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  1. Maybe utilize some of the densely populated city areas, such as in the Rhineland map? I've always wanted a tank battle in the middle of a city. I particularly like some of the towns with huge naval ports, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Also would love to play some combined arms battles through the hilly and mountainous areas of the Kuban map. I think they'd make for a great strategic mission! Also other than the cities, when flying low throughout the Rhineland, you notice that it's actually pretty hilly in certain areas, and although they aren't huge hills, they'r
  2. I just played your server for the first time, and wow, it's awesome! I love seeing the battle go on all around me. I hope this one becomes popular! Maybe you should also post it in the Great Battles section of this forum, especially since you can also fly planes here? I had never heard of this server before so I think it might help get the word out.
  3. I was flying FC in multiplayer tonight, and pretty much ripped both of my left wings off on landing in my Fokker D.VIIF I was able to still taxi to the RRR area, and did a full repair, rearm, and refuel. A few seconds later, I realized the top wings were heavily damaged, near the point of ripping off. Figured it has to be a bug. https://ibb.co/1fkMw6B https://ibb.co/VLtmvHF
  4. I've noticed that in FC, the artillery has intense echos and sounds throughout the atmosphere. The other artillery in the rest of the sim doesn't give the same sounds. This would be especially nice in naval situations, which in real life echoed throughout the landscape, but in the normal Great Battles, it will be silent. Could we get that same intense echo of artillery in the WW2 part of the sim?
  5. I don't understand; are you saying that this is historically accurate?
  6. This would be such a great addition for us to get. Just like before the G meter, there was no realistic way to know how much forces your pilot felt, slide slip is the same way. Yes there is the ball slip indicator, but you can't always look at that, especially focusing on something else at the time. I have always wanted a way to be able to tell side slip in the way flying a real plane would be and not only by focusing on the slip indicator. Why does the La-5FN or the P-38 pitch down when you deploy flaps? The P-38 even has fowler flaps.
  7. British / US A-20B has mix of country's airmen. The pilot and front navigator will be of the designed country, but the two rear gunners remain as VVS airmen.
  8. What do you guys think of having a map/mission with just one or two main targets, so that the battle revolves around one particular objective? Yes, it might be similar to berloga in the sense that all the planes would gather in one area, but with ground attack being a top priority, and fighters would have incentive to provide cover for those ground attackers. Also it wouldn't have to be in one exact area, as there could be both high altitude bombers(encouraged by a 5-6km air spawn) attacking at the same time as low level ground attack. I also have a similar idea but
  9. I was messing around with QMB playing tanks the other day, and thought, I want to start a multi-tank battle in one of the major cities in the Rhineland map. Unfortunately, none of the places on the map to start one of these battles is available anywhere near one of the major cities. Is there any reason why this option is not available? It seems like it would be easy to implement. Currently, it seems like the only options are on flat open land, taking away any unique strategies that could be implemented based on terrain and other geographical features. Also I was hoping for more
  10. I completely agree. I wish that there would be more focus on ships, landing crafts, torpedos, battles between ships like we have between AI tanks, etc. There's just so much that can be done.
  11. Maybe this is too much of a different option to be in this thread, but I also would like to know how many of us would be willing to pay double to increase the quality substantially but without any loss of quantity.
  12. I do wish more high altitude level bombing would be encouraged. I do really appreciate one CB mission (can't remember the name) where there is a German bomber airstart, which is exactly what I think more missions/servers need. It would be nice to actually utilize the P-47's high altitude performance.
  13. Only above 6000m though; It's because above 6000m, at the max rpm the auto limiter will allow it to go (2600rpm), it starts to lose manifold pressure. You can maintain the full 1.3ata for a decent bit more altitude by raising RPM as manifold pressure falls. Just a little above 6000m, say 6200m, it wouldn't help to use the full 2800rpm; just enough above 2600rpm to keep 1.3ata... that way you can maximize the engine timer and be most efficient for max power. Only at about 7000m would you need the full 2800rpm for max power/speed.
  14. haha I thought it was just a terrible translation, but that wasn't it!
  15. I once tested the P-40, with 4 .50s instead of 6, and extra ammo, and it came out to be over 40 seconds!
  16. I am not a VR user, but I feel that the P-39 has one of the best mirrors in this sim. As far as I know, this is the list of planes with mirrors: Yak-1b Yak-9/9T La-5FN P-38 (standard, not optional) P-39 (standard, not optional) P-47 (standard on D-22, optional on D-28) P-51 P-40 Spitfire (V and IX) Hurricane Mk. II Hs 129 I assume you're not big on German planes then?
  17. That's exactly what I'm hoping as well. Nice to know that joysticks are sold out everywhere! Imagine if the market for joysticks was as big as the market for PC racing wheels.
  18. It's 340 rounds total / 170 rounds per gun. Somewhat off-topic, but does anyone know why the Bf109 K-4 has ammo counters for both MG131 guns, but not one for the MK108, unlike the G-14 and G-6? I feel like even if they were short on supplies, they would have used one of the MG131 counters for the MK108
  19. From certain angles with the right angle of sun, you will still see a few of those same scratches, but they are substantially less common than they were before. I welcome the change, as I didn't feel it was realistic. Yes, having scratches on the glass is realistic, but in real life your eyes would focus out much further way towards whatever you're looking at, and you might not even notice the scratches.
  20. Are you saying that with the Fw190 A-6, the Devs are going to start a whole new research project, and not use any information they have on the Fw190A3/A5/A8? Because they definitely don't. Are you saying that when they created the Bf109 F-2, they started completely over from scratch and didn't re-use any of the Bf109 F-4 info they had? In my opinion, at least from what I can see, by giving us planes that take relatively little work compared to a brand new one, it gives them more time to work on planes that take 4x as long, such as Mosquito, Me410, etc. I do agree that
  21. So maybe that's what I was experiencing? Because I'd see a whole city have most it's industrial buildings destroyed, with about 10% of random ones left, and they seemed impossible to destroy. Is this a bug with the game? Never experienced this before. Or is it just this server?
  22. There were a couple long, grey factory buildings with large gridded blocks, with the thin/tall smoke stacks, like in the picture below.... I dropped a 250kg bomb that landed directly on the roof. I was flying with a friend and he also dropped a 250kg bomb on the roof as well because he didn't know I already attacked it, and it still wasn't destroyed. Also I went to another city and saw 80% of the factory buildings were destroyed, except for random fuel tanks, etc. I tried multiple times to destroy those, but couldn't; even though there were identical destroyed buildings right next to them.
  23. that's great! I was flying on your server with a friend the other day; a 3rd person got on, and it became very laggy and was near impossible to shoot down an AI plane because it kept jumping around. So, still trying to figure out exactly what affects what in this server.... do factory buildings at the various cities do anything? Also I noticed that some of those same factory buildings are indestructible?
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