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  1. WooHOO! Thank you very much @II/JG17_HerrMurf and @Jade_Monkey. I can't wait to start seeing BON content arriving soon. Amazing generosity.
  2. Same goes for the A20 and the LaGG3. 4K skins but 2K damage skins. All other planes in the sim that have 4K skins have 4K damage skins.
  3. Hi @huligan, The 109 E7, G4 & G6 / 110 E2 & G2 are not released in 4K yet. @spudkopf did the 109 F2 skins here: @spudkopf has also made the Fw 190 A3 skins here: As far as I know, no one has given the historically accurate treatment to the 4K Fw 190 A5 or Bf 109 G2 yet. I think they are on @spudkopf's to do list.
  4. Thanks for fixing up all of those German thumbnail preview skins. One small issue with the Bf 109 F2 though. When this plane was upgraded to 4K, quite a few changes were made to the default skins as well as 2 new skins (14 & 15) being added, so unfortunately many of the thumbnails no longer match the default skins. I've extracted and attached the relevant thumbnail files for your reference in case you might like to give them the historically correct treatment as well. skins.zip
  5. They're in planes5.gtp. Bf 109 G2 default skins are in that file as well.
  6. OK, maybe the stencil was applied that way mistakenly in real life then?
  7. There's a problem with the "KM112" lettering on the underside of the left wing. It is a mirrored image of the lettering on the underside of the right wing.
  8. Thanks for that. I noticed when unpacking the latest GTP files from the last update that the Bf109G2 & Fw190A5 now have 4k textures for their official skins as well. Do you intend on waving your magic haken creating wand over these skins too?
  9. Hi @spudkopf, The skin 01 MediaFire download link seems to be broken again. And thanks for your efforts in making these skins historically correct.
  10. See the little < arrow above the ACCEPT button? Click that to unhide the settings.
  11. The Hs 129 has counter-rotating propellers too.
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