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  1. Ok Thank you, Please take another look at the FW190 F / G8 there you can unfortunately not drop the wing bombs in pairs.
  2. This only applies to the fuselage support ETC (250 or 500kg) or ETC + ER (4x50kg) Very good PDF for You: http://virtpilot.org/files/lib/book946.pdf
  3. I highly recommend this book! There is tons of information about the F / G versions here. There are also many original documents included. Important for the wing bombs underlined in red! Examples: The Book: so the Fw190 A5 Jabo is correct for the Dropbomb System. 2x or 4x in pairs If the switches (labeled wrongly in the game) are set to off, the hull bomb is selected. look hier: red Stripe
  4. A5(only Jabo) is C3 Fuel injektion working from 0-1000m A6(only Jabo) is C3 Fuel injektion working from 0-1000m A8 (For all A8) is overridding the supercharger boost regulator 0-1000m and from 2650-6000m Increased emergency power: Starting from July 1944 all Fw 190 A-8 aircraft will be equipped with "increased emergency". By overridding the supercharger boost regulator, boost pressures are increased at take-off and emergency power in low supercharger setting from 1,42 ata to 1,58 ata and at the high supercharger setting from 1,42 to 1,65 ata. Thus an increase of speed
  5. Very nice! I would like to briefly give a short version these are further up on the post or 1 page before: Fw190 A5: only the labeling of the 2 switches for the wing preselection is wrong. When activated (On) they are on Off The bomb selection is correct and works. If you have an ETC + ER (4x50) you could only throw the bombs singly. In emergency throwing all bombs can be thrown individually. FW190 A6: The A6 has exactly the same small electrical system as the A5, so it should be the same. So you can put the wing bombs in pairs of 2x50.70kg or throw 4x50.70Kg. You can
  6. scroll down and look the Videos if u dont like drop Bombs close our eyes ...
  7. Examble Videos: FW190 A5 is correct droping FW190 A6 is not correct:
  8. The two Focke versions A5 and A6 belong together. There is a manual for this, for example. Here you can see the weights of the two types with built-in weapons and without. I looked at both versions and calculated out the wing cannons. (Please check yourself) In the game, the values shown are correct with the original dates. A5 without wing armament = 3957kg A6 without wing armament = 4037kg Result: the A6 is 80kg heavier http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/Fw-190_A-5_A-6_Aircraft_Hand_book.pdf Now the weight should not affect the machine in th
  9. Hi Luke We don't have a problem here with the 109 G6 but with the Fw190 A6, the 109 G6 was an example. The Fw190 A6 flies really badly by that I mean heavy and tired of reacting. v The A6 can only be compared with an FW190 A5. The 2 are almost the same except for the wings and a few other small changes, I'm talking about the fighter version with minimal armament. I have already posted a lot of wrongly programmed things, for example here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12262-armament-and-equipment/page/3/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63
  10. But I'm upset because the things (bomb drop, drop sequence) are not in order, and rightly so! This has already been programmed and works (see FW190 A5) What are the testers actually testing? I know that you get your specifications, but such things should not happen. In addition, the aircraft FW190 A6 flies as sluggishly as a stone :), even with expanded armament (we say stone about the 109 G6 because it reacts just as sluggishly) It was done better with the FW190 A5. I would like us to have a better game, through quality and not through quantity, and I would also like to contribute to it. I am
  11. mmh... immer noch die selbe Truppe ich schau nochmal in 2 jahren vorbei 😄
  12. The FW190 G3/R5 belongs to the Jabo / Rei family Jabo = fighter-bomber Rei = reach As has been correctly said, it only has the standard armament and is on range and bomb load. It is not to be confused with the F version, these are attack aircraft. I have now tested the A6 extensively and am disappointed with it The agility of the aircraft, even if you want to make it as light as possible and fly as a fighter Dropping circuits of the bombs that make no sense at all. There is also no reaction to bugs at all - you keep yourself silent. Google translation
  13. Very good Question! II like to fly the A3, A5, A6 without wing cannons because the machines are much more agile. The option can also be selected on the A6, but unfortunately you don't notice anything from the 2x20 / 151 that have been removed. The machine is then also very sluggish and suddenly tends to tip over to one side. The A5 is still very comfortable in the curves compared to the A6. The basic weight of the A6 has increased by 200kg + compared to the A5. So if you can expand the wing armament you should also notice that in the agility.
  14. Correct! i dont know why we have this new Dropseqence(left+center,or rigth+center; it was the same like A5)
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