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  1. Sorry for the delay. I have verified this too on MP servers. In Berloga with 25 players it happens too. S!
  2. Here are mines. In menues and into the game. Tested on WOL server. Not zoomed to see if there are 1 frame long. Not experimenting this on main menues or SP. Should we move this to technical issues? Or the MP stuttering thread? S!
  3. Hoping it improves the situation for VR. Are there VR beta testers??? Can`t wait for the release!!
  4. Mine spikes with a Rift S. Would try to make some registers. S!
  5. For me, as a VR only player, I have to say that I am someway "forced" to a more realistic simming exp, since I have no aid for looking around, since head tracking is 1 to 1 (this is a great thing). In That situation and counting the limited amount of quality in the VR screens, what I experience often is that if I loose sight of a plane, for checking 6 IE, I cannot re find it almost always, no matters I know where it should be. Many often, I can not even see planes that I know are in front of me or that I know are at my six, at a distance less than 500 m. I am in favour of realism, but this situation does not seem to be much realistic, according to what @MeoW.Scharfi said in first answer. We should be able to find a moving object that we know where is, or the relative area were it is located. I think this is due to excessive merging with background. For Shure, completely different is the situation were you loose attention of your high 6 and get shot by a zooming enemy, Wich is a very "realistic" situation and is Ok. I must add that the game introduces some lags or stutters when players are more than 25 on an MP server, wich sometimes, due to firing asw or just having some hiccups, make it a little harder, since the time you invest on, ie, checking six, is a fraction of a second. When there are coincidence between a stutter and looking backwards, it is almost the same as not have looked behind. Thanks for officially introducing this discussion and If it is useful, as last comment, yes, this discourages to use the sim sometimes.
  6. Spotting is really hard in this sim, even more with VR. Planes merging with the background is a nightmare. Trying to re-find a plane after checking six is barely impossible while not checking six to avoid loosing sight is a potential death. Hope devs release long awaited improvements in this aspect some day.
  7. I was about to say the opposite. It's true that Yak 1 is really easy to maneuver, but German planes have plenty of automation, what could be an advantage if familiarising with the interface and the behaviour of the sim itself. Personally I enjoy a lot more flying VVS planes but you have to control more variables.
  8. Hello, just reporting I have had several planes dissapearing In front of my eyes or being invisible until taking action after some time on CBOX and berloga. Not been able to make a record since I wasn't looking for that bug specifically. Planes merging with the background looks to happen very often too. It seems this is more frequent with 4.008b. S
  9. Thank you. Already tried and seems not doing anything.
  10. Hi everyone. I was testing MP with 4.006 and I am having many stuttering, at considerably constant frequency. Tested on WOL and CB training. It don't appears to be related to the amount of players. I don't experience this on SP. Anyone else having issues??
  11. I'm having severe stuttering in MP. Tested on WOL and CB training servers and is really a lot of stutters, no matter if there are many planes near or not.
  12. I had CV1 and upgraded to S. Was a great change in clarity and image quality. Has a couple of drawbacks, like microphone or headphones, that you would have to solve somehow (I did with a pair of earbuds and a desktop mic). Its really good in price quality relation. I run it with 4x MSAA and SS at 100% and have almost always steady 80 fps, except on busy servers or furballs, when I get some sttuters, but not affecting my combat performance. Definitely worth it.
  13. The zoom is really better than the old one. I have The issue that at some distances planes desappear when zooming in. I think is because of scaling when zooming, But they totally dessapear in front of me. Thanks devs for starting taking care of this issue.
  14. It was OK until last weeks. Solved by a user adding functionality, but was OK. Is not that Difficult. Having separate versions would be even worse than now I think. I would loose many of my flight mates, the most of them. I use the game MP only.
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