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  1. Just tried the first mission in this campaign. To paraphrase the briefing: "...patrol at 3,000m over Tobruk, engage any enemy aircraft you encounter...". Go into the mission and I'm sitting on the runway in an E-7/Trop with 4 SC100s loaded!?
  2. The Bf108 seems to missing the in cockpit engine sound. All I can hear is the wind noise and a very faint prop sound. It a pity because the external engine sound is rather nice.
  3. Bf109F ammo counter for MG151 starts at 100 and moves to 0 although 200 rounds are fired. My understanding is that it should cycle through 2 x 100 as it does in IL2:GB.
  4. Just as you posted - same as the original IL-2.
  5. I think you've hit the nail on the head - the bump mapping is either missing or lacking in some way. The ground just seems completely devoid of 'texture' and appears completely smooth - hence my Longbow 2 reference. I also think it needs more small details: rocks, scrub etc. What bushes are present just don't seem to achieve this effect and look they have been borrowed from CFS3. In 9 days time I will be firing up FS2020 and one of the first areas I will be visiting will be the Western Desert. I'll be very interested to see what it looks like in real life - well as close to rea
  6. Not sure if it is a limitation of the game engine or a bug but although the Mg151/15 appears to have the correct 200 rounds loaded the centre ammo counter starts at 100 and falls to 0 when empty. I'm used to the GB 109s where the counter starts at 100 but goes through two complete cycles before all 200 rounds are expended which I understand to be the correct modelling since the centre counter is calibrated for 100 rounds. I've only tested the F-2.
  7. Apologies - the images in my first post are from the area east of Derna. However, the issue Is not really how the terrain looks from 2,000m. Although having said that even in the above image, which is representative of one of the more visually diverse areas, there are essentially only 2 basic colours used with a lack of subtle variation. Compare that to the Google maps image in the original post. My biggest gripe is that there is a complete lack of any fine detail down low , just the same flat texture that we can see from up on high. Where is the detail down low - r
  8. There is a lot to like about the Desert Wings - Tobruk, so I don't really want to post this but I have to say that so far I have been very underwhelmed by the new map. I appreciate that the desert is relatively featureless, so I am not expecting the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or Herds of Wilderbeast sweeping majestically across the plains. However, what I am struggling with is the almost complete lack of detail in the textures down low. The ground textures appear to be of such low resolution that there is very little difference between them from 100m or 1,000m apart from them ge
  9. It a tricky one. In the first 18 months of it's participation in the war, the USAAF went through numerous version of its national insignia: white star with red centre in a white circle as above no red spot as above with yellow outline stars and bars outlined in red stars and bars. You can imagine what the crew chiefs thought of all that! Both versions 4 and 5 are probably correct for this aircraft depending on its service life. It could be that the red outline has been overpainted in different type of blue paint and its reflecting oddly in the
  10. HI legioneod - Ignore all the earlier guff about the serial number, that was my mistake - template mix-up. The above pic is unusual but in my opinion it is definitely a 64th FS, 57th FG aircraft. Firstly the pic is published on their site. Virtually all the squadron markings are correct: black squadron number outlined in red and emblem are correct for the 64th FS. As you rightly point out the red tail is consistent with the 332nd FG. I think your theory about a transfer is correct - my guess is that it's a hand-me-down from the 332nd to the 57th. If it had transfe
  11. Legioneod, Sorry please ignore all of the earlier post - it was a layer in my template that was superimposing the rogue serial number Note to self, don't paint, conference call and post simultaneously!
  12. Update on 4-16620 'Powers Girl'. Found this pic of the aircraft which demonstrates the Jug's phenomenal durability (you can just make out the nose art). I've also noticed that some of your early series 56th FG skins have a 6 digit serial number beginning with a '4'. The above aircraft was 4-16620 but the 4 was not included on the tail. Later series S/Ns moved to 7 digits eg. 42-75513. I need to double check but I am pretty certain that all early series Jugs have serial numbers on the tail of 5 digits beginning with a '1' or in some cases a '2'. The chan
  13. BTW: S/N: 225507 "Huckle de Buck" was assigned to the 509th FS, 405th FG. The squadron code should be G9-A not UN-A. The cowling looks quite dark to me and may have been black not red which would be consistent with other Razorbacks of the same time period in the 509th eg 225577 'Fat Cat'. http://wing.chez-alice.fr/USAAF/405th_FG/Pilots_&_Nose_Arts_509th_FS.html
  14. Looks like we have a winner I'm not sure if Kozey was the regular pilot of this aircraft but he was flying it when it and he were shot down.
  15. I've spotted a minor error in the template for the razorback (below). The OD layer encroaches on the hub and propeller boss. Using the default template results in the prop hub and boss looking like this. It seems a number of skinners have spotted the issue and implemented the below fix. However, I've noticed that the some of the default schemes default replicate the error (at least in part). Below eg is RAF 2 Its also present on RAF and Button Nose. There is also a mapping issue due to the animated prop boss sharing pa
  16. I'd be prepared to bet that the 61st FS, HV-H was flow by Joe Powers. His later aircraft was HV-P but the nose art and name are the same. Captain Joseph H Powers, was born 8 June 1920 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He attended school in Tulsa and graduated Tulsa Central High School. He was attending The University of Oklahoma on 7 December 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, causing the US to enter WWII. He entered the U.S. Army Air Forces through the U.S. Army Air Forces' Aviation Cadet Program. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and assigned to the 61st Fighter S
  17. Can't go wrong with a 57th FG Jug 😀
  18. Thanks Legioneod - I think you've answered my question. I have been editing the alpha layer in the skin template. This is fine if you want to change the reflectivity of certain areas (nose art, codes etc), as I just convert these to greyscale, adjust the grey levels and flatten out the contrast, then paste them into the alpha layer. If you do this using 'copy merged' you can retain the reflectivity details (panel lines rivets etc.) from the original base template. However, although this technique allows me to get very good results for a new scheme using the template as a base,
  19. I have an edited alpha mask which retains all the subtle detail of the original template mask but now includes the details from my scheme. It would be easy to just select a section and flood fill to darken or lighten it but this will obliterate some or all of the detail (depending on the opacity selected). Similarly, changing the gamma or highlight-midtone-shadow of the alpha layer will introduce unintended 100% black areas or lighted areas that are meant to be 100% black. That's my problem - maybe its a limitation of how Paintshop Pro is able to manipulate Alpha layers.
  20. I'm pretty comfortable working with alpha layers and have no problems importing transparent layers (nose art, squadron codes etc.) into the alpha layer to create custom levels of reflectivity. However, I have a problem with the default P-47 razorback OD alpha layer which is a little too reflective for my tastes. When the light catches the olive drab paint at an acute angle the surface shimmers like a seal's fur underwater. Obviously, I am not alone, virtually every OD skin has the layer altered. So my question, having only spotted the problem after I have spent a good few hours editing the
  21. The Avro Anson is apparently quite solid!
  22. Lots of shinny toys to play with 😋 Do I see a P-38 yoke in the background in the first picture?
  23. That's not the 62nd FS insignia on that graphic, that's the 61st FS. This is the 62nd patch.
  24. Update: Having spent hours with the joystick base opened up, I think I have worked out the problem(s). Hopefully setting it out here with my possible fix, may help someone in the future. The U2: NXT is a clever design and it probably as good as you can get in a non-cam based system. Each axis has resistance applied by a pair of springs, which also act against each other to centre the stick. However, since some sticks may have a centre of gravity that is off-set from the vertical, the U2: NXT also has additional arms that can be independently adjusted to ensure that
  25. Is this a known issue? Looking ahead everything is fine but if I move my head slightly the clouds disappear as does the gunsight glass. Noticed it a few times.
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