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  1. Tactical Air War

    JG4 is mixed too ,Bomber,Groundattackers and Figthers. and were is SUOMI ??? Fishing !??
  2. Tactical Air War

    Update: - III./JG5: Red (usually morning EST) - Hydra: Blue (usually afternoon EST) - LG: Red (always someone around) - Ala13: Red (usually afternoon EST) - 6./ZG26: Blue (usually afternoon EST) - ATAG: Red (usually afternoon EST) - IL2AU: Red (EST mornings or late evenings) - gRij: Blue (usually afternoon EST) - 19: Red (usually evenings EST) - 7.GShap: Red (usually afternoon EST) - StG77: Red (usually afternoon/evening EST) - SqSq: Unsure (usually evening EST) - FEW: Blue (usually afternoon EST) - DFA: Blue (usually afternoon/evening EST) - JG77: Blue (usually afternoon EST) -JG4:Blue (usually afternoon EST)
  3. Tactical Air War

    I would like to thank the TAW Team very much. I know that it costs a lot of nerves and work. Thanks! Special thanks go out to our friends from the USA, Australia, China and New Zealand, who kept rescuing the front during the night or even pushed it further east. Without you it would be much worse for the Blue Team. Special thanks to our Finnish friends with whom we flew for many nights and had a lot of fun in Teamspeak. Thank you, we'll be back! Many thanks from JG4 See you in the next TAW again ... until then Horridooo!
  4. Tactical Air War

    there was 2 Shipkonvois on Sunday,we sunk the red Transport Ships. Other Question, is there any Cheating Tool (Radar Cheat)around ? I have see many Situations ,were the Enemy find me or search me direkt. I have 2 Pilots here ,were iam not sure for them.
  5. Tactical Air War

    Bomb last Airfield and dont die :-)
  6. Tactical Air War

    There are easy Rules: 1:if u allone go not attack 2:join Teamspeak TAW and fly as Group 3:if u want stay allone, have a look on Damagd on Citys and Airfields and fly suply This will increase your Pilots Deaths and Plane lose
  7. Tactical Air War

    i have no Combat Mission for that,wahts wrong ? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=22642&name=JG4_Widukind thx
  8. Tactical Air War

    is it allowed or not ?...pls a Statment from Admins.
  9. Tactical Air War

  10. Tactical Air War

    i can connect,its loading to 99% than it broke to Game Menue
  11. -Heinkel H6 Tailgunner down have a Grafik BUG by me -Heinkel H6 Bombing Instrument(alt or High in Bombview) not working
  12. Tactical Air War

    First i wall say thanks for the last TAW Campaign. JG4 have here many good Hours. The Campaign System is realy good,and i like it. We fly many Missions with old Friends or as a Team.The TS Server helps a lot for taktical Stuff. Thanks so far ,and i cant wait for the next Campaign. When will this start ?
  13. MFG Crossswinds Bremsen werden nicht erkannt

    Re install not help....i try Sokols Post not help... how can i add it manuell?
  14. MFG Crossswinds Bremsen werden nicht erkannt

    ja ,schon probiert...es bleibt dabei.Installiere grad alles neu.
  15. MFG Crossswinds Bremsen werden nicht erkannt

    ich kann dort nicht belegen weil ich dort keine reaktion der Bremsen habe,in keinen der 3 Menü Punkte.Wie gesagt im CLOD funktioniert alles einwandfrei. Die Seidenruderachse funktioniert in BOS einwandfrei. Es liegt eindeutig an BOS . Übrigens in Windows werden die Bremsachsen auch erkannt. Ob eine neuinstallation was bringt mmh?