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  1. I agree with the Impossibility of using the keyboard when in VR, only for some not frequent commands and little chatting. This is easily solved with a good combination of Throttle and stick (I made my own throttle with mmjoy2, having enough buttons and axes) But is true that once started playing with VR it is difficult to come back to flat monitors. About this, I've played until past month with an Oculus Rift CV1, and its true the loose in therms of competitiveness, but for me, not enough to come back to flat monitor and TIR. Last week I've received my Rift S, and the difference is enormous in therms of spotting capacity and image quality in general (for good), with no loose in responsiveness. So about you question, I think that with the previous generation of VR HS`s, maybe the answer could be any of them depending on the player. With the coming VR HS`s generation, started recently with the Rift S, I have no doubt that VR is the way to go over TIR and flat.
  2. I bought mine on NewEgg. 2 days shipping. Still waiting for the second ship from USA to Argentina, but the shipping within the US was quick and on time.
  3. Yes, or devs can implement a built in spot aid mechanism for VR user too.... 😒. An improvement over lag and stutter on MP is enough for me anyway.....
  4. Just found this thread on DCS community. Sounds great. Hope some day IL2 devs give us some optimisation aswell, since we all know there is no way back to flat screens once entered VR. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?s=3c4f7af1298d805ff4f9cf14f9ce7ed9&p=3869786&postcount=2333
  5. I still have this issue too. Playing with Oculus. Stuttering happens only when playing MP. FPS is always ok (around 90 fps). Tried many things but nothing seems to make it better. Is not unplayable but very annoying, specially noticeable when looking landscape and rolling the plane.
  6. Hello! You have to create it. Do it with the Notepad and after saving it, change the extension from .txt to .ini You have to config windows for show known files extensions into the Files Explorer Options through the Control Panel. Let me know if you have any trouble.
  7. In OpenComposite, you set the SS into the opencomposite.ini file with this line: supersampleRatio=1.4 (means 140%)
  8. Thanks everyone for responding. I've noticed that the problem is almost only when playing MP. I've played a 8vs8 quick mission and was totally playable, but when in Berloga or any other MP server the problem is really huge. This are my configs. SS at 126% on Steam VR. [KEY = graphics] 3dhud = 0 adapter = 0 bloom_enable = 0 desktop_center = 1 detail_rt_res = 1024 draw_distance = 0.27400 fps_counter = 1 fps_limit = 0 full_height = 600 full_width = 800 fullscreen = 0 gamma = 0.80000 grass_distance = 000.00000 hdr_enable = 0 land_anisotropy = 1 land_tex_lods = 1 max_cache_res = 1 max_clouds_quality = 2 mgpu_compatible = 0 mirrors = 1 multisampling = 0 or_enable = 1 or_height = 2384 or_hud_rad = 1.50000 or_hud_size = 0.75000 or_ipd = 0.06224 or_width = 2000 post_sharpen = 1 preset = 1 rescale_target = 1.00000 shadows_quality = 2 ssao_enable = 0 stereo_dof = 5.00000 vsync = 0 win_height = 600 win_width = 800 [END]
  9. Hello everyone, I know that there are a bunch of topics about stuttering, but I want to ask you (the VR community specifically) if it is normal to have some stuttering. It is like once every 5 seconds when on single player, and much more when playing MP. Tried several configs and the behaviour seems to be the same. Thank you in advance.
  10. Consistent 80+ fps but severe stuttering only when on MP here. Not buying BOBP until this is fixed.
  11. Hello, look at the offiicial post https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-cloud-fix-sight-strengthened9-features/ Lefuneste said that's going to work on fixing it after weekend.
  12. Congrats! Your channel is amazing! I go for Il-2 sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte - Premium Edition Thanks!
  13. Between 10 - 15 fps. Specially when in combat. No map, only chat, compass and aircraft info messages.
  14. It is incredible how much the HUD affects (destroy) the performance in VR, and how necessary it is when playing online for reading the chat. I pray for 1C to do something about this.
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