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  1. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Hello, new color.rgb = (old.color.rgb + z6) * w6 But as I remember, the LAlt+u Key section is already modifying the z6 and w6 values (I do not have my PC to check now), so you should see color changes when pressing left Alt + u (and no right alt + u) It may depend on some graphics settings because they may induce some shader changes, I tested it OK for LOW or MED settings and HDR/on off and sharpen On/off.
  2. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    If you own a Warthog, you should use TARGET scripts. Here is mine, the associated key mapping description is in pictures included in the 8.4 version. Warning, some mapping are done to directX button in order to avoid key lock (for example flaps down). You'll have to map the button into IL2. The shift key (S4) is also use for braking. I also define a switch of axis with EOLMOTOR or EORMOTOR => that allow me to switch in game for single or multi engine config. You'll have to map all axis in IL2, too. If you want to keep just zoom function, here they are (the shifted functions add legacy zoom to my zoom) MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSU, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+USB[87], DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+UARROW, LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+UARROW, LOCK)); MapKeyRIO(&Throttle, CSU, CHAIN(LOCK+UP+UARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, UP+USB[87], LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+UP+UARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, LOCK)); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSD, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+USB[87], DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+DARROW, LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+DARROW, LOCK)); MapKeyRIO(&Throttle, CSD, CHAIN(LOCK+UP+DARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, UP+USB[87], LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+UP+DARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, LOCK)); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSR, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+USB[87], DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+RARROW, LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+RARROW, LOCK)); MapKeyRIO(&Throttle, CSR, CHAIN(LOCK+UP+RARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, UP+USB[87], LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+UP+RARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, LOCK)); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSL, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+LARROW,D(), UP+LARROW, D(), UP+R_ALT, LOCK), KP5); BoS_VR.zip
  3. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    hello, you can change the key used for any option by modifying d3dx.ini. I choose mapping that not overlaps with default keybind or what you can type in multiplayer console. Do you use TARGET for your whartog ?
  4. lefuneste

    Congrats on the Kuban - VR user

    Did you try my mod ? I will avoid you to close your eye : but iI agree that the spit sight is the only one usable with both eye.
  5. Hello, I've just done the mod suggested by 5280magpie and it is working like a charm ! Easy to do, wonderfull result.
  6. lefuneste

    Keeping the gun sight centered

    I joined my modified views, you can install them with JSGME: snapviews.zip And just an illustration of sight re inforcement: Standard with mod:
  7. lefuneste

    Keeping the gun sight centered

    You should not center the sight because it is not possibe to use it with both eyes. You'll have to shift your head to put your favorite eye in front of it. But doing this will make the sight less stronger...I read a post where devs said that you'll have to close an eye to be able to aim... From my point of view, sights are not usable by default, with is why I made my 3dmigoto VR mod to fix that: it remove the faulty fading effect and displayed it only for one eye (it also mask icons/label by cockpit frame and provide a better zoom). Head default position are far to close to windscreen for all screen, you can modify them and save them (use keys of home, prev page,..group. and F10 to save, but not in VR mode. I modified all default view and put them in a JSGME format, I can post it here if you want. I centered view for all BF109 and german planes with sight shifted to right, because it is more natural to use only left eye to aim (even more with my mod) and far easier to fly when centered on plane main axis. Key to re center view if num5. F10 will make tour current position the default forward view. But it will not be saved for other sessions.
  8. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    if prop disabling works all should work. Do you have icons without installing the mod and no icons when mod installed ?
  9. on the other hand, this guy is not cheating. Il2 Box should limit users to more realistic field of view...
  10. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Oops, I forgot that now you'll have to rename "8f86f33af0e792d3-ps_replace.txt.reduce" to "8f86f33af0e792d3-ps_replace.txt" (and overwrite the existing file) in shaderfixe directory. I found in another post that sight reducing has impact and I verified that it actually cost 2 to 4 fps, so I disabled the function by default...
  11. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    I checked and found the problem only on moscow maps (I did not chek them , only stalingrad and kuban). They used a different shader for ground for moscow, I do not know why,.. The 8.5 version (in first post) should fix that.
  12. lefuneste

    VR scale in WMR

    I had a look, but there are too much shaders shared with other object than cockpit or airframe. I should modify all processing to introduce a shift depending of depth, this is tricky because all shaders do not use the same compute method for depth, and moreover, it may introduce fps loss..,
  13. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    can you post a track showing this problem ? can you post a track showing this problem ? It looks like I did not trap some specific shaders.
  14. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    It works on my config. What graphic setting do you use ? Try disabling HDR, sharpness and so pn...
  15. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Well, I was not aware that the last 3.002 version reset all graphic settings: HDR was on, that was the cause of the glitch. The mod do not support HDR, so the first post is now updated with the last 8.4 version. This version includes also the ability to temporary replace map by your own custom images, see the fisrt post for the key to use and how to modify them. Warning: I had to change the shift for zoom for my PIMAX, I leave the same settings than before for Rift and Vive, and do not know if they will work again. As they modify things for Vive, it is unlikely that value for Vive in d3dx.ini will work. Please post here yours if you'll have to modify them.