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  1. Hi Devs We have still a Problem with Bombs destruction. I can only speak about German Bombs. The Problem is not only on the Multiplayer Servers. We test it on single Player too. In this craters of Bombs still soft targets stay alive. Since two patches the biger Bombs up to 500kg, lost a lot of Power or Blast damage. (Buildings and Cars) Please check this! Thx from JG4
  2. thats wrong try a Fast Mission and Bomb...try 1000kg or more
  3. have nobody Problems with this Bombs , you find this ok ?
  4. Salut all! I would like to know what your experience with bombing has been since the last but one major patch. I can only speak of the experience with the German bombs and say that the larger the bomb, the less damage compared to the penultimate patch. That means the zbs. a 1000SC bomb no longer has the effect it should or should have had (vehicles and trains remain intact in the blasting radius) Now I have tested online and offline but see no big differences. Where is the problem? On 777 or at TAW? I think it's because of the 777 studio. Why is there so little talk about it in the Englich forums? PS: please lets talk only over the Game Stuff ! Example
  5. Waht I want to say is, that we need biger Squads and lot of single Pilots in one Comms. Teamspeak For better communication and speak over taktical nesessary stuff. Many free Pilots have no Idea waht it's better do to in always changing strategy and taktical staff. For example:Airfield attacks and Defend
  6. That's is 100% correct and a Reason why Blue Teamplay is so bad.
  7. That's 100% correct, and the Reason why Blue Teamplay is so bad.
  8. Hi Kathon i was rammed today in a Head to Head from a Me 110 (20h bann, no Problem) i can´t see which one Player it was ...? was he not regist.? I mean the server throws out all unregistered players https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=97339&name=JG4_Widukind
  9. Hi Kathon Please could you put the spawn spots away from the runway? There have been a few accidents with landing and suddenly spawning aircraft. This Airfield was Dortmund. T Thx
  10. Brief description: For the FW190A5 (Jabo) version, the buttons indicate the wrong position. It is meant here the wing bomb selection 2x50kg or 4x50kg Detailed description, conditions: In the FW190A5 (Jabo) version, the buttons indicate the wrong position. The function is given only the switches are in the wrong position -OFF-(in German -Aus-) if they are selected Additional assets:Picture PC config data: Win 10-64Bit Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB 16Gb Ram Intel I7 4790k I would appreciate an answer Brief description: Abwurfschaltkasten FW190A8 (Jabo) Wing bombs can not be dropped in pairs or all (2xSC70 or 4xSC70) Detailed description: Wing bombs can not be dropped in pairs or all (2xSC70,4xSC70 or 2xSC250Kg) (FW190A8 Jabo) It is only possible to throw all the bombs or each one. On this device it was possible to press these individually by pushbutton. My aim is to have a choice as with the FW190A5 Jabo. This is also possible with this device. The selection here would be 2xSD70,4xSD70 or 2xSC250kg and only affects the wing bombs. This is not possible in the game! Additional assets:Abwurfschaltkasten 190 A1 Abwurfschaltkasten 190 B1 Druckknopf Additional assets:Picture PC config data: Win 10-64Bit Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB 16Gb Ram Intel I7 4790k I would appreciate an answer
  11. True...its again a Problem of to Slow spawn in(By triggers) or Turning AAA its the Problem of AAA Solved? I am for only one campaign of Map 1-9.
  12. Brief description: Focke Wulf A Versions -- Many Headshoots from behind Detailed description: This problem exists because of several patches and is an old problem. I fly to 90% Focke Wulf and I noticed that the Focke A version gets many head shots. They are head shots which always have an effect of 90% to 99%, so immediately. In contrast to other aircraft, this problem is very strong. Is the Hit BOX of the pilot's head too big? Does the back armor of the Focke Wulf A not work properly? Here is an example of the TAW server from my stats: Additional assets: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=86321&name=JG4_Widukind PC config data: Win 10-64Bit Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB 16Gb Ram Intel I7 4790k I would appreciate an answer
  13. from wikipedia Germany Der Kanadier Wilbur R. Franks entwickelte an der University of Toronto zunächst mit dem Franks Flying Suit Mark II (FFS Mk II) 1940 einen flüssigkeitsgefüllten Anti-g-Anzug, bei dem sich Wasser zwischen zwei Gummischichten befand. Dieser wurde nach dem Einsteigen ins Flugzeug durch das Bodenpersonal befüllt. Eine operationelle Nutzung erfolgte jedoch nicht. Erst mit dem Modell FFS Mk III war ab 1944 – und somit noch im Krieg – eine Anti-g-Hose für den Einsatz in alliierten Kampfflugzeugen verfügbar. Diese Variante nutzte aufblasbare Gummibeutel, die in die Anti-g-Hose eingearbeitet waren und mit Druckluft aus einem im Flugzeug eingebauten Kompressor befüllt wurden[1]. Die Erprobung beider Varianten erfolgte ab Herbst 1944 unter anderem bei der 339th und der 357th Fighter Group. Die Besatzungen stellten fest, dass die mit Wasser gefüllten Anti-g-Anzüge zu kalt waren. Daraufhin erfolgte der Versuch diese mit warmen Wasser zu füllen. Dies brachte auch keinen Erfolg, da das Wasser sehr schnell abkühlte. Daher bevorzugten die Besatzungen die luftgefüllten Anzüge.[2] Etwa zur gleichen Zeit arbeitete in Australien Frank Cotton an der Universität von Sydney ebenfalls an einem Anti-g-Anzug, der auf einem ähnlichen Prinzip wie Franks Mk III basierte. Dieser erreichte jedoch keine Einsatzreife. The testing of both variants took place from autumn 1944, among others, the 339th and the 357th Fighter Group.
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