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  1. @PivoYvo, it seems that you have a modification...track or mission file left?
  2. @Nadelbaum, and to everyone else who gets a similar CTD-I really need information about what you did before the game flew to the desktop.
  3. @greybeard_52, we need a file _gen.mission in il2\data\missions folder.
  4. I have it working, try resetting the key settings
  5. Thank you for the detailed report, the task is in progress. No ideas yet unfortunately (
  6. How much video memory does your graphics card have?
  7. Please, pay attention to the white circle marker - when you switch to the gunner, where this circle is directed-that's where the gun moves.
  8. You need to resave the missions, the format of the missions has changed.
  9. please specify the type of tank, and even better the track with this situation.
  10. I tried to reproduce the problem with my colleagues, but I couldn't reproduce it. Need a video with WTR.
  11. @-332FG-Red_Pilot, when opening the cab, the only difference is in the sounds of the incoming air flow.
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