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  1. Great! Can you tell me where I can find a full, up to date list of all the "events" for SimShaker? I saw the list of "events" on the thread "SimShaker - Wings support thread for IL-2 users" but since it was posted a couple of months ago, I was wondering if there's anywhere that keeps an up to date list of them.
  2. Right Ctrl + I did it for me. I wasn't even aware of that option to toggle it on or off. Does this toggle anything else beside the bombing assist sight? Thanks!
  3. Makes sense. I kinda assumed that it would be hard to replicate with the current hardware we have to work with. Will these be new "events" in IL-2?
  4. Today I was doing some testing/practice in single player, and turned on the bombing assist as I have done in the past, but now it's not showing up. All of my other instruments are visible though. Is this just me? Are you guys able to turn on bombing assist? Thanks.
  5. I have had the same idea, and asked about it in other threads/forums. Let me know if you ever figure anything out to make it work.
  6. Ok, I know this for fighters, but being that on the TAW web site Jabo is listed under attackers category, I assumed it would have the rules of an attacker.
  7. I just did an 18 minute sortie in a Fw 190 G-8 with 3x 250kg bombs (under the category of Fw 190 A-8 Jabo) landed with no damage Unfortunately I didn't get any kills, but I also did not get a CM at the end of the sortie. I was under the impression that any sortie that last more than 15 minutes in an attack plane would get a CM. Is this not the case anymore? Also, what determines if the Fw190 A8 is the Jabo? Does it have to be the G-8/F-8 variant? or can it just be a regular A-8 with a ETC 501 Central Bombholder, or 21 cm BR rockets?
  8. Will DM improvement include any new graphics updates for bullet holes? Oftentimes the bullet holes look incredibly low resolution and don't look right especailly on a 4k skin... very large blocky pixels on top of a high resolution wing. Also, one of the most unrealistic parts of the sim, in my opinion, is the fact that it only takes one or two 20mm cannon rounds to completely destroy a static parked plane on the ground, as if a bomb landed directly on it. In real life you would have to do much more damage to a plane on the ground to destroy it, than a plane in the air, as you only need to destroy a few small but critical components to force a plane to crash, but those same components might be meaningless on a parked plane as it's not dependent on those minor aspects to prevent it from crashing and exploding.
  9. It would be an investment on their part, to encourage people to purchase the full package. Exactly like Tank Crew, and similar to many free to play games out there, like RoF. I'm not sure why this is so confusing to some. I personally put off purchasing it for a while because I had never played any WW1 planes on the Great Battles series, and I could see others not purchasing it for the same reason.
  10. I think that instead of making two planes that we technically already paid for, free, they should release two new WW1 planes, and make those free. That way people who purchased FC wouldn't feel like they just lost 20% value.
  11. I have read that the reason for the different ammunition round counts was dependent on if the mechanics took extra time to neatly place and organize the ammunition into it's storage area, or if they quickly just piled it in. If they took the time to lay it into it's place just right, they could add 7-10% more than if they hadn't. Makes sense to me. Personally I am really hoping that the Yak-9 and Yak-9T have as many options and variants as the Hurricane, or something like the Fw190 A-8/F-8/G-8. I think it's reasonable to expect being that it cost quite a bit more other (non collector's) planes.
  12. I got a curved ultrawide monitor. I highly recommend getting an ultra wide for extra peripheral vision.
  13. ugh.... really, $15? Change in plans- Now I can't afford this.... https://www.platinumfighters.com/yak9um
  14. This is somewhat off topic from what we're currently discussing, but can anyone confirm the type of cannons that the Bf109 E-7 has? On the specifications above, it says "2 x 20mm gun "MG FF", 60 rounds, 540 rounds per minute, wing-mounted" I was under the impression that the Bf109 E models, E-4 and later, all had MG FF/M 20mm cannons, and NOT the older MG FF 20mm cannon.
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