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  1. @Kaiser69 Please take a record the track with the problem and write here about your VR system.
  2. Thanks for the detailed analysis of the problem, the engineers refactored the automatic mix and fixed it in the next version.
  3. I apologize for causing you any inconvenience when using the game. my task was to find out why you have problems, including when creating a new career. unfortunately, since the problem does not play back, the last option remains, try re-installing IL2 in a different folder and creating a new career.
  4. @namhee2, can I take an example of a test mission from you?
  5. @Blasterlasvideo Please contact with support.
  6. @c6v1999, thank you, you have the same error occurs, please make the dump upload as written here
  7. @BB-Madman fixed in the new version, thank you .
  8. Сan I get this track from you? please upload the dump and attach it to the message
  9. @E69_geramos109 thank you, took note, we will soon correct.
  10. @Schwieger In the Il-2 Folder\data\ LuaScripts\snapviews folder, please delete the file mig3s24.svc. After restarting the program, the view should be restored
  11. Old files are archived by you, just return them back. but I still don't understand the reason for the failure in your career. Сreating a new career ends in a mistake, right?
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