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  1. I did that for RoF by extracting objects from game engine, but it's a lot of work, as you also need to have destroyed version... Is it possible to add static object in BoS like in RoF ?
  2. Only when zooming ? Normally it should be grey all the time, if the sight texture is new. You can go back to standard sight without having the problem ? I may not have time to look before two weeks...but that's not a blocking issue...
  3. New version 13.1 uploaded, see first post. There was a bug in the program that convert shaders. Maybe there was other problem than mirror. I replaced "NEXT" by "PAGE DOWN" in explanations. For simple_blessing : try with the mod without changing any file, because by default it allows the zoom settings change. If you want to change IPD, do not press zoom key. Just activate IPD and then LSHIFT+END or PAGE DOWN (multiple key press are needed to see changes)
  4. It's a convergence problem. Use the explanation in first post to set it up yourself by pressing some keys. I did not use plane with mirrors to get shaders to modify, so it is likely that it miss in the fix. But anyway, I disabled it when zooming in previous version because it's too hard to fix. I'll have a look. I checked that IPD like is working, but default values are too high. But the new setting process will allow you to change it in few seconds.
  5. Stupid me. I already fixed this problem some time ago but did not report it in the last version. Remove the line "; $zoomYoffset = 0.0 " for each key section of "user_keymapping_zoom.ini'. Anyway, I will update a new 13.0.1 version with the good file.
  6. I'll have a look. The Pimax dors not need vertical offset, so I did not test it fully. No more needs to fill values. You have two options : either you copy your old user_keymapping_zoom or you use the interactive way described in "customisation" section of first post.
  7. Uninstall the mod. Check that there is nothing remaining of it in BOS ......Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game folder Install it again with default files. Launch BoS, do not use your helmet but screen mirroring, because convergence may be KO. See if there is still problems. It yes, give a track and your graphics settings so I can try to reproduce. If no, try to customize the mod for your settings and see if the problems are created by this operation.
  8. New 13.0 version online, see first post. I made few testings, so there may be missing shaders or glitches. You can keep the user_keymapping_zoom.ini prior to 12.5, it should works. For guys who have installed 12.5, you may have a red text at Il2BoS launch, pressing F12 should solve it. I changed the way to set IPD like modifier, it use now same keys than zoom for convergence but it creates this message. I made a bench with first mission of panzerknacker campaign. The mod still create a loss of 5-6 fps, I did not find an obvious thing to change.
  9. Is your dither fix still working with the last BoS version ? It seems to me that I saw bandwith during my testings EDIT : I think that your shader may break the zoom for the building...
  10. Thanks all for your contributions. I'll be able to show off with colleagues, now There is a new hotfix, I'm happy that I did not find the time to finish the mod yesterday, it may have new shaders... Anyway, I wonder what means "all closed gunsight cameras have 2x zoom enabled by default" They double zoom factor when your PoV is close to sight ? It won't help too much if you have to line up your plane for each target you want to look at. But maybe a good solution for ground straffing.
  11. You do not need steamVR anymore with Pitool beta. De activate the automatic launch of steamVR in steamVR settings, close steamVR, launch Pitool, launch IL2 => no steamVR process and VR OK. SteamVR layer is emulated by Pitool, image computation are done by pitool. It looks like only steamVR SuperSampling is used to computed target resolution. It's up to you for SmartSmoothing, a bit smoother but some artifacts. I prefer to be at native fps (that are ok for my rig) without SS.
  12. Good news: bug fixed in the program I used to modify shaders. Zoom are working now, but I have to chase all shaders that must not be zoomed (otherwise there are glitches), some of them have change, as usual. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf : I made a Patreon account : https://www.patreon.com/lefuneste I did not know what it was. Now I will show off with colleagues and attempt to make them believe I'm a creator 😀
  13. The best thing should be to have the same zoom axis feature than in 2D. So users who want to have the "transition" effect should have it by pressing zoom+ and zoom- key, and people who want to have "snap" zoom should also have it by mapping axis "set value" funtion on their joystick. I find transition effect very "nauseating" in VR... By the way, why did you limit VR zoom to ~2x instead of providing same zoom level than in 2D ?
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