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  1. Dynamic Variable Decals?
  2. Wow! Thank you very much for your generosity. Much appreciated.
  3. In my Ju52 Stalingrad career I had Mc202s as escort during the airlift phase of the battle. So, I did not encounter them as enemy, but they were still generated as friendly AI.
  4. For anyone interested, I have modified all of the new colour German preview thumbs in the planes select menu to display the historically correct tail markings. JSGME ready, or merge with this thread's excellent original mod. Historically Correct Colour Previews.zip
  5. Fixed in the latest hotfix patch.
  6. Those options are now in the realism settings as as "Info feed" and "Handling tips".
  7. For all those people posting that they can't get tech chat to display / hide; the option has been moved to the realism settings as "Info feed". There's also an option to display / hide the aircraft handling tips in the chat area on the left with a "Handling tips" option.
  8. LOL, 9 of those skins are official defaults in the game.
  9. Q1: The "H" key blatts everything overlaid on the screen. To disable the TechChat stuff only, go to Settings - Flight Interface and set Ingame messages to off. In SP I'm pretty sure that you still see the other messages displayed in the player chat area at the bottom left, but I'm not sure if that's the case in MP. Q2: Dunno, but I assume that it will work just like the player setting the Ingame messages to off as above.
  10. Yes, they were grey for all planes originally. Then with BoBP & FC the new planes were released with a coloured thumb preview. Then, for consistency, all of the older thumbs were updated to colour in a subsequent release.
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