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  1. No. Maybe you can play with brightness and saturation, but that's all. No miracle.
  2. Same as ASW for Rift. Either you have warping and better fps, or you have no warping and less fluid fps.... You can disable prop with the 3dmigoto mod.
  3. lefuneste

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    That's worst than that, because the game provide by default ~10x zoom in 2D and only 2x zoom in VR. I only give back to VR users the same functionnalities than 2D users have. But VR users still have a disadventage to check their six vs Track IR users... All other functionalities are comfort (colors, kneepad,...) or increase difficulty (labels hidden or without text/color,...)
  4. lefuneste

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Welcome to VR frustration Beside high zoom feature, the last version of the 3Dmigoto mod allow you to change color brigtness and saturation with different settings for Inside (cockpit) and outside (scenery). It may help you. And there is already an icon system that can be used to ID things...
  5. Version 10.6.2 available in first post. It fixes some bugs/glitches, especially the horizon.
  6. Maybe you van try again with the 10.6 and the binocular target. You can use the mirror display, the settings are good when the same object is in the same place in the target for both eyes. No need to wear the Rift... And a tuto is here (without the target) check brzi_joe post.
  7. lefuneste

    Icon rework

    @PatrickAWlson : That should not be the case if you use default option. By default icons must be masked by airframe. Of course you can disabled it, but I think that you do not set the mod for that... Which version are you using ?
  8. Meanwhile I also fix a problem with fire (the blur was too big) and find a new problem with flares. Once this last one fixed I will release the 16.2.
  9. In this case, make a track and post it here. So I can easily check.
  10. Fine, I will add it in the next version of the mod.
  11. You must have another shader in 2 version : one in *_replace.txt and one in *.txt. The red message should indicate which shader is involved. Keep only the version provided in the .zip.
  12. You should had error regarding 884044525d8fc582-vs_replace.txt, if you did not suppress it... Did you unzip the files of the post above directly in shaderfixes ? I did not set up all the directory tree in the zip, it contains only the files.
  13. If you are not using JSGME or OVGME and you have installed 10.6, then you can use the uninstall.bat of the 10.6 from the direcrory [game install directory]/bin/game (even if I do not test it !) or (safer) suppress manually in [game install directory]/bin/game all the Directories and the files that are in the mod (mainly shaderfixes, users_settings and d3dx.ini). Then install again the 10.6.1. You should also add the shaders in the zip provided 3 post ago, because they fixe some graphic bugs (or wait the 10.6.2).
  14. See customization section in first post or read the thread here : I'm curious to know if there is a performance impact of the mod with the high tes of the Pimax...