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  1. I am able to run CloD at a high fps everything maxed out @ 1440 but get really annoying stutter freezes every few minutes or so. These are generally more pronounced the larger the mission as well as close to the ground and last about a second but can be longer. I limit my fps to 100 (using nVidia control panel) but can run higher - the stutters are still there whether I limit the fps or not. The below screen grab was from a flight across the Channel where I was just panning my head around periodically to check my six. The fps was a solid 100 save for the odd stutter-freeze henc
  2. Quite apart from whether CloD can be configured in this way (honestly I don't know if it can), to do so would require 3x 4-way hats and would need a level of dexterity and co-ordination that I could only dream of. What you have described is head tracking which does everything you want.
  3. Best clouds in any sim I've played!
  4. That was my thinking and then I gave CloD good try for the first time since first buying it 9 years ago. Even as a single player, if you install the large number of high quality campaigns, there is a very immersive experience lurking beneath. It far from perfect but I think the sim does a lot of things better than IL-2:GB. I'd particularly highlight: clouds, squadron markings, theatre specific paint schemes, systems damage modelling, fuel management, range of wingman commands, formation AI, combat AI, cockpit graphics and clickability and finally size of battles. I
  5. I'd also like to know how this integrates with Blitz please. Does it integrate like the GB series or do I have to launch Blitz if I want to fly on the Channel map and Tobruk for the N. Africa map? I'm assuming relevant theatre specific aircraft (old and new) will be available across both platforms - is this correct?
  6. 1: Trim 2: Practice 3: Accurate controllers Give JM's Hs-129 tank busting mission a go - best way to learn the techniques. It is set up with infinite ammo and a target rich environment. You can find his single mission pack 'stickied' on the relevant section of this forum.
  7. Well having had a couple of days to fit and use Hegykc's combat pedals here are my thoughts. Design and finish: Obviously these are prototypes, so the finish is 'functional'. They are clearly taken straight off the 3D printer and sent out 'as is'. Seams and edges are unfinished and can be sharp which is entirely acceptable for a prototype but I would expect the finish to be improved were they to become a retail product. I got the F-16 style and since it is currently summer and I am barefoot in the house, I find my toes end up slipping into the holes in the pedals and catching o
  8. Light tanks are easy with the Mk101 and Mk103. Medium tanks are tougher but a 30 degree AOA attack from the rear aiming for the engine compartment is a reliable way of disabling them. I find the KV-1 very tricky to knock out, occasionally I get lucky with a rear quarters attack as above but otherwise a well placed bomb is the only way I can get a kill in the HS-129. However, the 40mm PAK when fitted to the Stuka will reliably knock out the engine but you only have ammo for at best 3 passes.
  9. Received mine today. Fitted them with minimal fuss and now spending time adjusting for comfort and function. I want to give it a few days before I commit to a review. BTW happy to do this in the public forum or via email / pm if you prefer as this is a prototype.
  10. Having recently given CloD a proper try 9 years after originally buying it, two missing animations stand out to me in the current version. These are the lack of moving toe brakes on the Emils and the missing animation for the brake lever on the Hurricanes. I was wondering if there were plans to add these in TF5.0? They would really complete what are beautifully rendered cockpits and give some much needed visual feedback to help with the rather sluggish ground handling.
  11. Having flown a lot of CloD over the past few days (actually the first time in 9 years of owning it that I have stuck with it for more than a few hours), the formation AI, whilst far for perfect, is significantly better than GBs. The command menus will be familiar to anyone who has flow the original IL-2 and wingmen actually call out bandits and stay in position through a fight. I haven't flown it enough to get a feel for whether they do anything useful in that position but at the very least I've had a couple of occasions when its been my wingman has been shot down by an attacker rather than
  12. Carefully what you wish for - the Bf110's fuel system is a real phaff. Just tried it in CloD.
  13. I'm no expert on any of these aircraft but the A-20 has tricycle gear while the other are taildraggers. I think the centre of gravity relative to the position of the undercarriage has a big impact on the effect of torque. Others will no doubt have better / fuller explanations.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I agree they are separate systems but they essentially provide the same function on certain DB601 and Merlin engined aircraft. I am never going to encounter an aircraft that has both systems, so there is no reason why the same joystick button should not be used for both. In IL-2:GB I have a 2 way stitch on one of my throttles assigned to link the turbo and prop levers to the throttle on the P-47 and the same switch is used for manual prop pitch adjustment in the 109 and 190. The same thing goes for the elevator trim across all the various GB aircraft w
  15. Did you see that crazy reflector sight in the Dewiotine - how big is that thing! Wouldn't fancy the chances for my face in the event of a wheels up landing. I hadn't noticed the new exhaust flames before - nice a subtle. Love how those cockpits are modelled - they stand up to or maybe surpass anything else out there.
  16. Thanks for this - a great set of campaigns. I placed the custom skins as advised in: ...\documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\PaintSchemes\"plane name" But they don't show up in the campaign missions - they still seem to be referencing the default location: …\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\Painschemes
  17. Seems the most likely answer! I've always felt the ground handing was modelled way better in IL-2:GB. I think my experience with the Emils in CLOD supports this.
  18. Agree on point 2, the references that I have support the fuel pump / primer role. Actually the lever is functional in CLOD, I had a hard bounce on take-off and one gear leg only partially retracted. Per the note in 'Chuck's CLOD Guide' (excellent resource BTW) , I used it to lock home the errant gear leg. It seems odd that the last sub-variant of the E series was the only one with a lockable tailwheel - certainly as modelled in IL-2:GB if you try and land without the wheel locked you will ground loop for certain. Oddly on the CLOD Emils they all have the tailwheel lo
  19. Having owned CLOD since day one, I am finally giving it a good try and enjoying the immersion provided by the various user made campaigns. Will definitely be buying TF5.0 on release now. I was curious about a couple of inconsistencies with how the Bf109E series and the E-7 in IL-2:GB are modelled. First the tail wheel on the CLOD Emils seems locked in place (based on the ground handling and the position of the leaver) but I don't seem to be able to unlock it and therefore have much reduced control when parking up. Is this a limitation of the engine because it seems o
  20. I'm having a play around with CLOD Blitz and enjoying some of the things it does better that IL2:GB. I use a button on my throttle to engage war emergency power for the DB601 and after a number of hours flying the Spit and the Hurri discovered that the marvellously named 'Boost Cut off' actually is an emergency boost limiter override. Anyway, since the 'WEP' and 'Boost Cut Out' perform the same function but in different aircraft, I would like to assign the functions to the same button. However, CLOD does not seem to allow keys to be duplicated. Is there any way around this? I
  21. I think I paid c. £25 a about 3 years ago. I used it on my Cougar throttle which was very jerky (a lot of stiction). I only used a tiny amount but the difference in the smoothness of the throttle travel was amazing.
  22. Agree - I just does not feel right. Curious thing is that it is more pronounced when trying to fly straight and level. I find it much less of an issue in combat or oddly when landing - just makes the long flight back to base a pain with the constant control inputs that are needed.
  23. Try pressing and holding stage 2, then select the binding. Can't remember how I set it up for my Cougar / F-18 sticks (unprogrammed) but I don't recall it being an issue. If you want to programme the stick, you can do it that way and just press the relevant key/combo when you select the binding rather than having to press the button on the stick.
  24. Flown 5 QMB mission in succession (Train hunting on Rhineland in P-47) - No. 1 froze after 1 min, No. 2 completed successfully, No. 3 black screen on mission loading, No 4 OK, No 5 black screen. Apart for the very infrequent crash (3 times ever) on long Career missions, game has always ben v. stable.
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