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  1. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    the server limit on TAW is not perfect for a squadflying its hard to get 5-10 Pilots on the Server unfortunately that will annoy some pilots very much.
  2. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    but they are close! same with this Guys.๐Ÿ˜€
  3. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    https://www.amazon.com/Hydra-MARVEL-Board-Teens-Adults/dp/B07B82C9CJ ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ joking of course
  4. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    ehmm let me think ....... NO! NO !
  5. I found this bug even after being kicked off the server because of timeout.(after the Hotfix)
  6. go to the Weekend now ! and thx!
  7. I noticed one more point because I am an online War friend. You can see the number of players in the airfields of both numbers if you have not yet chosen a side. I do not want to be able to see that. This is tactically very important, as you can see in the concentration of the players, which goals are obvious. Can the server admins disable these icons by the number of players? Thank you
  8. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    An idea for the depot AAA to prevent the destroying with many hunters. 1: more depths AAA (1-2more) 2: respawn depths AAA after 1 round (1miss-2h) problems: Sandbags and radio masts at the end of the runways
  9. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    I would like to thank all who are involved in TAW. It was a great campaign with ups and downs for both sides. Some things had changed in the campaign, or had been changed by patches. We take it as it comes and we do not cry! A highlight for me personally was the cooperation with the LG and the Finn Squads (triple S Squad) or with the many other pilots who have managed to join the Teamspeak. Thanks to all admins for your work on the server and in the forums.
  10. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    a bad examble of this spawn Tank Convois on Stebelinskaya.4 Times in a row a new Tank Convoi.
  11. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    a bad example of the new balance system
  12. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    Yesterday Evening there was 4 Red Tank colums spawn in on every new Map in a Row. How can it be? All of this going to Stebelinskaya. Today both Depots was bombt down... But same again, Tank Convoi after Tank Spawn new in. A other problem is the new balance script... If to many blues on the Server,there is no Airfield on the Country available.
  13. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    Of course we will be silent, and accept everything that is imposed on us. Happy New Year
  14. JG4_Widukind

    Tactical Air War

    Hotfix is running! You can download it
  15. iam not happy with new Patch (DM and 20mm) i want back the old Patch back...yes there is lower Wingcuts now, but the Planes going more to flying Tanks now. are we all here your Beta Testers?