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  1. Unfortunately not, it may be the opposite. But the last version should have a minimal impact on fps. If you have a look on first post, you will see that you can remove label text (that is plane name and distance) and change color. The label symbol will be kept. It should be possible to change icons, but that will means too much work to tune it.
  2. lefuneste

    2080 and 2080 Ti

    It should be great to have a bench 1070 vs 1080ti for the same Rig and settings, so we can have a clear view of the impact of GPU for BoS. And if you can use the bench here it will be perfect...
  3. Do not hesitate to update the charts, there have been new planes and maybe you'll have more data (climb speed,...) If I find a way to optimize texture handling in mod, i could include your texture in the future version of the mod.
  4. lefuneste

    The clouds issue examined

    Could you post a track ? So I will check and try to understand why the mod is not working.
  5. 1. Actually, it works mostly in VR, but because it is masked by a wrong scaled cockpit frame, unlike other icons/text for which the scale is right. I do not understand why... I did not spend time on it because I can read it by moving my head, but I will have a look for next version. It should be more troublesome for 2D usage. Until that, you can disable icon masking if you want to see it (poor workaroud). 2. Here it is BoS.zip But I'm not sure it will help...
  6. Because the map texture are tiled and, as they are replaced by the one in .dds file, the result is also tiled. You'll have to zoom and deplace the texture to use it.
  7. lefuneste

    The clouds issue examined

    Great ! You'll have to press Lalt+k in order to get your sight back, because the mod is tuned for VR by default. This can be changed by modifying d3dx.ini, have a look on the detailed explanation of the first post on the mod thread. You may also notice that labels are hidden by your airframe with the mod.
  8. lefuneste

    The clouds issue examined

    The cloud fix is active by default. Could you post a track where the planes are still not visible in front of cloud, in order to help me to check why the mod is not improving the cloud problem ? Planes should be less than 2 km away of your POV.
  9. lefuneste

    The clouds issue examined

    Did you try with my mod : it reduces greatly this problem of planes hidden by cloud behind them...
  10. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf : great post, I will update the post of the mod to link this one. But you should give only parts of the d3dx.ini to modify instead of the whole file contain. For example, the last version of the mod greatly improve fps (from 5 fps to 10 !) but is based only on d3dx.ini. So people replacing the whole d3dx.ini with the one of yout first post may cancel all the fps win.
  11. It's strange that it had effect because it should only be use with upscale feature set on. And in this case it should only affect the "mirror" display on screen, not the VR output. But anyway, I disabled it and updated the first post. I have to make modifications for that, otherwise they will not be taken into account. Each picture has to be loaded as a texture by 3dmigoto and pushed to game at the beginning of the game, so I reduced them to lower memory usage (even if they are only 1024x1024). But maybe there is possible to make thing smarter with new 3dmigoto build-in test functions. I put that in "to do list".
  12. I already noticed the hangar problems, but I will not try fix it, haze effect are too complicated for me (like rain drops).
  13. Warned by Alonzo, I made some testing to use new features of 3DMigoto last version to lower fps loss due to 3Dmigoto mod. Globally, the mod is calling too much time the same process to setup parameter to compute offset for zooming. So I made some modification to limit to one call per frame the intialization and made some testings. And wow, on the 1st mission on campaign "sea dragon" I went from 50 to 60 fps (I am using a Pimax 4K, so no more than 60 fps is available). That is unexpected, using the perf. monitor I was thinking that I may win 1 or 2 fps...The impact of 3Dmigoto seems very context depending, but this is very weird... II did not made too much testings, eye computation is right, offset and cloud masking also. So can you try the last version to report bugs and if it allows you to have some fps gain : http://www.mediafire.com/file/i12b8sirwe2s2b2/3Dmigoto_VRBOS_9.8.zip/file ? I wll update the first post once reports will be OK.
  14. lefuneste

    API for export of flight data

    The sound mode, even if not as usefull as USB mode for DCS, makes things better than nothing.
  15. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    I spend a lot of time explaining in the post here how to use 3DMigoto mod, so please read it, you will find all the key mapped by default. As I can use external view without problem, I think that this is another problem. Maybe some options on your config or on server ?