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  1. It has something to do with the game, and not TrackIR's software, as it still works in the other positions, but not the one position that it somehow got turned off on, such as the commander.
  2. Thanks! I really hope they have the option of 240; it would make a big difference compared to 160. One of my favorite things about the 110 G2 is that the 20mms hold 400/350 rounds.
  3. Sometimes when I am in a tank, and I am switching from position to position, TrackIR stops working, but only for that one position, and I have to use my mouse to look around. It will continue to work for the other tank positions. A couple times I feel like I accidently hit a button when it wasn't working and it went back to being active again. Can anyone tell me if there is a certain key to activate/deactivate head tracking?
  4. Anyone know how much ammo the four 20mms carry? and the ammo capacity on the 7.69mm MGs?
  5. So I've always wondered... many radiator flaps are positioned in a way that looks like it would give it some extra lift (with the expense of drag obviously), in the same way flaps would. Planes such as the Bf110, and others with similar designed radiators that when fully opened, seem like opening their radiators would give a similar effect to flaps. Can anyone tell me if they were purposely designed this way, to at least get some benefit from the drag (other than the cooling, obviously)? And if this is true, does the sim take this into effect?
  6. Well there will definitely be a sale by then, and the sales are so good that you could basically purchase all of them for around the price of one normal priced package (except for Normandy; you won't get a discount on that unless you waited 2+ years)
  7. Nice! Something that isn't trash coming from Vox Media!
  8. I just noticed your server is on the Great Battles series now? Any info about that?
  9. Longer WEP duration on G-6? I'm pretty sure it's just 1 minute, like all of the previous G and F model 109s.
  10. My biggest issue with all of this is the fact that multiple threads, on multiple areas of the forum, have been started about this, some of them many months old. As well known as this is, nothing seems to be acknowledged by anyone that works with the game. I have wondered the same exact thing; if you could lower the flaps more while they were down, but not raise them (as raising would require extra force to push the flaps back up)
  11. We also discussed this in this thread here... I really hope this gets fixed... it's completely broken now.
  12. Type of improvement: Realism Options Explanation of proposals: I propose that there should be two separate options regarding "unlimited ammo;" one for guns, and one for bombs/rockets. Benefits: Sometimes in single player mode, one might want unlimited ammo in their guns but would also want to be able to carry bombs and/or rockets, drop them, and no longer have the bomb/rockets weighing and dragging them down. It simply provides more options to the player.
  13. One thing I've heard mentioned about the G model- Some planes have the pilot sit in a position where they are halfway laying down, or their legs are almost straight, as opposed to other fighters that the pilot is comparatively sitting upright like in a normal chair. The Fw190 is one example of the former, and the Spitfire is one example of the latter. I would love it if this also played a role in the sim, as it would (and did) have an effect in real life.
  14. No need to be so disingenuous. There is nuance, and a middle-ground on this concept.
  15. Just got back from my super sekret spy mission... New sekret train discovered!
  16. Nice picture... looks like there is a man in a black suit standing in the grass in the reflection just in front of the empennage.
  17. He 219 Ju 188 Do 217 Ju 87 D-5 Do 17Z I-153 IL-4 Tu-2 La7 Yak 3/3P Fw189 P63 P61 Fairey Firefly Beaufighter I would personally pay $1500 if I could get all of these planes.
  18. Soviet Russia 1943 was the considered the golden age for the LGBT community.
  19. You're right... they're always talking about flying in the G-6 in the hood!
  20. Just happened again at Furstenau. Any ideas? a bug? This time I landed with no damage, other than a few machine gun pings from AA, but nothing critical in the least bit.
  21. Is there any specific reason why this server is the only place in all of IL-2 BoX (either single player or multiplayer, that i know of) that has authentic looking pillboxes? I always thought the game should have something just like it, until I first saw that they actually exist in this server. More servers and single player missions/campaigns should utilize them!
  22. Just completed a sortie and landed at Paderborn. Damaged my plane a little bit during the landing but all was safe overall. For some reason it counts as ditched for my sortie?
  23. Hello all, I've heard a few times about certain paths taken in career mode that are particularly fun or unique, so I was wondering what all are some of your favorite paths to take in career mode? Would love to hear about which planes/squadrons are unique from the rest, such as night flying (or early morning/late evening where half the mission is in the dark), ship attacks, surprise/scramble airfield raids, etc. I read yesterday someone highly recommended the Battle of Stalingrad career with the Fw190 A-3, so I'm thinking of trying that one next.
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