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  1. @namhee2, thank you, something went wrong, we will analyze it.
  2. @LLv34_Untamo, the mission editor was not launched at the same time as the game?
  3. Please check the memory( RAM), there were the same reports as you have exactly. It turned out that it really was a bad RAM.
  4. Thank you for your kind words, the work is really underway, if there are tracks and videos with which we can reproduce the problem with AI, then consider half the work already done.
  5. I will support that something in the hotkeys of additional applications causes a similar reaction.
  6. @GALM=Leftenant_Gerald, describe the procedure please, every time is such a situation?
  7. @Mad91Max, I will say thank you for the information, I ask you to record the track when the problem repeats.
  8. @anglebrill, this has nothing to do with the IL2 game, right?
  9. Edits will be made, not all at once unfortunately.
  10. @=STP=Darrylx444, thank you, together we make the game better)
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