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  1. again for Teamplay: Join TAW-TS fly together as a Team.You can set Whisperlist to other Chanel. used it and coordinate your Attacks/Defend. THX and S!
  2. Pictures for examble SC 2500 SC1000 Buildings inside the Crater .We see this many times with vehicles too
  3. nice, i realy like to shoot Down Planes with Planes or Flak.(i like the 3,7cm) But we still have other Problems in the Game ..Bombs or the Objekt damage Model.
  4. Iam looking still on this problem ..but the community of Bombers or attackers are to small? i know it needs Time but a info woundn´t be bad.
  5. any news about Bombs destruction? The Problem is still on the Game.
  6. I am now for a time for less than 15 sec for completing a mission. The reason is that I set my 262 on fire today and it exploded. That happened when the engines were started, I couldn't spawn out in time. Furthermore, this would also prevent the shooting at the parachute and the vulsching of aircraft that had landed in an emergency. Here is the mission: https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=12516&name=JG4_Widukind ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another problem was that yesterday we(around 10 Pilots) completely destroy a defense (Icon was deletet AS City) and another badly damaged, but they were back in the next round with moderate damage. Kathon, could you check that out, please? Here is the mission for the Miss. Number https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=11698&name=JG4_Widukind
  7. I tried to address the topic here a few pages beforehand, unfortunately there was almost no response, and that's how it looks in the IL2 forum, hardly any reactions. If no one is interested in the topic of bombs or Damagde Model, there is the wrong forum for that, also for the G-pants discussion. current bugs: wrong elevation values also on the map: Dortmund 450m Enschede 430m Cologne 1000m and others This severely limits the performance of the Focke Wulf A8, as the first charger with C3 injection goes up to approx. 1100m. This means that if you don't have the performance you need to take off, The front airfields are too small there.
  8. its working fine, thanks for Work Kathon!
  9. 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. same here
  10. Thank you for dealing with the topic, I already had some discussions with players, card designers, of course we also tested a lot ourselves, I also wrote in forums (TAW) You feel pretty alone with the topic. We have the tests on multiplayer, single miss. and made our own servers. We know that you can set the vehicles, but there are also some that you cannot. The effects of the bombs are really very bad after a few patches. Thanks for working on it, it makes the game better again! Thx Widukind Ps: we are ready for help
  11. Hi Devs We have still a Problem with Bombs destruction. I can only speak about German Bombs. The Problem is not only on the Multiplayer Servers. We test it on single Player too. In this craters of Bombs still soft targets stay alive. Since two patches the biger Bombs up to 500kg, lost a lot of Power or Blast damage. (Buildings and Cars) Please check this! Thx from JG4
  12. thats wrong try a Fast Mission and Bomb...try 1000kg or more
  13. have nobody Problems with this Bombs , you find this ok ?
  14. Salut all! I would like to know what your experience with bombing has been since the last but one major patch. I can only speak of the experience with the German bombs and say that the larger the bomb, the less damage compared to the penultimate patch. That means the zbs. a 1000SC bomb no longer has the effect it should or should have had (vehicles and trains remain intact in the blasting radius) Now I have tested online and offline but see no big differences. Where is the problem? On 777 or at TAW? I think it's because of the 777 studio. Why is there so little talk about it in the Englich forums? PS: please lets talk only over the Game Stuff ! Example
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