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  1. yep... clearly not historical. I'm REALLY hoping the devs will take a look at this. About 7 months ago they said they would. I hope they remember. Either way I have faith that they will fix them eventually; they are always fixing things from planes that were originally developed a long time ago.
  2. What if I were to bring both bombs and rockets, and I shoot my rockets first, and want to jettison the rocket pods, and keep my bombs. How would I do this if your suggestion was implemented? Also regarding those who mention unlimited ammo option- I have posted this in the suggestions before, but I propose two options; one for unlimited ammo for guns, and another option for unlimited bombs and/or rockets.
  3. When you first start playing with no navigation, it initially appears to be very difficult, but with just a little bit of practice it becomes very natural, to the point where it'll almost feel like cheating to turn it back on again.
  4. What about winter maps? Have you done any testing on that? I would think that since the air is denser, you'd want a higher amount of fuel to match the additional air. Same question for summer maps.
  5. Most multiplayer servers that we play on are on "Expert settings" where there are only a few realism options that are allowed, such as technochat (not always allowed, such as in the Tactical Air War sever) and warmed up engine. Many of us in the squadron are in North America, so a California time zone would be no problem. I'm on the east coast.
  6. Yea, I also hear that it's unpopular... but man, I would absolutely love a night mission, at least every once in a while. With spotlights all around the objectives... I think it should probably be rare, but I would really love some unique variety like that.
  7. It renders all the details of an undamaged building; why would a PC work harder to show the damaged version? Especially since it's not detailed, unique damage; it's just like a different skin... if you can show one, why couldn't you show the other? Maybe not 5k, but from 3k I can see the details of a clearly untouched building; but as I dive in, once I get to a certain point, the building instantly flips to a damaged skin. it's not about just showing the details of something at that distance, just use the damaged building and if it's too far away to see it, then that's fine. but just show the correct building.
  8. As the title says... How do I identify target when level bombing if destroyed buildings only render as undamaged buildings from a distance? It pretty much makes high level bombing in multiplayer pointless, and it is so frustrating when I spend so much time climbing, dialing in the proper speed, wind, and altitude, get the bombs dead on target, only to find out that it was already destroyed, but from 5km+ altitude, the buildings render as undamaged. This seems to be a serious flaw in this game.
  9. By any chance has this been implemented yet? Also, is there a mission timer? I can't even count the number of times I spent a ton of time climbing in a bomber or something planning on an attack, when right before I drop bombs, it says 'mission has ended, results will not be counted... etc' It has become very frustrating.
  10. yes, pretty sure every time it happened, it was when I was defending our flag as they got nearby it. Unfortunately it seems like at least a quarter of the time I despawn, I get a "x0 Friendly Fire" no points notification.
  11. I just remembered I was meaning to post this the other night... I was playing on the Prokhorovka map on the German side, and on a few occasions, I'd shoot at a Sherman, and it would say friendly fire. This happened 3-4 times in this one mission. Not sure if this is something that can be fixed on your end or not, just figured I'd let ya know.
  12. 3 hours could be good. Is there any possible way to extend the timer after the mission has started, based on the current situation? Such as the amount of action going on, progress for the teams, etc. I was playing the other night, and there was no one on the server the entire mission, but 5 minutes before it ended, 7-8 people showed up. It ended, and all of those people left. I felt like if the mission kept going, they would have all still been there playing. Also is there a particular way to find out the current time remaining? Or if you could just put the remaining time on the stats page, like some other servers do? I haven't thought too much about how the dynamic campaign would go, but ideally (for me at least), it would be setup in a way that makes it so no two campaigns go the same way, giving everyone a unique experience every time. This might take a lot more work though and not a must have. Regardless it's just nice to know, and provides a lot more incentive to win, if you know that your current decisions will affect more than just the current mission; especially if things other than simply winning the mission could carry over, so that even if you lose, the things you did (or didn't) do would still make a difference. Good YouTube channel! I was actually just watching one of your videos last night.
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