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  1. On 4/3/2021 at 6:16 PM, gimpy117 said:

    the a20 G with the turret is a must. the single .50 is laughable.  


    The A-20G would be amazing.  Between having two belt fed .50's in a rear turret, plus replacing the .30 caliber ventral gun with a .50 M2, there'd be no excuse for it not being as good as the Pe-2 (other than direct 6 when blocked by the rudder).  Also some had six nose mounted .50 M2s, with about 350 rounds per gun instead of the measly 200 rounds per gun in the B model, and could be outfitted with 12 M8 rockets.  It's too good for them to not do as there would be relatively little work to do versus an all new bomber.


    The thing I don't understand, is why is it not already equally as good as the Pe-2's turret gunner?  Of course it would be different if the plane is attacking from direct 6, due to the rudder, but from a 45 degree angle from up high, a position where both guns can hit, somehow the Pe-2 is still 10x as deadly.  It would also be great if you didn't have to reload the box magazine after just a few seconds of fire, and it just had a belt with all of the ammo connected together.


    In a perfect world we'd also get an A-26


    I noticed that there is apparently also a version of the A-20B with a turret (although I don't know any details about it); I saw it on a model aircraft build video here - 



  2. 13 hours ago, [FF]Saiyon said:



    Yak-9 too


    P-40 mirror is terrible even in VR.


    It's a big deal for me too!


    Thanks.  I hadn't purchased the Yak-9 yet so I wasn't aware of it.  I edited my post to add it to the list.  I assume the 9T also has it?

  3. I know this has been discussed here before, but I wasn't able to find the topic, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out here.


    Just as the title says- I have lots of user created missions and campaigns that no longer work after the game has been updated, and most of them have not been updated on their original threads that I downloaded them on.  How do I update these?


    I was under the impression that you would just open them up in the mission editor, and then re-save the file, but when I tried to open them just now, I would get a message stating "Error reading mission file!"

  4. 18 hours ago, Yogiflight said:

    Most likely because, however they were removed in combat IRL, the outer guns are not optional like in the A3/5, but part of the aircraft. There was no official fighter subversion without the wing guns.


    What about planes like the MC.202, P-47, and P-39?  Were the versions without the wing MGs official subversions?


    I've also heard that in the 190 A5, the outer wing MG/FF 20s were standard, and it was a field mod to remove them.

  5. 2 hours ago, Avimimus said:

    I always thought this, along with the Ju-87D5, and the A-20G1 and Boston III - would come together for a 'variants' expansion... maybe even include a Mustang I or Fw-190A4. That said, it might be better to include them as part of some kind of anniversary addition update for each module in turn. Anyway, I'm speculating a bit too much.


    I think the interesting question would be - when was the Mk-108 introduced? On what units?


    I agree, and have mentioned elsewhere before that they should create new collector's planes such as the Ju-87 D5 and A-20 G, as they have already done the majority of the work for the flight models, interiors, etc.


    As far as your question regarding when was the Mk-108 introduced, (I assume you mean on the Bf110 G-2), I remember being told once that the reason it didn't come with that option, was that it was not used specifically in the battle of Kuban.  Personally I hate that, and it almost sounds like a lazy excuse; like no one would care about using it in other scenarios other than 100% historical battle of Kuban.  This game is so much more than career mode.

  6. 9 hours ago, Yogiflight said:

    They couldn't use the 20mm and the 37mm at the same time. The ammo for the 37mm was stored in the place of the 20mm guns.


    ^^He's right; exactly what I was going to say.


    And how often does the Bf110 G-2 with 37mm get into dogfights where they do head on attacks?  Whenever I take the 37mm, I try to avoid dogfights at all costs.  


    I find it odd that it would be argued not to have a historical armament, because of a theoretical (and rare even in game) possibility, claiming "historical accuracy be damned." 

  7. On 3/17/2021 at 2:01 PM, greybeard_52 said:

    This would be historical, saving about two hundreds kilograms weight.


    Not just weight savings, but the location of the weight is the most crucial part in my opinion.  It's one reason why the A-8 has such a slower roll rate than some of the other Fw190s.  I would love this option; it's one reason why I enjoy the A-3 so much.  I'm surprised it's not an option considering how good of a job they did giving us so many variants of the A-8.

  8. For the same reason as you mentioned, I changed mine to "Left Ctrl + Left Shift + E"


    This way I never accidently eject.


    I also made it slightly different to raise my landing gear, to avoid hitting the button on the ground and having one wing fall to the ground. 


    BTW, I assume this isn't realistic?  What would happen in real life if you tried to raise the landing gear in these planes while not moving on the ground?

  9. Regardless of the topic of listening for other plane's engines, I do wish we could open up the side window, exactly like many other planes in this sim such as Ju88, He111, A-20, Pe-2, P-38, P-39, etc.  It could help you possibly see slightly better, just like people do when they open their canopy in a plane such as the MiG-3, LaGG, La-5, Hurricane, etc.


    When I first purchased this game a few years ago and noticed that these planes had this feature, I was surprised that the 109 did not.

  10. I figured that this HAD to have already been suggested as I've talked to numerous people about it, but when I searched just now, I did not see any topics on it.


    So for my suggestion, which would be a very high priority for me, would be give the Bf110 G-2 the Mk108 option, that replaces the four 7.92mm MGs.


    I can't express how much I would love to have this option; I feel like it's an absolute must have!

  11. I have personally noticed that the Jagdpanzer is incredibly easy to destroy with just .50 cals from something like a P-47... while I do not know exactly how armored these are, I'd suspect that they wouldn't be easier to destroy than the other German tanks.


    Either way, I would appreciate having something like the Jagdpanzer as an AI tank in your server, just to give us some more variety.

  12. There's a few servers I've decided to check out recently that I had never tried before, and some of them look pretty cool and well thought out, and some implementing ideas that I hadn't seen before; seems like a shame that they are almost always empty.


    My main question is if anyone knows of a thread, website, etc. where I can find information on these servers?  I searched but haven't found much of anything.  Or if there isn't a website or thread about them, and any of you are familiar with any of these, I'd love to know more about them.


    Aces over Europe 2

    AC - Les Ronin - FR - Operation Barbarossa - Mission Dynamique 

    AC Flysim Kuban dynamic battlefields

    AiliCili - VVS Coop Server

    AIRWARS 1st Brazilian FL Sq Senta a pua

    Chinese =GW= the Great Wall Air Regiment


    Shooting Stars (multiple servers)

    SLT SteelSkies - MetalWar


    There's a few others I've seen before too, I just didn't see them when I was looking at the current server list just now.


  13. I wish that relatively easy (compared to a completely new plane) developed planes such as the Bf109 G6 Late and Fw190 A-6 would just be added as a 6th plane, if the main argument and concern is for the people who are only going to purchase that one module and no others.



    Although it seems like the way they are looking at it, is that planes like the Mosquito and Me410 are twice as much work, which is being offset by having planes with relatively little work such as the G6 Late and A6.


    Also, as far as the added weight from the Fw190 A6- is it simply from the outer Mg151/20 and ammo?  Do the wings actually weigh more?  I'm not sure if this is true, but I remember reading somewhere recently that the new wings on the A6 were stronger and lighter; which if that's true, would make me think that if an A6 had it's outer guns removed, could possibly be lighter than an A5 with no outer guns?  Or are there other new features of the A6 which adds to its weight?



    I also really wish they would take advantage of planes like the A20G because they've already done much of the work since they have already developed the A20B.  I feel that the plane really needs a better rear gunner.


    I would absolutely love a Ju188, Do217, He177, and would be completely open to paying a higher than normal price for one of them as a premium plane - $40 would be well worth it in my opinion.

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  14. 8 hours ago, -DED-Rapidus said:

    Is this observed on any one server or on all of them?

     Finnish most often, but it's happened on other servers too.


    It seems to happen VERY frequently; more for some than others.



    15 hours ago, 40plus said:



    I'm curious if such extra spectacular explosions will come with additional damage to nearby objects or if it's just a visual effect. I'm remembering the footage of a P-51 getting blown to bits by a ground ammunition explosion ignited by his following wingman's shots..



    Yes- they are not purely visual.  I was doing a quick mission with the new Fw190 A6, and came across a truck convoy just as they started before they could all get on the road and spread out.  There were 3 trucks, one AA gun.  I shot the middle fuel truck and all 4 vehicles were exploding milliseconds later.  It was a crazy explosion and my entire plane was shaking like crazy (but no damage to me)

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  15. 37 minutes ago, JG27_Steini said:


    You need to tell on which server you were gaming. I dont know a server where taking over a spawn point during a mission is possible. It is only possible to move the front by destroying targets. After mission reloading both side get new bases. 


    He said in his post that it was "The Unprofessionals" server.



    My suggestion would be to post this in the official thread for that server - 


  16. On 1/19/2021 at 2:34 AM, WWDriftwood said:

    Just tried the flaps, have a squad mission coming up and have to fly the MiG, but can set the flap limiter. Basically you have to operate them like a BF109 only when you're raising and lowering the flaps, they are in the retracted position. Let go of the button, flaps drop to what you have them set to, or up if you raise them. But always retracted while adjusting them up/down. 





    yep... clearly not historical.


    I'm REALLY hoping the devs will take a look at this.  About 7 months ago they said they would.  I hope they remember.  Either way I have faith that they will fix them eventually; they are always fixing things from planes that were originally developed a long time ago.

  17. On 1/16/2021 at 12:49 PM, L1A1 said:

    I have to bump this. I went to Kalach (a Russian objective) in a T34 to capture it earlier and I could not find a flag.HOW is the objective captured? Is it by a ground unit or by stats, I can find no answer to this on the server or stats page, can anyone give me the heads up?


    What server?

  18. On 1/9/2021 at 7:41 AM, Yogiflight said:

    No need for a new command. As mentioned above, the command is already in game, to jettison the bazooka and the Wurfgranate 21 tubes. It just has to be bound to the bombs as well.


    What if I were to bring both bombs and rockets, and I shoot my rockets first, and want to jettison the rocket pods, and keep my bombs.  How would I do this if your suggestion was implemented?



    Also regarding those who mention unlimited ammo option- I have posted this in the suggestions before, but I propose two options; one for unlimited ammo for guns, and another option for unlimited bombs and/or rockets.

  19. 11 hours ago, Feukair said:

    Thanks for the reply. I think I'll experiment with those setting a bit before going multi-player. Last night I tried MP for the first time. Turns out I need to learn to navigate and identify planes. By the time I found my way or any other players the map was over 🙂 


    When you first start playing with no navigation, it initially appears to be very difficult, but with just a little bit of practice it becomes very natural, to the point where it'll almost feel like cheating to turn it back on again.

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