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  1. The link in the original post now works but the file name is fw190d9_skin_05.dds old. The skin looks OK though with the correct stencilling on the tail. The link in your post above doesn't work though. I get the same error as the original link was giving when I tried to download it last night. Cheers
  2. Yes it is. Copy the the default skin (Fw190D9.dds) to ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\Planes\Fw190D9\Textures and the official skins (Fw109D9_skin_*.dds) to ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins\Fw190D9 OR preferably If you know how to use MODS, create a MOD using the following file structures: ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\MODS\[Insert Your MOD Name Here]\data\graphics\Planes\Fw190D9\Textures\Fw190D9.dds ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\MODS\[Insert Your MOD Name Here]\data\graphics\ski
  3. OK, no worries, it's barely noticeable anyway. There's also a tiny bit of red bleeding through along what looks like the hinges for the wing cannon access panels. You really have to zoom in to see it though.
  4. Excellent skins as usual, @szelljr. One thing I noticed on the Red 3 & Red 4 skins is that there seems to be a red line around the join of the upper guns cowling. I'm not sure whether that is intentional or not.
  5. It works fine with the Steam version. It's not compatible with other main.fsb mods though, of course.
  6. Jet by subLOGIC for MS-DOS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_(video_game)
  7. Are you running any mods? I believe some mods are broken since the last update and can prevent the game from launching.
  8. I grew weary of the repetitive ambient background sounds after a while too, however, in this very forum, thanks to Ptk, there is a GUI Background Mute Mod: 😉
  9. He 111 to look at, La 5 to fly, Fw 190 to shoot with.
  10. Oh OK, I did not know that. I now notice that quite a few of the other skins that have been released also have the grey canopy frame. Cool, thanks!
  11. Nice work. But aren't your new V6 versions missing the camo colours on the Erla Haube canopy frame? I use your 4K default replacement in game BTW.
  12. There is a way to preview them: C:\Program Files (x86)\..\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\bin\viewer\Viewer.exe
  13. Hi Boo, excellent work. I just noticed that the #2 G6 summer skin is a winter skin.
  14. Hold down the right mouse button and push or drag the mouse back and forth. If the cursor is centered within the object then pulling the mouse towards you will "push" the object away from your POV and the cursor. Conversely, pushing the mouse away from you "pulls" the object towards your POV and in front of the cursor.
  15. FYI to may-bug and anyone else using this mod: When this mod is enabled since the latest game version 3.007 update, it breaks the technochat icons and messages in game. I think this is caused by ..\data\swf\interface.gfx being modified in the last game patch. Using unGTP-IL2.exe on ..\data\Swf.gtp I extracted the latest interface.gfx and copied it over the ..\MODS\Splashscreen\data\swf\interface.gfx. This fixed the technochat display issue for me. Great mod by the way.
  16. Here's another 25% discount promo code for anyone who wants to use it: VXP22K6N
  17. Yes, I know that but, now there are bronze badges for people who haven't pre-ordered. So it appears that you only get the bronze badge if you have purchased from the IL-2 Store.
  18. Thanks! I've used your skin to replace the official 2K one by renaming it to la5fn_skin_07.dds.
  19. Hi Zargos, love your skins. FYI, the file in the download link for White 7 - 813 IAP - Lt. Yuri Lyubenyuk (4k skin) contains the skin for White 17 from the 790 IAP (4k skin).
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