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  1. G2 has higher resolution making it a better option for this type of thing in my opinion. The Index is probably the best all around if you are playing all kinds of stuff. VR guys do give up a bit of visibility to monitor players but the high resolution helps a lot. I can get near the top 150 or so on the leader board if I'm not screwing around. VR is VERY fun though, you feel like you are in the plane.
  2. G2 is the way to go. The Reverb G1 is pretty good with some annoying flaws. We are looking for the G2 to be large improvement. You will like the high resolution if you spend a lot of time playing this game. The Valve Index and the Oculus are solid options if you are a casual IL2 player.
  3. I'm thinking the same thing. I'll grab a 3080 if I can and if they come out with a better one I'm sure I can flip it for minimal loss. The 3090 just isn't looking very impressive unless you are actually doing the 8k thing or if you need the memory for work. I'm not going to buy an AMD card, I just don't like their software.
  4. 😈Fools who will pay 2k for one are the reason no one can get them. I don't think this shortage will last long with GPU mining being mostly dead.
  5. I also had one in my cart and could not pay fast enough. Confessional: I was going to flip it if I got it.
  6. For VR the 3080 should be able to pin the refresh rate to max at full settings in IL2. I'm debating if the 20% bump from a 3090 is worth the premium price. It is fun to have the biggest and the best. I'm torn on it.
  7. 3090 has 18.6% more "cuda cores". Is it safe to assume a linear performance increase based on that? I feel that clearly isn't worth it for my use case
  8. A 3080 should be able to run a Reverb at full graphics settings. A 3090 should be more on top of that for a premium price. I might get one, we'll see how much better it is and if it is worth it. It might be something more oriented towards a graphics intensive work station with all of that extra ram nobody will ever use. This was the case with the Titan series of cards, not sure what Nvidia is trying to do here just yet.
  9. We already figured out the Reverb performance stuff as the G1 is the same resolution as the G2. Any overclockable Intel 4 core or better at 5.0ghz or better will yield optimal performance. IL2 puts most of the work on a single core. A 1080ti will work well but not at full settings. It is good with clouds to low, no AA, and no grass. I'm hoping the 3000 series will let me run all ultra settings.
  10. I read that the reviews have been delayed to the 16th because not everyone got theirs on time. Not sure if they have 3090s or not.
  11. Looks like they are on a short leash. If they break their rules they will never get one early like that ever again. One morning we'll wake up and all of the reviews will be up at the same time.
  12. Even a 1080ti is good with a reverb, just low clouds, grass, and no AA.
  13. I love mine, I feel like I'm really IN THE PLANE! Great feeling. The visibility is a bit less and a few things are a little annoying. The narrow field of view is the biggest drawback for me. Otherwise it is really great. The higher resolution Reverb really added a lot to the experience for me. I've also gone above and beyond to make it good with stupid overclock speeds and whatever else.
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