought into DCS for the WW2 content, stayed for the F-14 after it was released. Have not flown anything else. Best flight sim module (for any given flight sim) IMO available.
  10. One MAJOR thing this game lacks....are good training tutorial missions for each aircraft. As of now, you have to seek out tutorials on YouTube, …DCS provides excellent tutorials for the WW2 modules. Even RoF had tutorials.
  11. I thought it was Max Headroom...
  12. Just dropping in to say thanks for gifting me BoBp last year.....
  13. For performance issues, would it be possible for the devs to include a 'town density" setting. That way, us who have the hardware to run such settings, could, and the others, could slide the setting down to whatever FPS they find acceptable. Just a thought...... The argument of what detail is or isn't there because of an excuse of performance for lower hardware, could be solved with a slider.
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