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    Usernames in game

  2. Agree this needs attention. It's one of the few things cliff does better than box. The ability to set the guns individually and with different loadouts.
  3. 6./ZG76_Passion


    Hopefully one day they will get back around to the Battle of Britain.
  4. 6./ZG76_Passion

    Home built yoke

    Yeah it's is heavy but I wanted something authentic feeling. It is a pain to swap between my yoke and joystick as they both weight a ton. But worth it for the added immersion they give. And yes it's 4096 per axis but because of the way I have the hall sensors fitted they use about 2500 of this. It still enough though and tracks very smoothly in DIview. Definately a step up from potentiometers. Here's one of the hall sensor and its magnets. Not the best pic but you can just about see it.
  5. 6./ZG76_Passion

    Home built yoke

    I thought I'd share this with some like minded people. I recently completed building a flight yoke. I've been using it in game and I'm really happy with it. It uses hall sensors to track the Axis's and is wired into a bodnar board. Centering is done using springs and dyneema cord and is really heavy which is how I prefer it to be. I would say the design is more practical and it is not a replica of any particular yoke, it's a bit rough round the edges but I like the rugged look and feel.
  6. 6./ZG76_Passion

    Target Marking for Bombers

    Firstly, sorry if this has been suggested or talked about before. I would like to suggest a loadout option availiable for bombers that includes either incederies or target marking flares. This would be really helpful when flying coordinated bomber attacks. The smoke from the current ordnance fades too quickly leaving only difficult to distinguish craters.
  7. 6./ZG76_Passion

    Bombsight "view mode" bug

    I'm having this happen to me almost every other time I enter the bombsight. It's only started happening recently. Once it happens I have to restart the game to stop it. So far its only happened in view mode but it makes it almost impossible to get lined up with the target.
  8. 6./ZG76_Passion

    quick Pe - 2 footage

    Thanks for sharing this. Loving the Pe-2 atm.
  9. 6./ZG76_Passion

    Replica Spitfire Controls for PC

    Looks real nice. I'm most the way through making a flight yoke based loosely on an RAF heavy bomber type, but no way near as professional as this.
  10. Great guides. Are there any guides for evasive manoeuvres specifically in the 109. I BnZ as much as possible but inevitably get caught up in a turn fight and get nailed every time. Whats the best course of action 109 when you have an enemy AC up your arse?
  11. 6./ZG76_Passion

    Tactical Air War

    It was 100% the same AF. Even it was another friendly AF surely it still shouldn't register as ditched.
  12. 6./ZG76_Passion

    Tactical Air War

    WTF! Went on a sortie tonight. Took off and flew for 50 mins didn't see another aircraft and landed back at the AF I took off from. Taxied back to where I spawned and turned my enigine off. Just checked the stats and it says I ditched! Is this a common thing?
  13. 6./ZG76_Passion

    My new gimbal joystick project

    Are you using hall sensors Marco?
  14. 6./ZG76_Passion

    My new gimbal joystick project

    Fantastic work Markino. It's almost the same mechanism as I used to build my first joystick. You can make anything with pillow bearings, threaded bar and copper pipe :-) this is my current project a flight yoke. Its mostly just plumbing and electrical fitting with a roofing cowel for a flue and some motorcycle kill switches for triggers. Ive used hall sensors in this for the first time as I couldn't find pots that wouldnt spike after a few months. Are you using a bodnar board? Cheers ACG_Passion
  15. 6./ZG76_Passion

    My new gimbal joystick project

    Hi markino. What type of joystick are you planning on making?