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  1. @Ryanair_MilitantPotato, What was the game mode? (single, career, multiplayer)
  2. @JV44HeinzBar, very strange, maybe some restrictions in the file system?
  3. @Rhubard, thank you, was there a problem in the city itself? or somewhere on the map near the starting point?
  4. @kissTheSky, We had a long working week, and then a long weekend. I apologize for the delay, you will definitely get an answer.
  5. @DFLion, thank you, I reproduced the problem. I could not find the problem, if this situation appears again, please record the track.
  6. @LF_Sire, I didn't find this damn bridge, I need a screenshot or the number of the square on the map where this bridge stands.
  7. @104th_IronMike, thank you for the suggestion and description of the bug, but to speed up the process, I will ask you to give a mission or say in which mission in the game such a situation turned out to reproduce the problem.
  8. Yes, please record a track with a sound problem, I also remind you that if you have a 5.1 or 7.1 system, you need to set the stereo mode in the sound card settings before starting the game.
  9. @Impalor, thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely ask the developers a question. I need to know your graphics settings in the game, please take a screenshot.
  10. Please write about the problem in the section for testers, preferably with an accompanying video.
  11. Thank you, I'll take a look. What is the starting point? conditions?
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