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  1. Thanks for the nice hours TAW Team. We enjoyed it again, with all highs and lows. We should talk about some changes up to a new TAW. It was a pleasure to coordinate with new pilots or squads. Many Thanks Jagdgeschwader 4
  2. Nice but u hit very bad... A Ju88 is not a B17๐Ÿ˜‹
  3. This is a Blue offensiv Map, and we have a very good Teamplay on the Blue Side With Squads and free Pilots.The best waht I see since 5 Maps. But the Map is not over now. Please check the Suply Situation on Airfields, you can see that ingame. Open the Map and push the right window{mayby u minimize}! You can see here all Taktikal information u need! Lot of Pilots didn't know about that!
  4. I see here a long problem on early Maps. The Russian Side have only the Pe2 for Bombing. They need early Bombers.. Mayby SB3 or TB3 or other Bombers. But the Player will only take the best aviable Plane. So we have to limit the higher using Plane and it is the Pe2 on the first Maps. Sure on Both Sides.(Me110) A other Problem is the Tailgunner and the DM Model of this Pe2. But this is a clear DEV. Problem and have nothing to search here in TAW Forum
  5. Yes there is something with Buildings... My Mates report this too to me.
  6. Yep agree. Thx Kathon for this Examble! If your post delete I can post too... Or we all!
  7. Is there any Data how much the Pe2 is used in Map1 and Map2? And for example how much used is the Il2 on this Maps? We have no Ju88 in Map1!
  8. I think we should make a poll over this chutkilling... And the Result taking as a Rule! Btw:I was chut killt too and my Mate too from =SS=Squad
  9. Reds can u pls Bomb a bit faster, I can't fly because no lives! ๐Ÿ˜„(most of them Headsshoots)
  10. Same here. Iam not attacking Pe2 anymore..not over Depot,Airfields or Def.Pos. Because the 3 Live System and to many Pilot Kills from Tailgunner. (now i fly with 0,09Lives) Now i flying many Time Figther because Groundattacking is realy deathly too.
  11. I see a Problem here with Plane setup in Map 1. On Patrol with Bf109E7 last 3 Maps i saw only Pe2.The Problem is we cant follow them on diving.They are to fast and the Red Airfields to close.(Ryabinki Area) And Tailgunner are ,mmh better i speak not over that I think the Pe2 is used too much and less the hunters in recent times.
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