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  1. Love all your skins👍 The tail on K4-S is missing the serial number (not sure if that is intentional).
  2. Yes and moving them independently - no spiking or deviation.
  3. Lovely work 👍 I spotted a couple of minor errors - you left out the serial numbers on QP-M? Easy to miss when you are concentrating on the more interesting bits 😄 On Squirt II - the best image I can find (below) suggests that the crew chief (c/c not s/s) was S/Sgt. G. W. Ebhard not Klahani
  4. Well after further experimenting, I am pretty certain that it's a mechanical issue. The below trace shows me moving the centre axle of the Halls sensor in my fingers (blue line), so I am confident now that the sensor is good. Moving it by hand the trace is perfectly smooth and moves through the full range of motion. Once I took the sensor off its mount I noticed that the lock nut was just a little bit loose which might have allowed the body of the sensor to move a little. So I've tighten that and got rid of some of the play in the joystick output but unfortunately not all. I n
  5. No problem with how its wired, it was modded 14 years ago. The fault has only just emerged.
  6. Sadly, its not a duplicate bind - I'm testing it in the TM joystick analyser app. This might help to illustrate the erratic behaviour. It's a trace of the joystick travel following a restart. I have first moved both axes to their limits, then moved the Y-axis up and down tracing a horizontal line at the limit of its travel (as you can see, it is all over the place). Periodically I've moved it left and right as well, since that seems to have an effect on the Y-axis travel. The more I think about it, the damaged wires theory may be worth exploring further.
  7. Agreed the behaviour suggests it mechanical and the wires exiting the sensor have to make a tight 90 degree turn - I identified it as a potential weak spot when I first got the modded gimbal and added some electrical insulation tape to re-enforce the wires. However, I have inspected them and at least externally they look OK. I have tried wiggling them to see if that produces any movement / spiking but nothing. The problem with the Midori sensors are that they are a closed unit and you can't open them up to see if anything is awry. The attached pic (not my Cougar), shows how tigh
  8. I'm having a controller nightmare at the moment with components failing one after another. Having replaced a spiking throttle pot on my Cougar with Rel4y's excellent drop in digital sensor, I then had to replace the X-axis springs on the Cougar base (U2:NXT modded gimbal). I can live with those failures, as both are mechanical components and are expected to fail over time. However, within a day or two of replacing the springs, the Y-axis sensor is now playing up. It calibrates OK but with use it quickly loses the centre and the range of travel drifts seemingly at random with the min and m
  9. Full real, autopilot enabled but only used for long mission ingress, difficulty moderate (logic being that if I’m killing the enemy at that rate, then there ain’t going be many aces about), density high (not sure if that makes any difference to the number of enemy aircraft), full take-off and landings. Don't fly Ironman - but maybe died/captured approx 10 times over the career due to: flak, rear gunners, debris prop strikes and the odd shoot down.
  10. Knew someone would spot that 😆 Thought he might have a chance with 6 days left but there are only 2 mission a day now, so might be a bridge too far.
  11. Kerch, Crimea, 2nd October 1943. Today, Hauptman Herbert Schmitz (handsome chap) a Staffelkapitan with II./JG52 claimed his 1,000 kill, a LaaG 3 shot down over Taman on the Kuban peninsular. I finished a Moscow campaign a few weeks ago with 850+ kills and challenged myself to get to 4 figures as I came towards the end of a separate Kuban career with a different pilot. I started this one about 2.5 years ago and have been playing it on and off since, across various engine updates. So posting this as a demonstration of single player persistence and stickability rather than any c
  12. Isn't the Bf109G-6 still 2K? At least the default schemes are on my install.
  13. Still using my modded Cougar stick and throttle as well as a Suncom SFS (FUSBA) throttle as a button box and extra axes. For me it's not about the money but having good pieces of kit that I can rely on. They must be 16 and 22 years old respectively.
  14. Very minor point of detail - but I believe Charles Mohrle's Assistant Crew Chief was Sgt. J. A. Lacavetta not Helvetta. It's difficult to make out but I think that is the correct spelling looking at his later bubbletop 'The Touch of Texas'.
  15. The issue is not so much that the view is shifted to the right but that it is too low. I think the mirror should be adjusted so that more of the view to the rear of the aircraft is visible. At the moment most of the view is focused on the headrest. To use the car analogy again, if the rear view mirror is too low all you will see is the back seats, so you adjust it upwards to see out of the rear window. Update: To illustrate my point the first picture is what I would want to see if I was the pilot (a doctored screenshot) Picture 2 is the head position I have to get
  16. Brief description: P-47D-22 - Mirror is not correctly adjusted Detailed description, conditions: With your view centred on the gunsight reticule, the mirror is focused on the pilot's headrest. These mirror must have been adjustable like a car mirror and many early rear view mirrors were taken from cars. So it makes no sense that we should have a view of the headrest. The mirror needs to be adjusted upwards and centred on the vertical stabiliser when the pilots view is centred on the gunsight (the default position for the majority of players).
  17. My joystick is currently out of action due to a broken x-axis spring. Out of curiosity I ran an AI controlled mission but didn't turn on headtracking (I use Opentrack). The mission seems noticeably smoother with no obvious stutters. It's only a sample size of one and I will have to do more analysis but wonder if Opentrack has caused stutters for others?
  18. Sorry Buzzsaw, I meant the CloD Great Britain Redux campaign not Il2:GB (should have been clearer). The only updater I have on automatic is Windows. CloD is the only game I have any issues with, everything else runs very smoothly - particularly IL2:GB.
  19. Currently III/JG 26 'Schlageter' by Piper-Kiev. It's heavy on aircraft and other objects but I had the same issues with the GB Redux campaign as well. Stutters are less pronounced in quick missions but still there.
  20. Makes sense - it’s like the stutter you get in the GB career bomber Intercept missions when the position of the enemy group gets updated on the map. Question then - is there any way to get rid of the stutter?
  21. The result of a 'minor' collision with a Hurricane!🤕
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