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  1. @Rjel, the track can be archived and uploaded to the file sharing service. The track is very necessary!
  2. Hi! Do you still have a track with this effect or a video?
  3. we didn't do it on purpose))) do you have any tracks left with this effect?
  4. @MarcoPegase44, @LLv34_Flanker, @kapowa, @Imperator_TFD, @Dax: If you had modifications (ReShade, Migoto3D, SweetFX), try a clean installation.
  5. @Pacaubrennerad, please take a screenshot of your graphics settings in the game, very urgently!
  6. @LLv34_Flanker, do you remember the map, the plane, and the weather conditions?
  7. Good) then we need to find out under what conditions this picture was taken. Map, time, location. To avoid writing all this, I'll just ask you to make a track and send it to me in a personal mail.
  8. @L3Pl4K, no, ranked missions sewn into the dserver are designed for 32 players, please take this into account, more players in these missions at your own risk.
  9. Yes, the tests were conducted on the network, but not in conditions when the server has 84 players out of 84. We can bring the multiplayer to a guaranteed working condition, but then no more than 32 users on the server will fly. Therefore, all questions to the server holders, how much they loaded the world, so that the simulation does not have time to work out the hit of shells.
  10. Thanks for the hint to the owners of Radeon, until the main problem is fixed, this hint helps partially solve the problem with glitches. A small step in technical terms, but a big step in the historical reconstruction of that era.
  11. Describe in more detail what happens after CTD? at what stage or actions in the mission? on the load mission or during the flight. Please write in more detail. Please help us find out what your problem is.
  12. Everything is clearly visible on the tests. To understand the problem, send a mission, or better a track where you don't see a contact, we will analyze it.
  13. @dnakhaled, purchases made earlier on the Il-2 sturmovik site should not be displayed in the steam, the same if you bought in the steam add-ons, they will not be displayed on the Il-2 sturmovik store site. Everything you purchased on IL-2 website will be shown only on IL-2 website. Everything you purchased in Steam will be shown only in Steam. In order to have access to all your content you need to launch the game directly from Steam library, if your Steam ID and IL-2 account are linked.
  14. @LLv34_Flanker, I will ask a clarifying question: do you have any game modifications installed?
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