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  1. Agree 100%. I remember way back in the day in European Air War after finishing an escort mission, dropping down to the deck and hunting trains or strafing an airfield. It really added to the sense of immersion.
  2. D-22 fits the timeframe and some soldiered on into late ‘44 / early ‘45.
  3. One of my biggest issues is AI wingmen spotting enemy aircraft well beyond my visual range and then pealing off to engage. Firstly, this can threaten the assigned mission objective but more importantly they leave formation with no communication that they are doing so. It’s very common to glance over my shoulder to find all my flight gone!
  4. If you are talking about the detents (afterburner/reheat and idle) then they can be a tactile clue for emergency power. I use the Cougar (F-16 style) throttle which has 4 detents in total and the upper two correspond to c. 80% and 85% throttle which nicely ties in with the top end of combat power for the 109 and 190, my 2 favoured planes. if I push through the final detent, I know without reference to the techno-chat or manifold dial that I am in emergency power - very useful if I am 'eyes-on' a bandit.
  5. Just pulled the trigger on a set. Was expecting to have to wait a few weeks for delivery but have already received a notice that they will be shipping shortly - so may have them by next weekend 😀
  6. Thanks - I like the idea of using it for adjusting the gunsight. I have that mapped currently to a 4 way hat on my second throttle but will try it on the thumbstick which is on my primary throttle.
  7. Thanks - it's currently programmed as a mouse in emulation mode (that's how I used it for head tracking back in the day). However, I have no use for a thumb controlled mouse with my current set up.
  8. I'm currently playing around with my controller settings and wondered if there are any useful functions that can be mapped to a thumbstick axis? At the moment it's not used and I am struggling to think of any functions that would benefit from being mapped to a an axis that springs back to centre when released. However, I just wondered if anyone else had come up with a useful function for it. In the past I have used the thumbstick as a ersatz head tracker but have been using a Trackhat cordless clip for a number of years now, so it is just sitting on the throttle unused.
  9. When I wrote that I had just installed new sound card drivers that had reset my sound to 5.1 channels. Following Jason's advice, on reverting to 2.1 channels (my actual speaker setup). I got the full range of sounds as intended and was happy to concede in a later post that the new sounds are indeed accurate to RL.
  10. Brief description: Bf109 - wind noise associated with damage canopy but no visual damage displayed Detailed description, conditions: Flying Bf109 (only noticed on G-6 and F-2 - other models not flown sufficiently), with v4.0X, wind noise indicates damaged canopy but damage not always show (bullet holes in Perspex etc).
  11. if you have IL2-GB on a separate partition or drive from your new windows install, just update your shortcuts. The game install is fungible and doesn't appear to rely on registry settings that would require a re-install.
  12. I can live with it but the one thing that irritates is the social feeds on the individual game pages. I have a number of, as yet unplayed, plot heavy games. I don’t want these ruined by a bunch of memes and story headers set out in those pointless social feeds.
  13. Brief description: AI P-39s regularly blow their engines. Detailed description: Flying the Kurban career on the blue side, if I bounce AI P-39s and maintain an altitude advantage through the fight, the AI aircraft invariably destroy their engines trying to climb up to engage me. I’ve seen this on multiple occasions, where the engine failure is preceded by a large belch of black smoke followed by the engine stopping. The P-39 seems to be the only aircraft effected but have not tested extensively.
  14. Tried NV sharpening but got a lot of shimmering off the ground textures, so have gone back to in-game 'sharpening' which is a much more subtle effect.
  15. Hi Invictus - that would be fantastic. If you manage to dig the cable out, I would be more than happy to cover the postage. I looked into replacing the 3 row ,15 pin connector but the complexity of soldering required on such a cramped set of pins is beyond my capabilities. I know what you mean about being a hoarder🙄 I have a shelf full of motherboards and GPUs going back 20 years.
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