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  1. A bit of feedback on the USAAF pilot model. If he is meant to be wearing an A-2 flight jacket, then unfortunately that looks nothing like one. Whilst the fit is good, A-2's don't have buttons and the colour should be russet brown or seal brown. The A-2 should also have a wind flap over the zip and has epaulettes. Please look to correct as the A-2 is the iconic flight jacket and synonymous with USAAF airmen. Real A-2s: Also if his trousers / pants are meant to be his service dress pinks, then they are also the wrong colour. On reflec
  2. This was raised in GB forums a few days ago and the consensus was that the engine setting that the GB P-40E's support the view that they are modelled to use lend lease 100 octane fuel. If 87 octane was modelled the engine settings would be more restrictive. It seems that the CLOD P-40E uses further engine settings that were cleared for use later on. However, I don't think that these are responsible for the huge disparity in relative performance between the Bf109F-4 and P-40E in both games. My suspicion is that there is something awry with the F series as I cannot spiral climb a
  3. Agree 100%. It makes no sense that if I assign the same dial on my throttle to RPM for the British and US aircraft and for prop pitch on German aircraft that they work in opposite directions.
  4. Have it set up centre mounted with a Monstertech desk mount, 7.5cm extension, Cougar grip modded to have an audible button click with the 2nd stage trigger, Aviasim no centre cams and heavy springs. It's as precise or maybe even better than the Cougar U2:NXT gimbal that it replaced and a lot more comfortable centre mounted.
  5. In IL-2:GB I can take on 8 ace level AI P-40Es and kill them all with ease in the 109F-4. In CLOD I have yet to kill more than 2, 3 is a real handful. Typically I boom and zoom the GB P-40E's to my hearts content. However, if I try to spiral climb out of trouble against the CLOD P-40Es, they just follow me uphill. I even tried dragging them up to 7K where they should struggle but never got more that 500m vertical separation.
  6. Particularly if you are using headtracking. When flying IFR in the TBM 930, I have to turn off headtracking so that I can key in any altitude changes accurately otherwise the ATC starts complaining that I am not responding to instructions quickly enough. There's a DC-3 out. Haven't tried it but I suspect it is a low res port from FSX. I think I will wait until aircraft developed from the ground up in the FS 2020 engine come out before I go down that particular rabbit hole.
  7. I checked out the Kuban peninsular around Anapa. Unfortunately it's just as ugly in FS2020 as it is in DSC - brutalist Soviet era concrete everywhere. GB certainly chose the best period to model it. I also flew SW down the Meuse valley starting in Liege (one of the more interesting areas on the otherwise bland Rhineland map). But it is an area that the auto-gen terrain seems to struggle with. The forests are just flat textures, the GPS height map produces a lot of glitches and the river undulates like a roller coaster. All issues I hope with time Asobo can improve.
  8. Has anyone got freeware add-ons working? I bought through Steam and installed it on a dedicated 250gb SSD I had spare. I have placed the add-ons (a couple of small GA airfields) in the 'communities' folder on this drive but can't get them to show up in game. I'm not sure whether the add-ons should appear listed in the 'content manager' or whether the 'communities' folder having been created in a non-standard location is causing problems. From what I have read this folder seems to get installed in all sorts of locations with different pathway / file hierarchies depending on whet
  9. Going back to the throttle surges. I just a flew one of the original Blitz channel map quick missions ('dogfight even' E-4s vs Hurris) and was getting the throttle surges. As Sokol1 suggested, these seem to happen if I was close to an enemy aircraft. As I was flying an E-4, which seems to be more resilient at full throttle 1.35 ATA, I did not blow the engine. However, at one point following a Hurricane it got ridiculous as the in-game throttle would surge and I would back off with my physical controller, then the in-game throttle would surge again and I backed off more. This c
  10. Well that was odd. I just went back into CLOD and the WarBRD was recognised first try. Because I am just testing everything at the moment, I have the stick temporarily plugged into a front USB port. The only thing I can think, is that I had knocked it loose when I tried yesterday.
  11. OK thanks as always Sokol1. I haven't trouble-shooted the problem properly yet, just wanted to establish that it wasn't anything obvious I was not aware of. Just seemed odd that CLOD was the only sim I have tried so far that wasn't recognising the WarBRD.
  12. My Virpil WarBRD arrived a couple of days ago and I now have it set up in a very similar way to the Cougar U2:NXT it will replace - using my Cougar grip, centre mounted with a 75mm extension and using the heavy springs and no centre Aviasim cams. I may try the very heavy springs at some point as I also bought a set of those. I was concerned that the centring forces would not be sufficiently strong for the F-16 grip with an extension but they are fine. If I closed my eyes I would be seriously pressed to tell the two bases apart, the only difference being the slightly longer throw on the WarB
  13. I’m having a blast with the Savage Cub (love the yellow paint job). The graphics are breathtaking but not perfect. The autogen does throw up a few anomalies and the default large house appears to be a Stalinist style concrete housing/ office block. It means that the area of rural England that live in seems to resemble the Exclusion zone around Chernobyl, with manor houses and farms replaced by brutal modernist 5 storey concrete blocks. Traffic also appears to drive far too fast and on many road is too dense (although this can be turned down). Track IR implementation is good althou
  14. I helped develop some of the first community made aircraft for SDOE, from memory: Bf109E-4, G-6 and K-4, Stuka and A6M2 Zero. Maybe also a Fw190D-9. Used to have a lot of fun flying online inter-squad sessions. In many ways SDOE was years ahead of it time.
  15. My point is that the manual is correct. There procedure is consistent with that set out in IL-2:GB and DCS (extract for the K-4 below). I don't speak German, so can't provide primary sources but I trust the other two sims (both their documentation and how the prop governors are modelled).. The problem is how the prop governor for the F series appears to be modelled in CLOD. As I have said the late E series (E-4 and E-7) behave as they should. However, the Fs are very wrong. When manually set to fine pitch (12 O' clock), with an ATA of 1.3, the U/min should be
  16. Hi Buzzsaw Thanks for the reply but your info on the 109 goes against everything I understand to be correct and also directly contradicts your own manuals (flashcards) which specify the use of manual prop pitch for both take off and landing. If you follow these instructions (which upwards to 5,000 hours flying 109s in various sims tells me is correct), then the engine blows as a result of a huge overspeed seconds after take off (see following screenshot). For comparison, these are the instrument readings for the F-2 in IL2:GB foll
  17. Update: It seems to specific to one particular mission. I converted the Eagles over Tobruk mission no. 4 to a single mission. Every time I fly it (E-7 Trop is the default aircraft) I get these weird throttle surges. I can't replicate them in any other mission and I even when I swapped the E-7 for an F-4 Trop and I get had the same erratic throttle behaviour. It's just about the oddest thing I've seen in 30 years of flight simming - I can't for the life of me work out why this particular mission would generate this sort of stranger controller behaviour 😕 It worked fine as a ca
  18. There appears to be something odd going on with the E-7 Trop (haven't tested the other E-7s yet) but I am getting really weird throttle surges even even when the throttle input remains unchanged. I couldn't work out why I kept blowing engines in the E-7 as I am very careful about keeping manifold pressure to 1.2 ATA in combat save for short bursts of extra power (1.35 ATA - I rarely if ever use 1.42). My Cougar throttle has AB indents with the highest set at between 87-90% of throttle travel, which corresponds to 1.2 ATA in the later E series - so I am confident that I can keep
  19. OK I'll try again - it did seem odd because copying the relevant files across has worked in the past. Update: Well that's bizarre. I copied the files across and this time it worked perfectly. I must have missed a file last time. Thanks for the help.
  20. That looks like a very solid and laudable set of objectives. If you can deliver all that within a reasonable timeframe, I for one will be a very happy end user.
  21. I really enjoyed the 4th mission in the Eagles over Tobruk - JG27 campaign and would like to have it as a single mission. I copied all the 04 prefix files from the relevant campaign folder into the single mission folder. However, while the mission shows in the menu, when I try to launch it I get a 'map not specified' error (or words to that effect). Clearly I'm doing something wrong, so grateful if someone could help me to get it working.
  22. I don't know if it just a delay in the cannon sounds on the 109s or they just have a slow response but there appears to be a c. 0.5 sec delay between pressing the trigger for the cannon (s) and them firing. I've had to adjust my timing of snap shots to reflect this as I always seemed to be firing too late.
  23. If anybody is curious why a 56th FG P-47 (Samuel Stamps UN-S) is sporting a blue nose, it is because the group pioneered the use of coloured cowlings in the 8th AAF. Initially these were squadron specific: red for the 61st, yellow for the 62nd and blue for the 63rd FS and were first used operationally on the 6th Feb 1944. The coloured cowlings proved both successful in allowing squadrons to easily identify themselves when re-forming following a bounce but also helped to cement the 56th reputation as somewhat of an elite unit. However, it was not long before 8th Fighter Command was inundated
  24. My brother in law owns the house in East Finchley (a suburb of London) that 1st Lieutenant (later Wing Commander) Ian Gleed grew up in and his father, a doctor, also used as a surgery. Gleed was killed in an engagement with JG77 while serving in a North Africa (flying a clipped wing Spitfire LF.Vb). Gleed and his wingman were probably shot down by Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert, leading 4.JG77. a Luftwaffe experten who would go on to finish the war with 174 victories. He (by brother in law) is trying to see if there is interest in putting up a blue plaque to honour the house's heritage.
  25. Good news. I've been flying the E-4 in preference to the E-7 or any of the Fs due to the overheating issues and a perceived lack of performance. Good to hear it wasn't just my imagination. Curiously, I find the armour plate much more restrictive in terms of rearwards view than it is in GB. There it limits the rear view but in Blitz it completely blocks it to the extent that there's no point checking your six.
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