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  1. Anyone know what the first planes that will be released, and possibly how soon? Also, does anyone know the differences between the Fw190 A-6 and the A-5 or A-8?
  2. Thanks... I've actually seen those videos before. I guess one question that might help me understand this better- assuming manifold pressure is the same, is there any benefit to raising RPM?
  3. Any idea what 150oct vs Merlin 70 performance is at high altitudes?
  4. I would love this. kinda like GTA5 online. It seems like some of these maps and server settings are made assuming there will be 70+ players in a game. While I am on the US east coast time zone, I usually don't play until late at night, when there is rarely ever more than 30-40 players. Maybe this is why nearly every time I play "A Bridge Too Far," it ends in a stalemate. I honestly can't remember a time when I was playing it when either side won, although I'm sure it's happened. I'm mainly just referring to "A Bridge Too Far" It seems to have longer travel distances than the other maps; and while I usually enjoy larger maps, I think this one is pushing it too far.
  5. Bump... anyone? I was really hoping for some insight... this is the one subject that I haven't seen discussed on the forum regarding how to fly the planes in this sim, unless I missed it.
  6. What are you referring to regarding proximity switches?
  7. I also vote for longer match timers. If there must be a huge map, then I'm only ok with it when there is 3+ hour timer. The combination of just over 2 hours and such a large map is what I'm against. I also would like more early and mid war scenarios too.
  8. One other thing... The last 4-5 times I played "A Bridge Too Far," it ended in a stalemate. Is this normal or just happens to be my experience by coincidence?
  9. I totally get the historical accuracy, and assumed that was the reason for lack of D9, 262, K4. It simply hasn't been very enjoyable. I've talked with multiple people on the chat while playing the mission, and many people agree with this and the map size.
  10. For the most part I love this server, but I'm really not liking "A Bridge Too Far 0.9.15" The targets with all those bridges and ground units surrounding them is pretty cool, especially the road blocks that are setup by the bridge entrances. But other than that.... The only BoBP plane the Germans get is the Bf109 G-14. It pretty much feels like the Germans are playing with Kuban level planes, and the Allies are playing with Bodenplatte level planes. Also the size... it's way too big! That, in combination with the amount of targets, I can't imagine anyone winning the map by destroying all the targets in just a little over two hours. It would be tough even if there were 0 players on the other team. Maybe if it was a 6+ hour game, it could work, but it also gets boring spending so much time simply traveling. I think this could be an awesome mission if the size were brought down, and the Axis had some BoBP planes... P-51s and Tempests, but no D9s or K4s? Why? Over 100 players? I thought 84 was the max?
  11. I was playing around in QMB today, thinking.... I bet this mission would be cool during night, having all the spotlights light me up at night, as certain night missions when I first started playing BoX were very impressive. But they don't even do anything! I really don't feel like this was ready for final release, considering all the other aspects that seem to have been ignored.
  12. How do you use the pilot's handgun? Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out... Left Ctrl + 4
  13. There is an RPM gauge, and that's what they would use to determine where to set the prop pitch at. They might not have been able to tell what percentage of angle between maximum and minimum pitch, but that shouldn't really matter. Maybe it's not the literal RPM of the prop itself, but you can see the engine's RPM, which is directly tied to it, and is what actually matters to the pilot.
  14. I have a friend that I play with, and there have been multiple times when we're flying the Bf 110 E-2 side by side, same loadout and everything; we will both be using the exact same power and radiator settings and multiple times he will get a message that one of his engines is now damaged. We'll be at 78% throttle, which is close to max combat power (which would be 79%). We've never been able to figure it out, and if were a timer thing, I would have also damaged one of my engines. Either way it would be well within the 30 minute combat power timer, closer to 10 minutes actually.
  15. Where do you get your information from? I read your post, thinking... "wow, I had no idea! That's great... goes completely against everything I've ever thought after playing this game for the past couple years and how long it takes to get the message "emergency mode recovered" I just tested this 109 F-4 1:1 theory, and it does not seem to be true at all. I put the throttle to 100%, 3000m alt. after 1 minute, I got the message that emergency time has been exceeded. I pulled throttle back down to 50% (just to be absolutely sure), let it sit that way for 1 minute. Then exactly when that minute was up, I put it back up to 100%. Exactly 6 seconds later, I got the message again "emergency time has been exceeded". I then tested it again, letting it sit for 5 minutes after getting the exceeded time message. Put it back to 100%, and it lasted 30 seconds before I got the exceeded time message again. Then I brought it back down to continuous, waiting to see how long until I got the emergency mode recovered message...it came right at about 10 minutes later. At this rate, it would be a 10:1 ratio, FAR from 1:1. EDIT: Just saw your post retracting your statement, so you can disregard this message.
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