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  1. ah, yeah it would be difficult with just a button. I have Virpil rudder pedals which work great as toe brakes, but unfortunately for me, planes like Tempest, Spitfire, and various VVS planes, I only have a button to use for the brakes, which can be a pain especially considering how difficult the Spitfire can be to taxi.
  2. If a plane is done in 4k, does that mean the interior is also redone in 4k? If not, are there plans to do so? Like with earlier Bf109s?
  3. That makes sense that they don't operate at full power... if I have a short runway and need to stop as soon as possible once I touch the wheels down, I'll hold down the brakes 100% before the wheels even touch the ground; and I'd assume that in real life, that'd cause quite a different landing than the relatively smooth one it was. It'd be nice if braking was a little more realistic in some aspects like that.
  4. Hey all... I've noticed a couple times that I played recently, that the wind sock direction didn't match up to what the mission info said. Are the wind socks always correct?
  5. It sounds like you would be fine with purchasing BoN then, based on what you have said. I purchased it for the same reason; to have access to the new planes right as they come out. Right now we just have the P-47 D-22, and I'm sure it won't be much longer before we get another new plane.
  6. You're in luck... it's available as early access. I bought it; highly recommended even though only one plane is available... it'll soon become irresistible once a few more planes are released.
  7. I'd assume that because of colder weather, and therefore the air being denser, the engine is producing more power when compared to the same RPM/manifold pressure, as it is taking in both more fuel and air.
  8. I've been watching the updates on YouTube for the past year and am so glad to finally see it's coming! I will be purchasing on day one, proud to be supporting TFS. Is there a list of all the graphics/performance updates? I've never played CLoD much, as I just got into BoX a couple years ago, and only bought CLoD out of curiosity as I think it was only $15 or $20 at the time (now that it's like $6.24 during sales, it's a no-brainer). I always liked it and appreciated the differences, but the graphics just didn't do it for me and I really just played enough t
  9. I've destroyed medium German tanks with a P40. It was a few months ago though, incase things have changed.
  10. I definitely upvote- Ships... they could work as both supply ships, working exactly like transport columns do now, and attack ships that would work the same way as tanks do now, with the ability to capture an airfield. And this way, it could open up some of the southeast airfields on the Kuban map that don't currently have roads to them for tanks to get to- which I would absolutely love, as I feel it's a shame that we spend so little time flying though those beautiful Kuban mountains. Moving trains... they could be completely random, so that they'd be hard to find, but
  11. Most looking forward to 410, followed by Mosquito. Definitely looking forward to flying every single one of them, even things like the Fw190 A-6, as my hopes are up that we will get lots of variants similar to the A-8, making it a good plane to have with unique options and not simply an A-5 with A-8 wings. Same goes for the Bf109 G-6/Late
  12. That's a shame, after seeing how awesome it is in the scripted campaign "Last Chance"
  13. I understand the "soggy ground" argument, but there are certain areas where it will still work, like frozen rivers, as has been implemented in the WoL server. I hope it can/will be done! I really look forward to new things like this to be implemented into TAW... maybe things such as recon missions, having trains randomly throughout the map that are transporting supplies (but would never show up on the map), ships as transport convoys, ships as a replacement for tank convoys, etc, etc, etc.
  14. I hope the release of TC will bring lots of new players that aren't normally into flight sims, into the world of IL-2 Sturmovik and give us lots of new people to play against online. Also... is this like Flying Circus, in that there won't be a career mode? That would be very disappointing if so, especially as it may prevent some from purchasing it and becoming part of the community.
  15. So I just noticed an issue with the P-38J-25. One of my engines died, so along with feathering the dead engine's prop, I also wanted to switch my oil and water radiators to manual mode so that I could completely close the rads on the dead engine. I was able to close those radiators with no issues, but even though I only selected the dead engine, and the other engine was deselected, switching between manual and auto rads, for both oil and water, happened to both engines regardless of what was selected. So basically my problem after closing the dead engine's
  16. multiplayer is definitely an option! you can easily find tons of people to fly with as well, once you enter a MP server.
  17. ah, yes I forgot about the P-400's armament; although being that the 20mm only had 60 rounds with the Hispano-Suiza, I wouldn't consider it the same armament as an AN/M2 with 150 rounds, and only having 200 rounds per gun for the .50s as opposed to a maximum of 500 rounds per gun, it just wasn't comparable armament. I don't know if this would be possible, but imagine a nice turbo engine, tricycle landing gear (yes there'd be disadvantages, but much more room for ammo/guns in the nose), and a nice 20mm with 150-200 rounds, and 2x .50s with 500 rounds per gun. I know it's hard to c
  18. Unfortunately the Brazilian real has done very poorly in the last few years, especially the last year. I'm in the USA but my girlfriend is from Brazil, as well as her family, so I'm kept up to date with the currency values. She'd tell me about how several years ago that 1 USD = 1.8 BR; then for a while, like 1-3 years ago it was around 1 USD = 3.8 BR. I remember that just a month or two ago it was as bad as 1 USD = 7+ BR !! But I just now checked it and it's 1 USD = 5.117 BR, so at least it's much better than it was a month or two ago. Hopefully your currency will go back to
  19. The altitude listed on the HUD is AGL (above ground level); fly over a mountain and you'll notice that your in plane altimeter won't change, but the in game HUD will get very low.
  20. I agree, and really look forward to having ships one day; and it doesn't just need to be Kuban as the other maps have large rivers for ships as well. I've seen it in the stats and I've heard people say that they will spawn from time to time, but I've never personally witnessed one; what would make one spawn? One of my top reasons for ships, is that it could possibly allow more use of the southeast part of the Kuban map; I would love to have fights through those mountainous areas, and utilize those airfields along the coast, and I assume that one of the reasons they aren
  21. Imagine how nice a P-39 would be with identical armament as a P-38. Or even minus one or two .50s
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