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  1. Any given unlocked K model from the 7700k to newer will work. Hyperthreading not needed, water cooler is nice to have for higher clocks. Latest Ryzen are beasts too if you can find one.
  2. That is more than plenty for just a 1080p monitor.
  3. Turn off hyperthreading and turn AVX offset to zero. Bump up your clocks until it starts to crash and then go back. You won't damage your system assuming you have a reasonable cooling solution.
  4. Get a 3080 for cheaper and your CPU upgrade. The 3090 performs 10% faster than the 3080 for double the price. If you can even get one, sounds like the bitcoin miners are buying them now.
  5. Yah I super doubt you lose clarity if you run it near native resolution.
  6. Those look great. As soon as the DDR5 based stuff comes out in a year or so I'm going to upgrade. It looks like it will finally be worth it. We'll see if the Intel chips can catch up.
  7. I have mine turned on in the Reverb G2. It has the pixels to use the 4k textures so it makes sense. I sacrifice anti aliasing to get the performance I need. Looks great!
  8. G1 and G2 have the same resolution and frame rate. You can run a 1080ti with everything set to low, I used this setting with a G1 and it was pretty good. With a 3080 you can run max view distances with low clouds and no anti aliasing. I think the G2 has better adjustability than the G1 but I'm not sure if it will fit still. The Index is really nice but it will be less clarity no question. The G2 general build quality hasn't been the greatest, but it works and the screens are great. Maybe you can find one of those VR cafes that will let you try? I think my setup (below) has incredible view distance and clarity, I am very happy.
  9. I didn't take any quantitative type of proof with FPS counters or whatever but you get way less frame drops when you are diving on planes over a city and other various situations like furballs. With the slower speeds you just start dropping frames in those situations. It still isn't perfect but much better the more you can get.
  10. Nay the 5.0ghz + overclock along with the fastest ram you can get will give you more FPS and steady at that in VR. The game uses a single thread to calculate all of the plane movement and other physics items and it needs more speed than it can get. It is not optimized to utilize the wealth of cores modern CPUs have. If you have an intel turn off hyperthreading and run that one core as fast as you can get it to go. Set AVX offset to 0. I tried a bunch of speeds and cooling methods to get to 5.1 or 5.2ghz and it matters. I went from a 2800 cl15 ram kit to a 3200 cl14 kit and that also made a difference. My system won't let me run RAM any faster otherwise I would.
  11. What speed is your ram at? Is your thermal paste fresh and do you have good cooling? Thermal throttling could be an issue, make sure everything is running as it should be and go into your bios to make sure your ram is set at the proper speeds. You can turn off hyperthreading in IL2 and your chip will run a bit cooler with more single threaded performance. Use the task manager to see where you are at and make sure you aren't using up all of your Vram.
  12. You can just do that on your own. My XC3 goes to around 2070mhz with a mediocre cooler and fans blazing away. No way you get over 2200 with whatever else. I saw the Kingpin cards maxing out at 2125 or so and that is on water cooling. This is just for VRAM, some may need it and others may not.
  13. The 10gb Vram bothers me a bit, though it has not been a problem yet. Part of it is that I compromised a little, didn't get exactly what I wanted. A 3080ti FTW Hybrid model is what I want.
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