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  1. I'd definitely rather give you guys all the money anyway! This is the one game/sim I've played in life that I've felt best about supporting! You should; I'm not sure why you don't. Maybe it takes some time. It's only for pre-order if it's gold... the bronze means that you simply purchased it after it was out. I'm not sure why you don't have Stalingrad under your details... BTW though, what does silver mean? I see your Battle of Moscow badge is in silver.
  2. The only reason I asked that question is because it sounded like you were saying it was ineffective for bombers when tanks are in a straight line, which didn't make sense to me... otherwise I completely understand.
  3. I'd definitely be interested in Burning Steppe! BTW, the last few times I tried to log into the server "Co-op Fight for Velikiye Luki Leon Babe Edition" (in the past 4-5 days), I click on "join server" and after about 10 seconds it send me right back to the first multiplayer screen where I select between Cooperative and Dogfight. I have a friend who plays too, and he has reported the same problem. Are you aware of this issue?
  4. I am able to play "Scripted Campaign" offline, simply not "Career" mode Can you tell us approximately what time this typically would be?
  5. Is there a specific reason that career mode isn't available when playing offline?
  6. What exactly do you mean? Why do tanks placed in a row along a road make it ineffective for a bomb run? What other type of placement would make it easier? One quick question to the creators and developers- Any chance that you'll ever allow the Axis the ability to carry their 1800+ kg bombs? Is there any particular reason that you don't allow this? As well as the 1000kg for the Bf110 E-2. From what I see these bombs appear to be the only modification that is completely blocked throughout the campaign. Another suggestion I'd like to make towards t
  7. Personally I would love to see ai tank battles going on between both sides on the ground, and then both sides would have a target/defense point at the same place, creating a very intense battle! If you've ever done the single player mission for Battle of Kuban, Hs-129 where you attack the soviet tanks as they are in a battle with our tanks, something like that would be ideal. I suspect the only problem might be CPU usage for this much to be going on at once... but if it's possible, it would be amazing! Edit: In addition to AI tank battles, it would be great t
  8. I also wonder the same thing... why only hidden AA batteries for Allies and not for Axis?
  9. I'm not on steam and my offline works fine. On it right now.
  10. I just noticed this server in the "dogfight" category under multiplayer. Is there a reason why it's listed there, instead of under the cooperative category? I'm hoping it's still up over the next few days, as I didn't get a chance to play it tonight, but I did enter it real quick just to check it out, and it looked fun! I've always been disappointed at the fact that there's never any servers available under cooperative, so I was definitely happy to see this up.
  11. If open to suggestions, I would like to suggest to have some option of getting lives back other ways besides the current system of simply a new map, or getting 1 life whenever you lose all lives and get 24 hours ban. Maybe get one life back every 24 hours regardless of what happens (without going over 3)? Also it would be way better if it was slightly less than 24 hours, like 12 would be much better, because of an example like this - Say I were to play from 9pm-1am each night. Let's say I lost my last life around 11pm- I'm banned and can't play the server anymore that
  12. I would also love more night missions. I love it when a mission starts early morning and we get around 45 minutes of darkness, or the last mission of each day where we get a little bit of time in the dark. I'm always so disappointed when it ends. I understand that some of these planes are not designed to be night fighters, but there are a few that are, even with night camo to go along with it. Would a possible compromise be to have missions that start a little earlier in the day/end a little later into the night? I'd love it if we could get at least a full hour of da
  13. I noticed what appears to be a discrepancy between the plane set chart and what is actually available in the game, regarding the MC.202. In the chart, there are two versions of the plane. The only difference is that one excludes 20mm gunpods. It says that the one excluding the gunpods is available for the first map only, and then the one that doesn't exclude them is available for maps 2, 3, and 4. In the game it is the opposite. I had the option of using 20mm gunpods on the first map, and they were not available on maps 2, 3, and 4. It seems like the chart would b
  14. I thought the rules indicated, and I've always been told that if you have more than 0 but less than 1 lives, you can still fly. Right now I have 0.78 and it says I can't fly for 24 hours. This is the second time it's happened where I had 0.xx lives. Am I wrong about this? Is the rule that if you have less than 1 life, you can't fly?
  15. Kuban map, right now.... Why is a Bf109 F-4 not allowed to have 20mm gun pods out of Steblievskya, but you can out of other locations such as Anastasievskaya?
  16. So, I don't know if this is a bug or what...... I flew Tuesday morning early AM eastern time... got shot down in my 109. Banned for 24 hours. No friendly fire. At 3am Wednesday morning, when I was able to play again, I played for 45 minutes until I got shot down again. I bailed out. I get into a new plane and it tells me I'm banned for another 24 hours. Why?! Twice in a row?
  17. So... I changed my name on IL2Sturmovik.com and created a new account on TAW because I could not login to my original account due to not having original password (it says email is used for password recovery, but I could not find this option anywhere) Now this new account is locked because it's on the same side. So even though I don't have the original password, I try to change my name back to my original name on IL2Sturmovik.com, and it's TOO many characters (even though I SOMEHOW created that username originally). So now I have no way to login back to my original TAW
  18. Can someone tell me when is the most populated time of day for this server? I often find that there are 0 players, so I figure I need to start checking at a different time of day.
  19. How much ammo does the La5/ La5FN carry? also spitfirejoe, I completely agree about supporting the devs... this is the only game in my entire life that I have truly felt good about supporting, especially since it's a small market. I appreciate the fact that when I make my purchases directly from their site, 100% of my money goes straight to them with no middle men involved.
  20. When I'm flying the Fw190 A-8 with a few bombs (I was specifically using 2x250kgs and 4x70kgs), when I would press the button to select which bomb to drop first, it didn't seem to make any sense, and it would just drop a random bomb. Definitely seemed like a bug, as I tried the same selection a few different times, but a different bomb would drop each time (this was on quick mission mode with unlimited ammo/bombs so that I could test it out)
  21. Hey all, I convinced a friend of mine to start playing IL-2 Sturmovik BOS/BOM/etc., and I was just wondering if there is any type of referral system? It would be nice to get something like a discount on a premium plane or something like that. Thanks.
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