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  1. Yep, clicking on the "Please switch your store to continue." hyperlink worked for me.
  2. I know it might seem too obvious, but do you have "Mods On" enabled in game?
  3. Massive improvement in survivability of the P-47. Overall survivability seems higher as well. Big +1 to this latest DM.
  4. ..\data\swf\il2\assets\logo\big\wob ...but you won't see that path because the folders/files are packed in swf.gtp. Presuming you use JSGME or similar, all you need to do is create that path in your MODS directory so that it reads "..\MODS\PreLoader Logo\data\swf\il2\assets\logo\big\wob" and place your version of logo.eng.png in that folder and activate. Once you've done that you should be able to see "..\data\swf\il2\assets\logo\big\wob\logo.eng.png" in your normal game install.
  5. Hi @EffeDB. The latest patch broke this mod. The folder structure has changed to ../logo/big/wob. Putting your custom .png image in this folder fixes it.
  6. I'm not sure, but I thought I'd read somewhere on this forum that it is. The latest news that the engine DMs are now being worked on to be included in the next patch is good news too. Hopefully P-47 survivability will increase accordingly.
  7. Got it. Something new to while away the hours waiting out this stupid virus. Thanks again!
  8. Congratulations on the new bub! I'd like Ten Days of Autumn if it's still available. Thanks.
  9. Test 2 with the D9 which did very well. Same thing happened to one of the Tempests in this test. I think the 20mm ammo in the right wing exploded. The weirdest one was where a Spitfire pilot lost conciousness, flew a 180 in a long arcing turn, woke up and then flew to the finish. Agree, if the engine DM is not being remodelled in the next patch. It seems that any hit to the P-47 engine kills it very quickly. The last D9 in this test stopped streaming coolant a fair way before the finish but still made it without the engine seizing. A liquid cooled engine without coolant should
  10. Cool. I'll give it another run and post the results when I get the chance.
  11. R.I.P Cato who passed away on Friday.
  12. That is interesting. I thought the P-47 would have shown up as being much slower. It's usually blown out of the sky before it even crosses the centre of the airfield. The results pretty much align with what the anecdotal "gut feeling" of the community is in regards to the current DM, particularly in regards to a too weak P-47 and an OP P-51. The theory that the problem with the DM was related to all radial engines being made of glass doesn't seem to hold true in relation to the Fw though. And speaking of the Fw, is there any reason for not including the Dora in the test
  13. Poor P-47. The 12th one made it with critical damage. Just. It looks like being fast and/or having multiple engines is a big advantage in this scenario. It'll be interesting to see how this compares when the new DM is introduced.
  14. You mean it's 18 cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine.
  15. According to the below post by Jason this functionality is coming.
  16. No problem seeing them in the editor for me, Soesterberg :
  17. @Bilbo_Baggins - gpresets.cfg is in \IL-2...\data\LuaScripts\ However, you may not be able to see it there unless you have previously added a mod that includes that file. So, if the file is not there Copy/Extract the gpresets.cfg file @rowdyb00t attached in his earlier post to \IL-2...\data\LuaScripts\gpresets.cfg and edit it directly there. I'm not sure whether editing that file will work without Mods-On. Try it and see.
  18. Dive brakes and siren on the Stuka.
  19. I'll be lucky enough to get to hear both again next weekend: https://www.tyabbairshow.com/
  20. Same here. I got about 16 missions into a Moscow career and it became very repetitive and boring, apart from one night paratroop drop mission which was a challenging navigation exercise with all of the GUI nav aids turned off. Only a couple of missions went into enemy territory and all flights were with a sole Ju 52 with no escort. I've only seen enemy fighters on one mission but they did not engage. Difficulty was set to easy and front line activity set to medium. I usually flew at around 300 M AGL.
  21. I think the Packard Merlin has a different supercharger drive to the RR Merlin. Hence the Packard Merlin tends to have a more pronounced supercharger whine. I'm talking about what I have heard in real life here, not the in-game sounds, as I don't have BOBP.
  22. I just tested it on my install with that RegRead method and it works fine.
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