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  1. Crazy bug was found last night- Type "1124" into the chat when playing, and see what happens.
  2. Quick rant... feel free to ignore! So I look at the time tonight, thinking... oh nice, I don't have to be to bed for another 40 minutes... maybe time for a quick TAW sortie? Spawn in... 42 minute time penalty remaining!! AHHH!! I died late last night and I can't play tonight either?? Wouldn't 12 hour penalty be PLENTY? Sorry... rant over... like I said... just ignore me. Also, I love the idea of the medals, but I hate seeing that there is like one or two guys, with no deaths, and got around 175 ground kills in the beginning, and then just QUIT playing TAW altogether, although I see them in other servers (so it's not like they're not playing IL-2 at all)
  3. They have sales ALL THE TIME, so it's not like you'll have to wait until Black Friday or anything crazy like that... probably less than 2 months. Since you say you're hooked, I'd suggest just getting all of the premium packages, along with some collector's planes (they go on sale about half the time; sometimes it's just the main packages on sale)
  4. Maybe I missed something, but why is the server stopped?
  5. I've heard people debate whether or not the notifications still come even after you destroy all of the units, as the notification might be a separate task written into the mission editor, and has nothing to do with the units that happen to be there. Hopefully this is not the case though.
  6. In the controls settings, there is an option to select a button for a third fire control... although I haven't found a single plane that utilizes it, as far as I know. Do you know what the situation is with this? Did they just put it in to have it as an option for them to implement in the future? I feel the same way; we might pay for ALL planes, but collector planes cost substantially more than the standard planes in the game; I think it's reasonable to expect extra attention to be paid to them.
  7. Really hoping that this issue is addressed, and not just lost into the feed...
  8. Thanks for the info! Nice to know. Can you give us any more details, such as FPS difference, etc.? And is the only difference the FPS? Identical projectile among everything else?
  9. No, this was done several months ago; I meant to mention that. So it could be different.
  10. I have personally tested the MG151/15mm vs 20mm against tanks, and the 15mm definitely works better with it's armor piercing ability. If you are planning on attacking tanks with either the Bf109s with 15mm options, or Hs129, I would recommend using 15mm instead of 20mm. Also, the few times I have used the BF 109 F-4 with 15mm gunpods, I noticed that I was more likely to get pilot kills, especially with planes such as the Pe-2 which seem to rarely take out the front crew members.
  11. I set my RPM at 73% to get the most out of the RPM without going into combat mode. Keep it just a hair under 40" manifold pressure, which will constantly be changing with altitude, and will also raise slightly with speed. For takeoff with a bomb or short runway, I do 100% RPM and keep it around 44" manifold pressure. Also you will probably need -100% (tail heavy) trim, or close to it, for when you lift up off the ground with a bomb, esp. the 500kg. I can't agree with this at all; only 100% nose heavy would if you're doing over 350 MPH, which is only going to happen in a dive or after coming out of one for a short period of time.
  12. I think this might be by deign, kind of like when you go into manual water radiator mode in the Bf109 F-2 (except you can't close it... manual mode simply means 100%). I'm not 100% on that though.
  13. I was actually about to make a similar post but decided to search first and found this. My biggest issue is that you can't set it in a way that you can go back and fourth between closed and 100% open flaps without spending a minute to move the wheel all the way from 100% to 0% It used to work perfectly fine, so I don't see why they changed it... I can understand maybe if there was a historical inaccuracy to the system, but now it has it's own unique problems. I can't imagine that it was like this in real life, because in the sim, it automatically puts the flap controls lever back to the open position, when in real life you wouldn't be forced to do that, you could just leave it in the neutral position after you closed them (which it now only does if you have the limiter at the 0% position). It would be good if you could set an independent control for flap limiters. That way, just like in real life, you can control the flap limiter wheel completely separately from the flap control lever. The whole point of the system is to be able to just hit flaps up and down with one quick move, and independent of that, limit how far the flaps go down so that you could have them ready incase you like to use a small amount of flaps for dogfighting, but now, it's pretty much the worst flaps system in the sim. I completely understand if you can only adjust the flaps limiter when the flaps are closed (if this was the case in real life... maybe you could only go in one direction while they were lowered; e.g. a lower position but not a higher position?).
  14. Been meaning to post this up for over a week now as it happened at the end of the first map of the current campaign, but unless I'm wrong, I think I spotted a bug. I've been under the impression that an airfield cannot repair itself if it has been damaged in the same mission; am I correct? At the very end of the first map, one of the final missions, I bombed an Axis airfield. Then the next mission, just a few minutes later, the "last mission events" stated: "Axis Airfield xxx damaged to 4%" "Axis Airfield xxx repaired to 0%" I can't remember which airfield it was, but regardless, it was the same airfield. It didn't really matter in this specific circumstance as the allied team won the map very shortly afterwards anyway, which is why I didn't get around to posting this right away. Regardless, it was frustrating to find that I bombed an airfield, took out two buildings, and less than 5 minutes later, the airfield is fully repaired.
  15. Not sure if this has been posted in this thread yet, but I immediately found a big problem with the update regarding the P47 I interconnected my RPM lever to my throttle lever, and it's as if they are only connected on the bottom connector of the throttle- basically once you select to connect them, the RPM will move up with the throttle, but when you move the throttle back down, it will not bring the RPM lever with it. Now with the RPM lever above the throttle, you can move the RPM lever independently, but it stops at the throttle's position and you can not move it below it. If you don't understand what I mean, just try it for yourself and you'll see. I have no idea why the update would have affected this, but it has. Also, the Turbocharger's lever being interconnected is not affected; it still works and stays connected to the throttle as it should.
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