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  1. Let's keep it to RELEASE THE SPITFIRE XIV ASAP!!!!!!!
  2. Good video. I like to go rolling usually. Between guys not knowing how to do it, not modulating throttle, and not using flaps it usually works.
  3. Fine work gentleman. Release the Spitfire ASAP PLZ THANKS!
  4. Fine work gentlemen. Release the Spitfire ASAP PLZ THANKS!
  5. Release the Spitfire XIV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Will order when the stop holding out on us. FREE THE XIV!
  7. Release the Spitfire XIV. TAKE MY MONEY Please!!!!!!!
  8. Looks good. When the Spitfire 14 drops I will be breaking out my wallet for this.
  9. Nice been wanting the XIV for months!
  10. Good progress. Spitfire XIV up next? That is when my credit card comes out.
  11. I've been flying the Spitfire IX on the servers all week getting ready for the XIV. Man with a little more speed I'd be a killer.
  12. Yah I know all about it. It has some value as far as using it in the underground economy but the very vast majority of players in bitcoin are speculators. I'm aware of all of the problems and think it will fall apart.
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