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  1. I can show bad HUD effet below: In Ju88, without HUD, no stutter or far less noticeable: Same game session, I just press "H" around 97150 to show HUD : spikes and stutters are back ! @=LG=Lens : many thanks. At least I will be able to play without stuttering, or only when I decide to have them (that is activating HUD). But there is problem in solo, when it is necessary to have messages of campaign designer... @Jason : is this something you can reproduce and cure ?
  2. Hello, I have stutter problem (in VR and ju88) I didn't notice before. I tried to update nvidia drivers, reduce graphics options, change frequency of Pimax 5k+, get back to Pitool 144, same problem. I used frame display and found that I have "spikes" every ~10ms : The strange thing is that those spikes did not occured at start of mission but after some seconds, and I did not notice them on Bf109 (but other did): I hope it may help...
  3. I copied this post in Jason's one in "technical issue" section.
  4. Should be right if the global use curve was shifted up. But what about the "spikes" every ~10 ms ? At beginning of flight they are not here, but after some seconds they appears and stay. And moreover they do not depend of graphics settings or resolution.
  5. In very old version of the mod, you had new color = saturated color * w6 + z6 Now (as written in post 1) step 1 new color = saturation change for standard output (x1) step 2 : new color = saturated color *mul + add with "mul" and "add" defined for cockpit and external in 2 different settings
  6. Hello, Last day I was playing with the Ju88 and had a lot of stutter. I did not notice them before. I can reproduce it easilly, unfortunately. I tried to update Nvidia drivers, get back to Pitool 144 (I was in 180) , play with freq. settings, graphics settings, remove my mod, but no joy, stutter still here. More strangely, I do not have them (or very few) in BF109. So I used the frame display function and see what I have for the same quick mission (whatever the options I used ) With the Ju88 : regular "spikes" With the 109 : no "spikes" (or at least far less) : Does someone have an idea or reproduce the same problem ?
  7. w6 should no more be used. See "customization" section of 1st post, it is explained where to modify color (saturation brightness,...) for cockpit and outside.
  8. new version 14.1 : bug fixes : color fix not working, lines on sea, shadow on ground, sun halo on dashboard or plane parts.
  9. It may be linked to one of the problem I wrote above. Wait a new version that I will release once I found how to fix the last #?& problem with the water.
  10. I added a phrase in the first post, customization section, this week end. As I flew last evening I found some bugs : some shadow on ground, part of plane wrongly brightenend with sun glare, lines on sea with IPD modifier/zoom. I'll try to fix them when possible.
  11. can you post a track ? Yes, the shader in garage are not the same. Moreover, you can not see farther anough to calibrage zoom. I will add something in first post to explain not to use hangar view.
  12. @ Gordon200 : set convergence increase/decrease one time (SHIFT + PAGEDOWN or SHIFT+END) and then all should work. I will fix that in next release. @CWO_JRB : convergence settings is still working on my PC with your graphics settings. Did you use the user* and d3dx.ini files provided in the last mod and not former ones ? If yes, this may be a problem linked to the mission environment, so only a track may help.
  13. can you post tour graphics settings and a track ? Some things are triggered with shader, and maybe in some config the one I used will not be present. I made some changes to improve fps, maybe they have some side effects. That's just because you did not set convergence well. Try to improve it with fine mode instead of default coarse mode. Or wait SG_Fenris_wolf settings. I'll have a look.
  14. All the user*file provided in the mod are the same than the 13.1.1. But there was some changes some version ago, so if you are coming from an older version you must use the one of the mod and update them with your settings. Ses first post, there is a process to setup convergence by pressing keys. Or use this post :
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