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  1. I love hearing that the ground will be reworked in all maps. I think this is a huge step in progressing the game forward.
  2. Not yet, but hopefully soon! A while ago you used to be able to open and close them at any point it was set at, but apparently something about that wasn't historically realistic, so they changed it, but unfortunately the new way is just worse and still historically incorrect.
  3. Makes sense. As far as reducing the amount of fuel so that planes can fly over the mountains, I don't think that's the reason why they were crashing into it, as there was a later mission with the same loadout but the planes would follow me up to whatever altitude I climbed to without issue.
  4. Yea, as far as engine temperature, I also do just fine only looking at the one gauge we have. I try to keep it always below 80°, ideally 70° If it goes past 75° and I don't have the cowl flaps open, I will open them a little bit. If it goes over 80°, I might open them up all the way. If it goes over 85°, then you probably need to go easy on the engine for the next few minutes if possible.... if you have no bombs, you can easily cruise at 0.7 ata and it will cool the engine off quick, especially once it gets up to speed.
  5. Absolutely love this campaign... didn't realize I'd love it so much! I appreciate the short distances between targets too (although it makes me wish we could take less fuel). A couple bugs though... in at least missions 6 and 7 (possibly more, but these are the ones where I particularly noticed them), the rest of my flight squadron would fly at about 300m, regardless of how high I would fly, and how many times I'd tell them to get into a different formation with me, every time they would run into the mountain around 1320.5, all because they refuse to climb. Also in mis
  6. I've been wanting to learn more about this server and how it works... I know there are lots of pages on this thread but I've also heard that the server has changed a lot. One question I've been wondering, is can you find ground targets in areas other than where an icon is? If so, what kind of targets? I loved when I was flying around at night and spotted the headlight of a train. Not many MP servers offer situations like that.
  7. just wanted to let you know about a possible bug. I took off from Strassfeld in an Me262. I landed it a little while later with no damage whatsoever. It said "Forced Landing" I landed coming from the east, and was on the far west end of the runway by the time I stopped and despawned. I figured that because this runway is much longer than most in this game, then maybe the game only counts you being at the AF if you're within a certain distance of the spawn point?
  8. Whenever I'd hear people talking about and getting upset of the idea of getting a nearly identical 109 to ones we already have, with basically no new developments made, I'd tell them that maybe they will offer every possible option and modification that was available for the Bf109 G-6, kinda like they did with the Fw190 A-8 or the Hurricane, like even nitrous oxide injection (if that was used on G-6), to make it worth it for someone who already owns the rest of the game. I really hope that this might be partially true. Is there any benefit whatsoever for those who have already purchased t
  9. Oh my god... I've heard old wives' tales about ships on TAW... never thought I'd actually witness it! I still don't believe it though.
  10. From the manual- "if tank limit is exceeded then tank convoys are not generated, when both sides lose all their tanks, map ends with a draw" Question- So when one side loses all of their tanks, how long does the map go on to give that team a chance to also finish off the enemy tanks so it ends in a draw? Or do both sides have to coincidently lose all of their tanks in the same mission? Also, as far as the manual goes, "Options to download, print, and copy have been disabled on this file" Can you disable this? I was trying to copy and paste a se
  11. I've always thought of the MiG-3 as like a loud, nasty, unrefined motorcycle that all your neighbors hate, but you just can't stop revving that engine!
  12. I couldn't agree more. I also wish they would fill in more details about speed losses from certain equipment. Like the Fw190 F-8 twelve rockets that this topic is about, the speed loss is never stated in any way whatsoever, for any combination. Speed loss from opened radiators would be great info too. I did a test on the 190 A8, and the outlet flaps at full speed, can have a 44kph (!!!!) speed loss between 0 and 100% opened. That's insane and hard to believe is historically accurate, but I could be wrong. And then the Ju88, with huge outlet flaps, well 0% to 100% on
  13. I've been playing BoX for a few years and am very familiar with it, which wasn't too difficult seeing as how many tutorials and other information there is about the sim and its specifics. I purchased Tobruk and am having a hard time finding tutorials on it, such as YouTube videos, etc. Can you guys point me towards any good resources for this? Would love to see one that particularly helps people who are familiar with the Great Battles series. I want to give this sim a chance, but it's been pretty frustrating lately.
  14. I might assume that unfortunately, one of the sims got it wrong, unless there were earlier or later versions of the E-7 with this modification made to allow the prop pitch to be slightly finer in one over the other. I notice other discrepancies between the two sims, such as the Bf109 F4 prop pitch; when you turn the prop pitch to it's most coarse setting, Tobruk allows you to basically feather the prop like usually seen on a twin engine plane such as the Bf110, but in the Great Battles series, you can only feather it so much, but only about halfway to the fully feathered position.
  15. Thanks for the info. Do you know why they were rare? Did the Vc come out much later in time? Are there any advantages to the Vb over the Vc? I've just always thought of how much more amazing it would be to have the Vc over the Vb.
  16. Man, if we only got the Mk. Vc !! 120 rounds per gun, 4x (!!!) 20mm cannons. Anyone know the history of Soviet usage of the Vc?
  17. Any idea what this particular design was chosen for then? It seems to be one of the most common for WW2 planes with inline engines.
  18. Glad to hear it worked! Would you mind telling us what country you're in? Just wondering about why it's becoming difficult to purchase things online as time goes on, considering it's the exact opposite in most of the world.
  19. So, yes, it does give some lift? I never thought that the radiator flaps would give a net gain in lift, but that the designers figured that since they have to add drag regardless to allow more airflow into the radiators, they might as well angle it in a direction that, while obviously not giving a net benefit, would at least give some gross gain to the lift factor. Also I was never suggesting that the radiator flaps on a 110 would affect the lift factor or affect camber of profile, or anything else about the wing itself; I would assume that it is separate from the win
  20. Could it not be both? Unless the airbrakes (or whatever is adding drag) are perfectly pushing directly against the angle of attack, I would assume that based on it's shape, it would also push the plane in one direction or another (whether up, down, to the side, diagonally, etc). While also adding drag, why could it not also push the plane partially in an upward direction? My original question also applies to other planes too, such as the Tempest.
  21. Half of the time I'm in Finnish Virtual Pilots server in a tank, I'm sitting there on the ground with numerous enemies flying all around me, and I think... if only I had a proper AA gun... I think it'd be cool if under options/modifications for the AA truck, would be to have a supply truck follow you around, and give you the ability to give him orders just like a tank platoon commander would do. Then maybe if you were a ground attacker and constantly were getting beat up by other player AA trucks, taking out supply trucks would make a big difference in how much longer they could
  22. I don't see much confusion. I think we're all just wondering what specific scenarios we will find ourselves in, and how well it can be implemented.
  23. After hearing that the vast majority of players of this sim only do single player, I'm surprised that we would get a vehicle like this if it only had a role in multiplayer. I hope they do offer some cool single player missions for it though. I also wonder what will be the ammo situation? I'm pretty sure the vehicle couldn't carry much ammo and relied on nearby supply trucks or trailers, etc., I would absolutely hate to spend a long time traveling somewhere just to have a tiny amount of ammo.
  24. I wish AI tanks didn't have perfect night vision... it was nice to drive tanks in the dark for a change but the AI clearly has an unfair advantage in this situation.
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