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  1. Bernard_IV

    Future for VR

    I do miss this game. Early Spitfire vs 109E has great balance and I just love the channel map. Maybe we can replicate it with the Normandy Great Battles expansion.
  2. I don't think the advantage is very much. The newer chips might have better memory controllers and things like that. I am also waiting for DDR5. My 7700k runs at 5.1ghz.
  3. I like this plane. I think I surprised a few pilots last night on the Wings server. I kept her high and fast.
  4. Sounds good. The most common damage model complaint in the game is the P47.
  5. I would love to have a skins game on Combat Box somehow. It's like poker. Try playing poker with no money. It isn't an honest game when there are no real stakes. I don't know how teams would be chosen or who would be the leader but I think the game would be intense!
  6. Bernard_IV

    Future for VR

    + I will come back to Cliffs if VR is added as well
  7. I have a suggestion that I think would add an interesting mission dynamic to Combat Box. I've been playing as a high altitude level bomber this week to try something different. It's been fun learning to use the sight and all of the dials, watching the bombs hit, and then trying to get away. I think this is an under utilized feature in the game. I've found it to be difficult because the bombs allowed are smaller usually which is the biggest reason not to do it in my opinion. A loaded out 190A8 is just as effective usually. I think it would be interesting to allow limited numbers of Axis bombers at certain bases to use the very heavy bomb loads. (Unfortunately the A20 doesn't have a big bomb load available in the game, just a large load of smaller bombs.) The Heinkel is able to carry a 2500 along with four 250 bombs. It would be a lot of fun to light that baby off and in particular I think would work well on the Y29 map. Allies would need to be more aware of the large bombers to win. Axis pilots would be more encouraged to use the large bombers, fighters might be more interested in escorting them. The heavy load bombers could be very limited similar to how the ME262 is regulated for balance reasons. Just something to consider.
  8. Thanks for the tip Alonzo, I'll give that a shot. Looking forward to the new map.
  9. I'm on an Oculus Rift and struggle to identify planes in multiplayer. It gets me killed every few hours as I wait too long to shoot or I shoot a friendly plane and piss someone off. Is the Reverb good enough to solve this for me?
  10. It is to me. On some of the maps (especially winter) all the landmarks, cities, trees, and other stuff looks the same. On the Kuban map it is much easier when you have the coast to orient you.
  11. This looks really good to me. As a primarily online player I'm really interested in the Mosquito and I hope it and the Spit 14 come out first. I like these water maps that are much easier to navigate. Pacific would be cool as well, in due time.
  12. Maybe an Italian squadron got lost far north in the Rhineland?
  13. I too will come back to cliffs when vr is available.
  14. I'd love to have Bud Anderson's "Old Crow." Great guy, saw him speak. He still goes around and does events. Jack Roush owns this plane. https://pbase.com/tzphotos/image/67587919
  15. Bernard_IV

    Macci 205

    Upgrading the current Macci 202 to the DB605 engine and adding cannons would be a great way to to get some money out of my pocket. I flew the 202 last night and had a great time. Adding the 205 to Bodenplatte would be fun.
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