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  1. Unfortunately not possible to play without getting camera movement problems with the MSFFB2 in this game. I just moved on to other titles, the devs are not going to fix it.
  2. I started this thread One Day, One Month, and One Year ago, and 777 Studios' stance is still: "...We exactly know the essence of the problem... All we need is work on the low level of API for FFB devices, but we can't do it right now." Wonder when we will get that fix? 😟
  3. I believe there is memory management errors in IL2 GBs' force feedback implementation which causes unpredictable behavior. You'll have to experiment with the update frequency and see what works best for you.
  4. AnPetrovich says: Thanks for PM, but you no longer need to spend time on these tests. We exactly know the essence of the problem and this problem appears every time when FFB receives update of the force or shaking parameters. It doesn't matter what the source of this update: aerodynamics, landing gear, or gunfire. In the case you described the source is aerodynamic shaking because of landing gear down at high airspeed. Just slow down the speed or retract the landing gear and the shaking will go away, with the statters. All we need is work on the low level of API for FFB devices, but we can't do it right now. I hope we will find the solution somewhen. Thanks for cooperation!S!
  5. It sounds like the invert button isn't working for you. I believe there is a file with your bindings where you can set invert=1. I'm not at my PC and can't remember where it is located atm. I'll get back to you about it later if you can't find it.
  6. Are there any planes that don't have suspension systems on their landing gear? I thought perhaps the stuka, but it does. Perhaps the I-16 or some biplanes? I'd like to test to see if stuttering goes away if the airplane doesn't have landing gear suspension but I don't have access to those aircraft.
  7. When in the air, stuttering goes away after lowering landing gear, but returns when landing and taxiing, or when raised again while in flight. It looks like the culprit is a periodic effect, perhaps a shaking effect, that is driven by landing gear suspension movement when the gear is down, or driven by control surfaces when the gear is up. Perhaps the effect is not changing what is driving it, in turning maneuvers with the gear down, and also right after takeoff, there is stuttering before the gear is raised. It could just be the bouncing of the landing gear suspension driving a force feedback effect, but I am uncertain of how the system changes as the landing gear is stowed. After the landing gear is raised, the stuttering is very constant.
  8. I believe some of the inconsistent results we are seeing could be caused by differences between our MS FFB2 models. I have one with the red trigger while Davjack has a gray trigger. His responds poorly to update_freq while mine responds favorably. There may be a difference in PIDs or friendly names. There are differences in force feedback implementation for different joystick models, but I don't know how they are defined as I don't have access to the source code. I suspect either by VID and PID, or perhaps friendly name. The gray version could be using the default, while the red uses the specific implementation, or vice versa.
  9. EmerlistDavjack and Saladin, what color is your MS FFB2's trigger?
  10. The FFB effects that I tested it with, firing weapons and stalling the airplane, start when they are supposed to, but can end up to two seconds later than they should. It isn't very noticeable while in a dog fight, and is worth the trade-off. The constant centering force seems unaffected.
  11. For now you will probably get better force feedback from the G940 as I believe many of the effects for the MS FFB2 are currently not playing properly. I'm not sure though because I only own the MS FFB2. Thank you, I've put a bunch of time into this, probably too much! Maybe Santa will send me some IL-2 expansions. 😃
  12. Yes, add update_freq = 0.5, so it reads: [KEY = force_feedback] amplitude = 1.00000 enabled = 1 force = 1.00000 update_freq = 0.5 This is a workaround, reducing 95% of the stuttering. The force feedback effects that aren't going to the joystick and are instead effecting the pilot's head are still doing so, but at a maximum of only once every two seconds with update_freq = 0.5. What is great about this workaround as opposed to noise filtering or camera smoothing, is that we can now look around without huge amounts of lag and at least we have force feedback ramp and constant effects, if not periodic ones. I'm hopeful that this issue will be sorted out soon and will keep trying to work with the devs and support to help stomp out the bugs.
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