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  1. It mirrors the Steam sale - to mark the Lunar New Year whatever that is.
  2. Do you test for twisting forces? Obviously the gimbals are designed to move in the lateral X & Y axes and from the video this is what you appear to have tested. The U2 NXT gimbals on my Cougar (which are otherwise fantastic) are beginning to develop some minor play in the 'Z' plane, so I am interested in understanding how resistant the Virpil design is to unintended twisting of the stick during use.
  3. I'm just looking forward to getting a KG13. I would buy one just for display, add in that it's fully functional and I'm beating down the door for one.
  4. Thanks Haash - just finished the campaign and loved it, real seat of the pants flying required in most of the missions. I'm beginning to develop a pathological hatred for those I-16s - however many I shoot down, more keep coming
  5. Coming back to flight sims after a hiatus of a few years, I have only had BoX for a couple of months but one of the standout features for me was also the first time I noticed the wing on my 109 failing in the same way. I've also been damaged by debris from another plane - something that was new to my simming universe. Another standout is the physics modelling and in particular the ground handling which is fantactic - for me nothing beats the sense of immersion I get from taxing out with other aircraft all correctly 'S' turning - just love it.
  6. Another one here that can sing the praises of Nyogel damping grease, 767A in my case. I read about it on a number of forums and thought I would try it on my Cougar throttle which for the past 14 years has defied by best efforts to eradicate its stiction. The Nyogel was stupidly expensive, as I also had to buy a 100g tube (about 1000x more than is needed), but I can honestly say it is money well spent. I now have a beautifully smooth throttle, which as others have highlighted, almost feels as if it is hydraulically damped. I'm now searching for other items in the house that would benefit fr
  7. Thanks for the reply. I am very happy with the Cougar base and U2 NXT mechanics - with a 75mm extension it is very smooth and accurate. I'm considering a new grip as much for the aesthetics as anything else and wondered how the Cougar base would recognise that - sorry should have been clearer.
  8. I have a Cougar with U2 NXT gimbals and am considering getting a second stick for WW2 flying. My question is where is the stick profile saved when it is uploaded, the stick or the base? I would assume that it is on the stick otherwise this would confuse things were the stick to be swapped for another non-TM unit.
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