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  1. Do you have AVX turned off to make sure your processor is hitting the 5.0ghz in game?
  2. Please do report back what you find.
  3. Yah my system still struggles a bit when I taxi. I'm pretty sure the extra card won't do it. It might not even use it at all honestly. I think the optimization just isn't very good, this is an old game.
  4. The VR in IL2 is limited by a heavy reliance on a single thread in VR. My VR FPS wasn't great until I got my CPU to run at 5.0ghz reliably. Get a watercooler for your CPU and overclock it as high as you can. Turn off hyperthreading as well. Get some good B die ram, I have G.Skill running at 3300 cl14. SLI isn't supported and doesn't work for VR and nearly all other games. I have a 1080ti and it runs at about 70 percent or something. The card isn't an issue unless you have a pretty weak one.
  5. Maybe you can get a 7700k setup on the cheap? Intel and AMD haven't improved the speeds much the last few generations, only increased core count. I've found my 7700k to handle everything really well even though it is only a quad core. It would be nice if IL2 was able to spread out the load but it is what it is. Intel and AMD are working in new stuff with DDR5 RAM out in 2022, I'm waiting for that to upgrade.
  6. For me getting good VR performance has been all about getting the processor speed as high as possible. I recently got my system to run at 5.0ghz stable and it made a big difference from 4.85ghz or so that I was running before. I can turn the graphics to whatever and it doesn't seem to matter much. As soon as I got to 5.0ghz all issues were solved.
  7. Also I wanted to add that you should make sure you are using a PCIe 16x lane for your graphics card. Sometimes if you have too much stuff in your PCIe lanes you could be regulated to 8x and might miss a few frames because of it.
  8. Yep if you didn't set the center of the tracking where you are sitting it does the thing where you cant move your head forward. Resetting the tracking in the WRM software resets it.
  9. The IL2 game is poorly optimized and depends a lot on a single core thread speed for VR. You want your processor running as fast as possible. I have a 7700k running at 5.2 GHZ matched with pretty fast ram G.Skill (Samsung B die) at 3333mhz CL14. I moved from 2800 CL15 ram to the G.Skill and it helped. You want to turn hyperthreading off in your BIOS as well. You will need a water cooler along with quality thermal compound to achieve the crazy high speeds. In game it never runs at the rated speed so I am seeing about 4.8X or so as I play and fly above some buildings or something intensive. I have a 1080TI and it doesn't seem to be using very much of it so I don't think a 2080ti or anything bigger in the future would really help in VR. It is all about getting that single processor core as fast as possible. I have good performance on a HP Reverb running at its native resolution and am not dropping into ASW very often except for when I am taxiing out on the ground. I am really happy with my setup even though this was the hot setup from 2017 and should be outclassed by the 9900k 2080ti setup. It is probably pretty close thanks to the single core thing.
  10. Bernard_IV

    Future for VR

    I do miss this game. Early Spitfire vs 109E has great balance and I just love the channel map. Maybe we can replicate it with the Normandy Great Battles expansion.
  11. I don't think the advantage is very much. The newer chips might have better memory controllers and things like that. I am also waiting for DDR5. My 7700k runs at 5.1ghz.
  12. I like this plane. I think I surprised a few pilots last night on the Wings server. I kept her high and fast.
  13. Sounds good. The most common damage model complaint in the game is the P47.
  14. I would love to have a skins game on Combat Box somehow. It's like poker. Try playing poker with no money. It isn't an honest game when there are no real stakes. I don't know how teams would be chosen or who would be the leader but I think the game would be intense!
  15. Bernard_IV

    Future for VR

    + I will come back to Cliffs if VR is added as well
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