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  1. I'm usually always playing multiplayer, so it would have happened where we started engines and took off from an airfield.
  2. In my opinion, the best reason for this would be to have it available at what would otherwise be a closed airfield, possibly much closer to the frontlines; that way you wouldn't need to fly nearly as far to RRR, especially seeing how there are dozens of airfields in each map that are not being used. I think if servers implemented it in this way, people would see plenty of incentive to use it, especially instead of simply using de-incentives for re-spawning to encourage people to use RRR. Do you know if the emergency/boosted/combat/etc. power times would be reset? I'd hope it would be. And hopefully eventually it will allow you to pull up a quick selection menu where you can specify fuel amounts and ordnance load outs. This might be too much to implement, but it would be cool if only partial or minor repairs could be done...like where the plane is safe to fly but might not be as perfectly aerodynamic as before the damage.
  3. The exact same thing has happened to me and a friend a few times in the Bf110 E-2. Although this will be in combat mode, it'll be WELL within the 30 minute combat limit. Engine temps were fine too.
  4. Yes they were open... in fact I usually keep them more open than necessary.
  5. I was definitely watching both oil and radiator temperatures to ensure that no engine damage would be caused from overheating.
  6. The in-game manual states: Nominal (unlimited time): 2200 RPM, 1.15 ata Combat power (up to 30 minutes): 2300 RPM, 1.23 ata Emergency power (up to 5 minutes): 2400 RPM, 1.3 ata Boosted power (up to 1 minute): 2400 RPM, 1.4 ata
  7. I have noticed that the time limits until engine damage on the Bf110 E-2, that the Emergency power doesn't last anywhere near the 5 minutes it says it's supposed to, even when not at MAX Emergency power...I tested it at 2km altitude... where 93% throttle would be max Emergency; at 93% it lasts about 90 seconds; at 90% it last about 120 seconds, and even at 85%, (1.3 ATA, 2400 rpm), it only lasted 4 minutes.... to go past the 5 minute mark I had to only do 82% throttle where it lasted 6.5 minutes (approx. 1.29 ATA, 2400 rpm). I was under the impression that the time given was for the MAX... max combat, max emergency, max boosted, etc. I haven't done extensive testing with every plane, and I understand that there could be other factors that I'm missing, but it only seems like the Bf110 E-2 is the one that has a much shorter limit than the one given in the statistics.... like I just tested the Fw190 A-3, which gives a 3 minute time limit for emergency power, and it lasted just over 3 minutes at 100% throttle. I made sure that the altitudes were correct and not in a supercharger's dead zone. Is there something I'm missing here?
  8. I actually I thought it was always this way, until I saw a youtube video where the co-pilot was moving his hands and arms to keep holding onto the yoke.
  9. So, only the ailerons, but not elevators or rudder? Edit: Just looked it up and I see that the J-25 was the first P-38 with boosted ailerons. I'm very happy that we're getting this model as opposed to an older one.
  10. Nice to see the P-38J-25 has airbrakes.... at first I thought it didn't because I remember playing another flight game with the J-15 model, and from what I remember, it didn't have airbrakes. Does anyone know what other upgrades the J-25 might have over the J-15? I'm also wondering if it has boosted control tabs, like the P-38L.
  11. People on Tactical Air War usually use TS, but the current TAW campaign is about to end (usually a few weeks in-between campaigns). There are quite a few discord servers but not always a set one that you will find everyone on. The other most popular ones are Combat Box, Knights of the Air (KOTA), and Wings of Liberty (WoL).
  12. Glad to see a new player! One thing though... once you get into this simulator, there's a high chance you'll want the other packages. I started off with BoS standard edition, and within a few months I had every single plane available. Look forward to seeing you on MP!
  13. Are there any benefits to using Steam whatsoever? If not, the way I see it, you should only make your purchases through IL2sturmovik.com This will help the developers more too, contributing to the future of the simulator.
  14. Off-topic from what we're currently discussing, so I hope this is the right place to ask this- Is there any chance that the Stalingrad and Moscow maps ever be re-made? I've realized lately after going back and fourth between those and Kuban, just how much better the Kuban map is. Not just aesthetically pleasing, but functionally better as far as navigation goes.... not to mention the realistic aspects of the roads in the early maps such as trees perfectly lining the roads, as if the USSR had a "community beautification" program where they planted trees alongside all the roads. 😉 I really appreciate what you guys do to create this simulator and it's the one computer program that I've truly felt good about supporting with my money. I look forward to what is to come in the future!
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