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  1. Strangely, CoD I bought the very first day, spring 2011. There is a list of games, but the reissued "Blitz" Steam offers me to buy again ...
  2. Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan (foto) http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2890&p=260360&viewfull=1#post260360
  3. Thank Trupobaw, I used Google translator, thought the general sense is clear. Excuse me
  4. Sets me completely! Sooner or later, I still set! Upgrade to 10 for good. Your dog with us! Updated, if you want to see her alive. At the end, we all repaired. She is so, yes.
  5. Skins http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/18671-pwcg-bos-beta-3-available-testing/?p=311734 used in the mission, if you play for the WS. In the campaign for the LW they do not ...
  6. Mission ESCORT: 2 Bf-109F4 accompany 4 HE-111. After the reset, the bombers returned to the point where we were met and formed a circle. My leading circled with them. In closeness there was no airfield for landing HE-111. When I became the fuel run out, I threw them, and returned to their base.They continued to circle. Mission ESCORT.zip
  7. @Zami, please, if not more difficult, attach the file here BoSCampaignSpecific.config. I translate by Google, and I do not understand everything, unfortunately. Just your file, and everything.
  8. @Zami, Please show your BoSCampaignSpecific.config with optimal settings
  9. To install these files, I understood correctly? IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad \ BoSCampaign \ Data \ Audio Patrick, thanks for PWCG
  10. Maybe someone forgot or did not know Sounds interface, music on the menu. It works great in this version. http://pwcampaignmanager.com/pwcg/downloads/RoFCampaignMusic.zip?
  11. Please tell me whether the Russian language in version 1?
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