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  1. Yes, of course, any information and reports with files are always more useful than just a dry report)
  2. @Monksilver, @Mandoble, ok, I'm interested in the game launch mode (full screen or windowed mode), which input devices, and what else works in the background from apps. If there is an accompanying video it will be even better for the report.
  3. @kroepke10, for starters, what kind of tank was it?
  4. @flak1962, During the game, screenshots and skins are saved to your Google Drive ?
  5. Please write in the topic on the CTD problem, do not multiply topics with the same type of problems. Most likely, there is not enough video memory, lower the graphics settings in the game.
  6. @336th_Flatfoot, I apologize, I will ask you to take screenshots of the game after logging in to both versions, after launching via steam and our launcher. The problem is really not ordinary, I'm sorry that there were such difficulties with getting content.
  7. @=LG=Kathon, okay, I'll see what we can do.
  8. @TWC_NINja, try using markers to make a flight to QMB, and reset the graphics settings to default. in QMB duels, use the i button to turn the marker on and off and see what's wrong depending on the distance.
  9. @Mandoble, try resetting the video driver settings to the default settings, see what your power scheme is in the system settings - maybe power-saving mode set in the settings?
  10. Yes, this effect is present if you have the "sharpness" option switch on in the graphics settings.
  11. @LLv34_Temuri, there is another option when the icon disappears - a broken mechanism, such as an engine.
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