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  1. Excellent, indeed, the banks of the river have different heights and therefore the bridges are not placed on the same level. Thank you and if you have any other places where such an outrage occurs, please write here!
  2. @1stCL/rudidlo, what does the developers have to do with it? the owners of the server create missions, respectively, and the question to them is why the bridge is not set by level.
  3. @Blutaar, if this problem repeats, please archive the _gen.mission file from the IL 2\data\missions folder.
  4. Try deleting everything from the IL-2\updates directory and repeat upload.
  5. We have caught a possible reason, there will be a fix in the next update, I ask you to look at this point carefully. Same that the plane does not fly on rails and is controlled in the same way as the player controls.
  6. @vonGraf, @361st_Ripper*, Why run IL2 under the administrator?
  7. @JG4_Deciman, we need an example of a mission where there is a problem with train and bridges. I need a screenshot of the map where the building is and the square on the map.
  8. A new type of zoom was conceived for VR, pressed the button-the zoom changed, released the button - everything returned to its original position
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