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  1. What about winter maps? Have you done any testing on that? I would think that since the air is denser, you'd want a higher amount of fuel to match the additional air. Same question for summer maps.
  2. Most multiplayer servers that we play on are on "Expert settings" where there are only a few realism options that are allowed, such as technochat (not always allowed, such as in the Tactical Air War sever) and warmed up engine. Many of us in the squadron are in North America, so a California time zone would be no problem. I'm on the east coast.
  3. Yea, I also hear that it's unpopular... but man, I would absolutely love a night mission, at least every once in a while. With spotlights all around the objectives... I think it should probably be rare, but I would really love some unique variety like that.
  4. It renders all the details of an undamaged building; why would a PC work harder to show the damaged version? Especially since it's not detailed, unique damage; it's just like a different skin... if you can show one, why couldn't you show the other? Maybe not 5k, but from 3k I can see the details of a clearly untouched building; but as I dive in, once I get to a certain point, the building instantly flips to a damaged skin. it's not about just showing the details of something at that distance, just use the damaged building and if it's too far away to see it, then that's fine. but
  5. As the title says... How do I identify target when level bombing if destroyed buildings only render as undamaged buildings from a distance? It pretty much makes high level bombing in multiplayer pointless, and it is so frustrating when I spend so much time climbing, dialing in the proper speed, wind, and altitude, get the bombs dead on target, only to find out that it was already destroyed, but from 5km+ altitude, the buildings render as undamaged. This seems to be a serious flaw in this game.
  6. By any chance has this been implemented yet? Also, is there a mission timer? I can't even count the number of times I spent a ton of time climbing in a bomber or something planning on an attack, when right before I drop bombs, it says 'mission has ended, results will not be counted... etc' It has become very frustrating.
  7. yes, pretty sure every time it happened, it was when I was defending our flag as they got nearby it. Unfortunately it seems like at least a quarter of the time I despawn, I get a "x0 Friendly Fire" no points notification.
  8. I just remembered I was meaning to post this the other night... I was playing on the Prokhorovka map on the German side, and on a few occasions, I'd shoot at a Sherman, and it would say friendly fire. This happened 3-4 times in this one mission. Not sure if this is something that can be fixed on your end or not, just figured I'd let ya know.
  9. 3 hours could be good. Is there any possible way to extend the timer after the mission has started, based on the current situation? Such as the amount of action going on, progress for the teams, etc. I was playing the other night, and there was no one on the server the entire mission, but 5 minutes before it ended, 7-8 people showed up. It ended, and all of those people left. I felt like if the mission kept going, they would have all still been there playing. Also is there a particular way to find out the current time remaining? Or if you could just put the remaining time on
  10. Would you be open to extending the mission length time? There were a few times I've been playing and we were in the middle of a thick battle, slowly pushing one way or another, and then the mission unfortunately ends, when I would have much rather pushed through and have won (or lost) the battle on our own. Also, while I know this is mostly for tanks, I know of a couple people who very much enjoy medium-high altitude level bombing, but they feel that the missions simply don't last long enough to be worth spending all that time doing it. And maybe, just maybe... this co
  11. Ideally you'd have a trigger like axis that you'd pull with your last two fingers; the problem with having a button for brakes on planes like this is the fact that it's either 100% or 0% braking; nothing in-between. Yes- I wasn't even thinking about the Spitfire Mk. XIVc when I was mentioning that you'll probably want to keep Normandy; once that comes out, you'll laugh at the idea that you once wanted a refund.
  12. In all of my years of gaming, this is the best and most generous community I've ever come across. As much as you might be disappointed with your Battle of Normandy purchase, it will still be a must have by the time it comes out; we're simply at a stage where very little of it is available as much of it is halfway completed, but it won't be that way for much longer. Over the next several months, many new planes will be released so in the end, I don't think you'll regret your purchase. Either way, unless your budget doesn't allow for it, I HIGHLY recommend that you purch
  13. Sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to seeing it. And yes, I'm sure that bridge will be tough to take. I picture a group of Ferdinands or SU-152s to line up by the base of the bridge and lay down tons of supporting fire while a few brave souls go to take the bridge. I'm also glad to hear of this new project where you will be able to easily design missions. Great job so far on everything!
  14. How did that first test map work out with that long bridge being the center point in the mission? Looks like it could be fun, but I also suspect it would oftentimes result in a stalemate.
  15. Is the server down right now? I didn't see it on the server list.
  16. I had no idea there was another orange cat owning, IL-2 playing, living in Atlanta, person out there. I wouldn't say there's zero advantage; just much less advantage compared to real life. But there's definitely SOME advantage... think of all the times someone gets into a dogfight and is distracted and forgets to adjust radiators for max performance, forgets to switch supercharger gears or mixture if there is an altitude change, etc.
  17. I've noticed some of my top choices for mission locations are in places with few airfields, such as the mountainous southeast side of the Kuban map. before reading "maybe I will let planes spawn in the air," I was already thinking of suggesting that. Is there such thing an an "air de-spawn" ? Combat box has a mission in the southeast area of the Rhineland map, and because there are no airfields in a part of the map, the mission creator made their own airfield on a somewhat flat hill; when you land you'll be going slightly uphill. It is only for landing; tak
  18. I could definitely come up with a few... the southern part of the Rhineland map has some nice hills; not too steep, but enough to add to the strategic planning of the mission. a few ideas... in and around the Rhineland map towns of Plum (2920.6), Gerolstein (2922.9), Dumpelfeld (2624.3). Nettersheim (2622.8). Around the intersection of Rhineland 2721.3. Lots more, just gotta spend some time looking around the maps. Keep up the good work!
  19. The Kuban map in the 1318 zone? If so, great idea... I've always thought the roads and mountains in that area would be perfect for tanks
  20. I think the game's AI needs to be fixed in a few areas regarding this... like they should not be able to detect you if it would be hard for an actual player to detect you... such as blind spots in planes, clouds (I remember AI AA shot me down in TAW once through overcast clouds), trees, etc. But I also completely agree with your last sentence; AI(of all types) adds immensely to the atmosphere in this server and should not be removed. It's probably what made me enjoy it so much! I also think people who only play SP, never MP, should try out servers like this, maybe when there are
  21. Any suggestions for me to be able to listen to a youtube video (or anything else) in the background and still have my IL-2 volume at 100%? At this point, with IL-2 at 100%, other sounds can't come close to it... like a youtube video for me at 100% is basically not audible if IL-2 is also at 100%
  22. Why does this picture in the update show a US pilot model and the one I still have when I tried out the P-39 in QMB is VVS? I just took these screenshots a few minutes ago.
  23. I just tried the same thing in QMB, and didn't have any issues; it was very smooth. My graphics settings > Terrain roughness > High
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