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  1. Agreed. Hopefully the devs. will address in the next patch. Sound matters. BTW BlizPig_EL I grew up in the Black Swamp area in Northwest OH. It's rare to find someone, even from the area, that knows the "Black Swamp" history.
  2. skarecrow

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    I'm Navajo on my mothers side. I grew up with this sacred symbol meaning something very different. Too bad it got hijacked. Don't know why they didn't just stick with the cross and death head. As for the subject at hand, I prefer the clean look to whatever that pretend box logo is supposed to be. Do or do not as Yoda would say. But it's not really a big issue either way I reckon.
  3. I got rid of the distant landscape shimmer by setting the landscape filter to 'sharp' and turned 'off' the post processing 'sharpness' on the right side of the menu. Also brought Horizon distance down to 40 km. I thought that would change the depth but all it did was reduce the distant haziness. I have the 2080 as well and was perplexed by this and tried everything in the Nvidia control panel. But the other two adjustments, in-game, took care of the 'shimmering' issues. Also, I turned off super sampling in Nvidia. It was creating white light shimmers on the horizon. Especially in the dusk and dawn hours. Hope this helps. Cheers
  4. I think you'll be happy with your investment. I was using the 1080ti (which is a great GPU for sure) and just got tired of constant situational tweaking on flight sims. Like you, bit the bullet on the upgrade (cpu+gpu) and was the best choice I ever made. Comes overclocked and I haven't bothered pushing with any "partner algorithms". No need. Sim runs smoothly when I see others struggling with new maps, multiplayer etc. I've never had a stutter yet and i fly every day. Maybe I'm just lucky. I also use a reshade tool as well with no problems. This is all @ 1080 /75 refresh rate tho...not 1440.
  5. I have the RTX2080 and run everything on ultra with no problem. Always 75 fps. I7-8700 3.20 GHz
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