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  1. Thank you. Already tried and seems not doing anything.
  2. Hi everyone. I was testing MP with 4.006 and I am having many stuttering, at considerably constant frequency. Tested on WOL and CB training. It don't appears to be related to the amount of players. I don't experience this on SP. Anyone else having issues??
  3. I'm having severe stuttering in MP. Tested on WOL and CB training servers and is really a lot of stutters, no matter if there are many planes near or not.
  4. I had CV1 and upgraded to S. Was a great change in clarity and image quality. Has a couple of drawbacks, like microphone or headphones, that you would have to solve somehow (I did with a pair of earbuds and a desktop mic). Its really good in price quality relation. I run it with 4x MSAA and SS at 100% and have almost always steady 80 fps, except on busy servers or furballs, when I get some sttuters, but not affecting my combat performance. Definitely worth it.
  5. The zoom is really better than the old one. I have The issue that at some distances planes desappear when zooming in. I think is because of scaling when zooming, But they totally dessapear in front of me. Thanks devs for starting taking care of this issue.
  6. It was OK until last weeks. Solved by a user adding functionality, but was OK. Is not that Difficult. Having separate versions would be even worse than now I think. I would loose many of my flight mates, the most of them. I use the game MP only.
  7. Just here to let a lighted candle wishing lefuneste is making a new version. Maybe we can start a Sanctuary on another topic. 🕯️ I sniped a friendly P51 yesterday on Combat Box training server 😬
  8. Just a decent zoom for VR. Not much and waiting for it since BOM.
  9. Incredible work! I tried it and looks amazing. It's a shame that is only useful for being installed and let it rest on my hard drive. Since we have no zoom in VR (2x it's same as nothing) I am forced to quit playing the game (favorite one) I have paid for as many others. Will be flying helos until something happens here. Enjoy 2D exclusiveness those who can! (The VR community has almost years claiming this, I think, easily solvable feature).
  10. Banning migoto means that I can't use the game, that I paid (bought almost every single content released), until devs makes something about zooming. I really can't believe that this can be so difficult for devs, its really insulting. Zoom has been a demand and a necessity since VR is supported in the game.It is impossible to be competitive against Trackir and flats players without a zoom. Please do something!
  11. Not in my case! I tried every combination you can imagine. Haha. After all, is working with D4VR!
  12. I wasn't able to make Hydras work, even after a full format of my system and a fresh install of everything. Ended buying Driver4VR (Even that was difficult, since PayPal doesn't work in my country) which works OK. After all, I have to say that making this work through any method is a must for enjoying the game, specially when playing online. S!
  13. Yes you do @Winger, for sending key inputs to real index controllers you use Driver4VR. If going to use FreePIE you need the fake controllers since they receive the commands from the running script. There is no compatibility between FreePIE and Index Controllers.
  14. Still no way of making it work with Rift S. Just for you to know. Regards,
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