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  1. Had good fun in the coconut expert server last night. Like the combination of bad weather with low cloud base at night time. Clouds were 500m so me and Frederf level bombed from minimum altitude. Forgot to film the bomb run but this was our egress and landing.
  2. Cool vid as usual drifter. Was that both flights from Sunday?
  3. I'd personally rather wait for pacific than have Korea. Jets don't really interest me.
  4. Depends on the damage. I dont want AC that are likely to block the runway as a result of damage landing before me. In the case of undercarriage or control surface damage having them land last is preferable. Damage to fuel tanks or coolant is a different story though.
  5. Fenderbird is correct. Prop cannot be feathered. You can pull the RPM back before the engine fully cuts out. Seems to lessen drag. You also had had flaps out too much.
  6. I dont know whether this has already been mentioned but I would like to see a dedictaed positon for the bombardier in bomber AC. Or make it so that the bombsite is accessed through a gunner position. This means that you can either use it by switching to that position or someone else can access it by becoming your gunner. Autopilot should still be engaged by the pilot but once activated the bombardier should be able to turn the ac and control speed. It would also be good to have an option to lock off people taking that position on you AC if you want to sight the target yourself. Also I would like to be able to switch between the gunner positions in game. I was playing last night and had to exit the flight and rejoin in different positions to be able to engage the enemy.
  7. Agree this needs attention. It's one of the few things cliff does better than box. The ability to set the guns individually and with different loadouts.
  8. Hopefully one day they will get back around to the Battle of Britain.
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