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  1. Looks great. I am hoping for a clipped wing version. I would buy another collector plane to get a bubble canopy as well.
  2. You will need either steam or open composite to use it. I just use steam, no problems.
  3. Yah I better try to flip mine to get the new one they are coming out with before my warranty goes out.
  4. You might need your peripherals to be plugged into a powered USB port. Try the ones directly mounted on the motherboard.
  5. My logitech had a huge dead zone. I can't remember if it came like that of if it was just worn out. Anyways the VKB is awesome for the price.
  6. Get the VKB. I went from the logitech to the Gladiator 2 and love it.
  7. Hmm it does say liquid cooler so it shouldn't throttle.
  8. What is your cooling solution for your CPU? You will need something significant to clock at 4.7ghz, that thing will be on fire! The AIO water coolers are cheap and work well.
  9. If the game is doing this you hit CTRL ALT DELETE to tab out of the game, click on your WMR window, hit the options to re center the headset and then it will be reset the head tracking. Normally you want to get into the WMR home playroom first before you fire up steam VR. If you don't then you have to re center.
  10. I like the G.Skill stuff. It is reasonably priced for what it is and is the Samsung B die. Your system may or may not be able to clock high speeds depending on the silicon lottery. I tried to get 4000mhz stuff to run but it was not stable above 2933. I was able to get a G.Skill 3200 CL14 kit to run well which I currently use. I'd recommend the G.Skill 3600 CL16 kit or the 3200 CL14.
  11. They've improved the CPU usage in IL2 with the last update but the Intel CPUs with their higher clock speeds are better for the weak CPU optimization. 1070ti could run at really low settings OK.
  12. VR is just tough on any system. If you can get faster dram it will help. I run the G.Skill 3200 CL14. I upgraded from 2800 CL15 and noticed a nice bump. For the CPU I'd water cool it and try to get more clock speed out of it. I delidded my 7700k to get more and I'm now going to try to direct die cool it to see if I can run IL2 at 5.2ghz. Turn hyperthreading off. The big CPU upgrade will come when they come out with the DDR5 systems in a few years and smaller transistor sizes. Otherwise they've been selling the same CPUs with more and more cores for the last several years.
  13. Intel setups clock a bit higher currently and are preferred for most games. This will work fine though.
  14. Good advice. I switched my monitor to have the game full screen and started having issues, thanks.
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