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  1. Well my initial problem was that I wanted my X and Z keys to control the rudder, however when assigning those keys to the command in BOS it acts as a trim function for some odd reason, however when using an axis on the rudder it works perfectly, so I wanted a virtual joystick to be controlled by my Z & X keys so that it could be detected by the game as an axis so that I can use X & Z to control my rudder.
  2. So here's the lowdown, I have been trying to get my keys X and Z to act as a virtual joystick for the Z axis, and so far I have managed to set it up and it works as I can see the joystick (virtual) Z axis moving as I press Z & X however when I go into BOS and try to press them in the options menu to get them assigned to the rudder the game does not register them...... Any help please? Thanks, Sean
  3. Would anyone know of a program that could convert my Z & X keys into pedal inputs? I know JoytoKey exist but I would be looking for the inverted way.
  4. Hi everyone, I really need some help with this problem i have been wrestling with since switching to BOS Currently I'm trying to map the rudder to my Z & X keys because I'm unable to use the twist on my joystick (its buggy as hell) however when I bind the keys, instead of moving the rudder it seems to just trim the rudder instead? For example I hold down Z and it moves over rather than snapping over to that side as I'm used to in 1946. If anyone could help me with this that would be a life saver as I'm very used to this control scheme and would hate to switch Thanks in advance, Sean Ps. also one other unrelated problem i'v been having is that I cannot seem to find an option the toggle my zoom between 2 levels with the same key? Again thanks if anyone can help me with this.
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