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  1. From memory, I had the G-6 available for the last 2 months or so of my Kurban career.
  2. Mine was shipped mid August last year and has S/N is in the 5900s. So at at that rate about 500 units sold/month - not bad for a niche product. Would be interested to discover how many Cougars and Warthogs TM has shifted over the respective lifetimes of those comparatively high end but mainstream products.
  3. Looks really nice. Is it metal or cast resin?
  4. Desk mounts? With my 2 Monstertech mounts I have most of the comfort / functionality of a permanent cockpit but with the flexibility to unclip the centre mounted joystick in literally the time is takes to boot into Windows.
  5. Thanks HBP but I am after images of originals as I make reproductions patches: My latest creation: And an original for comparison:
  6. $50 on Amazon.com but only £25 on Amazon.co.uk - that's an unexpected surprise. 1 to 1 exchange rate is more common.
  7. On a related note, does anyone have a better example of the original squadron patch for the 26th FS? This is the best one I have. Clearly designed by the same artist but less common than the later version featuring a tiger riding a horse / mustang.
  8. Hangar 11 are based at North Weald - 5 miles up the road from me.
  9. I was researching why the USAAF 25th FS had the moniker 'Our Assam Draggins' and came across the following on Wikipedia: The 25th flew its first aerial combat mission over The Hump on 25 September 1942, flying a combat escort mission. After the squadron moved to Dinjan Airfield in Assam, India, combat activity increased. Due to the terrain, the pilots would usually "drag in" on their passes. It was there that the 25th picked up the name Assam Draggins.[5] So question - what is a 'drag in'?
  10. Looks a bit like the airship hangars at Cardington.
  11. RMS Lancastria sunk off St. Nazaire, 17th June 1940 while evacuating British troops - estimated losses as high as 6,500. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Lancastria
  12. Timely bump. I have a recently extended my MTech joystick centre mount and switched to a WarBRD, so have a vertical section, mounting plate and horizontal mounting section spare. If I can fix the play in the bearings on the Cougar U2:NXT, I will source the necessary hardware to have another mount (top plate, clamp and some fittings). I then have the option to use the Cougar side mounted for space sims or jets if I ever get the inclination to try DCS seriously.
  13. The human eye/brain is very good at stabilising an image thus excessive headshake can be a rather 'gamey' effect. I used to fly with it on in CloD but have since turned it off as it made hitting anything with the 109's MGFFs much too difficult, even at point blank range.
  14. Interesting - I use a wireless headtracker but still find it cumbersome - also end up looking a tit. Can't help but think this would be a lot easier to set up if the program ran on Win 10 and could use my PS2 webcam that is already set up for headtracking. But then again the PS2 probably doesn't have the resolution.
  15. What functions do people map to their encoders? Mine are 3 button which works nicely for a single trim axis and trim reset. However, I have 4 of them and I'm struggling to find other functions that map logically to a 3 button rotary encoder. In total across 5 controllers, I have 80 buttons, switches and hats as well as 10 axes, so have most of the functions I need already mapped. I'm now thinking more about setting things up as logically as I can with similar functions grouped together on controllers that mirror the real world equivalent as intuitively as I can make t
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