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  1. I was reading this thread from a DCS group forum, and they said that they do it because some sounds do not transfer over because they don't have a special EVENT file designed for such a thing, such as when you come into the close wake of another plane, etc. http://www.476vfightergroup.com/showthread.php?5893-Setting-up-a-Buttkicker-(or-other-transducers)
  2. I can't wait to see how this new support for SimShaker will affect my Buttkicker 2 I recently started reading the book "Spearhead" by Adam Makos; after reading about being in a Panther one this is perfect timing to get it.
  3. Is this for TAW specifically? and is this AI setting for all of the gunners in your plane? or each individual one?
  4. Glad to hear it. I've asked this question multiple times/places but this is the most response I've received at this point.
  5. I agree with pretty much all of this. Here are some of my favorites- 1. Currently full overcast with possibility of rain and snow only seems to occur on the Moscow map. Add this feature into all the maps. 2. Add dynamic weather. From what I have read the weather was as much the enemy during WW2 as the opposing side and played a huge role in many missions. This doesn’t need to be hugely complicated. Could be thee basic scenarios. Weather remains unchanged during the mission; weather gets worse or weather clears. 3. Clouds should make your aircraft invisible to the enemy AI (in general should be easier once separated to break out of combat). 4) Isolated towering thunder storms with lightning flashes would be interesting as well. 3. Add more types of roads that are easier to see and follow from altitude such as the multi lane autobahn in Germany. 5. Add additional unique targets such as dams and historically correct factory targets (even just a few of these for each map would add a lot of interest). I would LOVE some unique targets such as a damn. Imagine blowing up a damn and watching the flood of water go into a nearby town... I understand this must be a lot of programming to make work, but it would be awesome! 10. Have a specific aircraft assigned to your pilot (possibly just for higher ranking pilots). As in real life there would be small performance variations between aircraft. For example, top speed may vary by 5 or 10 MPH. Also model basic mechanical failures such as a rough running/overheating engine or hydraulic failure that will occasionally cause you to abort a mission. With this (would only work for a campaign), we could theoretically get rid of engine timers, and instead do what was in real life, where running the engine hard for long periods of time would reduce the long term engine's reliability and power output. 11. Display kill markings on your aircraft and allow importing a standard size decal for personalized artwork (for those so inclined). 12. Add recon and artillery spotting missions. 5. Include a random chance to make it back to friendly lines if you crash land or parachute behind enemy lines. Success could be more likely if close to the front line. 6. Include a random chance of surviving parachuting into water (this will be important for cross channel missions) in BON. 7. Add additional random generated moving targets on the way to mission goals such as vehicles, trains troop columns etc. Regarding skins, I wish that even if you can't upload a custom skin that other MP users would be able to see, I wish you could at least add numbers, various symbols such as the chevron, double chevron, triangle, vertical and horizontal bars, such as these -
  6. Yes that is the case; was there something I said that would indicate otherwise?
  7. I will do the following, nothing more, nothing less. Spawn in. Adjust mixture to 100% Press E. Wait. All 3 engines should be started within a few minutes.
  8. Are you asking the devs to change it, and make it like the other planes, ignoring historical accuracy and how the plane was actually built?
  9. Not sure if this has been answered, and I'm really hoping this will be added soon; Will BoBP be adding individual missions? I'm referring to on the main screen when you click on "Missions" In my game there is a folder for "Battle of Stalingrad Scenarios," "Battle of Moscow Scenarios," and "Battle of Kuban Scenarios,", so I was expecting to see a new folder titled "Battle of Bodenplatte Scenarios" While I usually play MP, some of the most fun I've had in SP is on some of those individual missions.
  10. I agree 100%. Before the Normandy announcement, my TOP choices for collector's planes (or any plane for that matter) to be released, were Me 410, and Mosquito. I was shocked when I saw the announcement. I know they can't/won't do this because if someone bought ONLY Normandy or whatever campaign, they wouldn't have any fighters, but personally, I would absolutely love it if they came out with a campaign with nothing but ground attack/bombers. Imagine a new release with TEN bombers and ground attack planes- amazing! Beaufighter, Firefly, Firebrand, Blenheim, Hornet, A-26, A-36, PBJ-1, AM-1, AD-2, AD-4, P-61, Tu-2, Yer-2, Yak-2, Yak-4, Ar-2, DB-3B, IL-4, IL-10, Do 217, Do 17, Do 335, Ju188, Ta154, Ju87 D-5 (My top choices in bold) I understand they would never put these together in a campaign as they weren't all part of the same campaign or even time period, but if they released all of these as collector planes, I'd IMMEDIATELY be willing to pay $25+ per plane for any and all of these. BTW, why wait to purchase it on steam? You can get the pre-order discount, and you'll cut the middleman out and give the devs more funds to help create more/better products for us. Personally, if the Mosquito or Me410 came out before the final product, I know there's no way I could contain myself and wait for Steam to put it up for sale.
  11. Shouldn't you keep RPM at 100% to warm up quicker? I understand you don't want to rev it too high to damage engine, but It won't actually rev higher than a safe amount unless you throttle enough to push it there. I'd leave it at 100% RPM and raise throttle to 10-15%.
  12. I have had this same problem, only difference being it was the Bf110 E-2. Me and a friend will fly together while talking on discord. We will both be in the Bf110 E-2 flying side by side with identical power and radiator settings. It doesn't always happen, but a handful of times just ONE of our engines will become damaged, as we randomly receive the message "Engine x Damaged". This would be 10-15 minutes into a flight, and we never once went past combat power, temperatures were good, auto prop pitch, level flight, constant throttle, and then it'll randomly happen to one of us I fully understand that there's only so many ways to damage an engine, and over and over again we have concluded that we were doing NONE of those things, and can't imagine it could be anything other than a bug. Every time I've explained this to someone, they insist that one of us MUST have been doing something wrong, but I'm SURE that we weren't.... after the first or second time it happened, I assumed, maybe I did something wrong and just didn't realize it somehow, but after it's happened a handful of times, I know it's not me or my friend.
  13. Anyone know what the first planes that will be released, and possibly how soon? Also, does anyone know the differences between the Fw190 A-6 and the A-5 or A-8?
  14. Thanks... I've actually seen those videos before. I guess one question that might help me understand this better- assuming manifold pressure is the same, is there any benefit to raising RPM?
  15. Any idea what 150oct vs Merlin 70 performance is at high altitudes?
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