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  1. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    There are some global values in the source that I do not understand (eg Curves_contrast, Curves_mode, Curves_formula,...) and I am wondering if these complex formulae will impact fps. Anyway, if you find which values have to be used for the global values, it seems to me that it may not be too complicated to used the "CurvesPass" function in the shader, as it takes as input RGB component and give as output RGB component also. Global values should be mapped to variables in d3dx.ini, but that means that you'll have to define which values they should have.
  2. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Currently you can add value and multiply color component. I can not add a slider, just variables but if you explain what formula you want for color component change I can have a look.
  3. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    it's easy to do, but all icon will loose their text, as for example waypoint distance.
  4. Well his is not crosshair that is not large enough, but the glass of the sight. Just have a look on the VR mirroring and look the part of sight that can be seen by both eye. The worst case is when each eye see only a different part of the sight. Your brain need to see a common part of the sight for both eye in order to project it at the right depht (at least mine brain). The fading effect is making worse the problem, my feeling is that it is not so well fitted for VR (this is why I disabled it in my mod). The spit sight is far better to use, because the common part is wider than other sights. And you can easily use both eye in DCS for any sight in VR. So there is no fundamental problem that makes sight not usable with both eye in VR or 3Dvision. Initially I made my mod to reduce sight for 3Dvision because the problem was also present for 3dvision users. I also made a mod to change HUD/sight depht in DCS for 3Dvision, but this is another story. Just reducing sight generate a common part (seen by both eye) big anough to makes it usable for 3Dvision. Unfortunately it makes it harder to see (too thin) and also change the reference for aiming, so I finally change my mind and disable one eye.
  5. No, the mod displays only the sight for one eye, you can choose the one you prefer. I had the same problem than you and found this only way to improve the sight usage in VR. Basically it close one eye for you, but only for the sight... You will not have the same problem with the spitfire, because the sight is more larger. The problem is there is not enough part of the sight that both eye can see. It can not be easilly fixed because the sight of russian or US are in center of view but can not be shifted and german or italian sight can be shifted, but, as they are not in center of view, it's too hard for me to compute shift.
  6. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    I will include the Odyssey settings in next release (there are some small bug to fix, but I do not know when I will find time to work on them). Is x=100 because you do not like the "google effect" and disable it or is it needed for the Odyssey ?
  7. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    I did explain most of the variable in the first post month ago, did I ?
  8. lefuneste

    where to download full map of il2 battle of stalingrad

    Or download the maps I extracted for tacview: http://www.tacview.net/download/addons/en/
  9. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    I do not think so, if you want to see the bloom glitch go in a 109, look at stick base and engage IPD modifier (Alt + left Arrow). You'll see something wrong around the stick base that I did not manage to fix. And yes I also notice some weird effect on horizon, but not on all mission. I also find that on external view there is a problem with smoke on radiator leek and airframe. I need a track to reproduce it and try to fix it, but I do not have too much time now.
  10. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    So do I, there are glitch with 3dmigoto and bloom effect is ugly.
  11. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Hello, new color.rgb = (old.color.rgb + z6) * w6 But as I remember, the LAlt+u Key section is already modifying the z6 and w6 values (I do not have my PC to check now), so you should see color changes when pressing left Alt + u (and no right alt + u) It may depend on some graphics settings because they may induce some shader changes, I tested it OK for LOW or MED settings and HDR/on off and sharpen On/off.
  12. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    If you own a Warthog, you should use TARGET scripts. Here is mine, the associated key mapping description is in pictures included in the 8.4 version. Warning, some mapping are done to directX button in order to avoid key lock (for example flaps down). You'll have to map the button into IL2. The shift key (S4) is also use for braking. I also define a switch of axis with EOLMOTOR or EORMOTOR => that allow me to switch in game for single or multi engine config. You'll have to map all axis in IL2, too. If you want to keep just zoom function, here they are (the shifted functions add legacy zoom to my zoom) MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSU, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+USB[87], DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+UARROW, LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+UARROW, LOCK)); MapKeyRIO(&Throttle, CSU, CHAIN(LOCK+UP+UARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, UP+USB[87], LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+UP+UARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, LOCK)); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSD, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+USB[87], DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+DARROW, LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+DARROW, LOCK)); MapKeyRIO(&Throttle, CSD, CHAIN(LOCK+UP+DARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, UP+USB[87], LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+UP+DARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, LOCK)); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSR, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+USB[87], DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+RARROW, LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+RARROW, LOCK)); MapKeyRIO(&Throttle, CSR, CHAIN(LOCK+UP+RARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, UP+USB[87], LOCK), CHAIN(LOCK+UP+RARROW,D(), UP+L_ALT, LOCK)); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSL, CHAIN(LOCK+DOWN+L_ALT,D(),DOWN+LARROW,D(), UP+LARROW, D(), UP+R_ALT, LOCK), KP5); BoS_VR.zip
  13. lefuneste

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    hello, you can change the key used for any option by modifying d3dx.ini. I choose mapping that not overlaps with default keybind or what you can type in multiplayer console. Do you use TARGET for your whartog ?
  14. lefuneste

    Congrats on the Kuban - VR user

    Did you try my mod ? I will avoid you to close your eye : but iI agree that the spit sight is the only one usable with both eye.
  15. Hello, I've just done the mod suggested by 5280magpie and it is working like a charm ! Easy to do, wonderfull result.